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Chapter Three: Fcuking It Up

Chase unconsciously stepped closer to his boyfriend, grabbing Justin's hand. Justin squeezed it back.

"You haven't been in here in awhile." Emmett said to Brian, looking over at Justin apologetically.

"There was nobody fuckable at Babylon." Brian said, taking his attention off of Justin, and the guy who was holding his hand. He already knew he didn't like, and wouldn't like this guy.

"I see you haven't changed much."

Brian snapped his head towards Justin, putting on his brave front and smirking at Justin, "Is that supposed to be a compliment or an insult?"

Justin squeezed Chase's hand harder, suddenly wishing he hadn't agreed to do all three art shows. He knew this was bound to happen. With a gallery so close to Liberty Avenue, he was bound to run into the infamous Brian Kinney.

"So you're Brian." Justin was surprised to hear Chase speak.

Brian smirked, "I see you've heard of me."

"Yeah, and what a heartless shit you are."

"Ookay," Justin said, grabbing Chase by the arm. "Maybe we should get back to the hotel." He faked a yawn. "You know, I'm kind of tired…"

"No, no." Brian said leaning in closer to Chase. "Tell me more."

"You know… how you love to just kick people out on the street without even a goodbye… people who loved you. But apparently the infamous Brian Kinney cannot love back. He doesn't give a shit what other people feel." Chase smirked, leaning into Brian.

Justin looked nervously at his boyfriend and Brian. This couldn't be happening.

"Let me guess," Brian leaned in even closer to the brunette, so the boy could feel Brian's breath against his ear. "You're Justin's little bottom boy. I bet you've never once fucked him in the ass."

"What the fuck does that have to do with anything?" Chase growled.

"I thought so."

"I asked you a fucking question." Chase growled.

Brian shrugged, "He was always my bottom boy."

"BRIAN!" Justin yelled, startling the other patron's of Woody's. He knew his face must have been turning a deep shade of crimson, as he glared at Brian angrily.

Chase looked over at Justin, an almost hurt expression on his face. On a few occasions he had tried to top Justin, but the blonde would never let him. "Justin?"

"Look, this is all in the past. Let's just drop it okay?" Justin spoke, not meeting the eyes of his boyfriend.

Brian smirked, stalking over to the bar and ordering a few shots of Gin. Justin followed him, "You know you're a fucking asshole, right?"

"Shouldn't you go back to your girlfriend before he gets jealous? I mean, maybe you'll even let him top you tonight!"

Justin glared at Brian, slapping him across the face. "You piece of mother fucking shit. I wish you would just fucking disappear. You just love to screw up my life, don't you?" Justin looked over to where his boyfriend had been previously standing, and now seemed to be gone. "FUCK!"

Brian laughed genuinely at this.

"You think this is funny?"

"Why not?"

"You know, why did I ever have feelings for an asshole like you? All you care about is yourself and getting your dick sucked. Fuck you, Brian."

Brian smirked, "I think that's been firmly established. So Justin, tell me, why won't you let anybody else give it to you up the ass?"

Justin looked away, "Shut up Brian."

Justin didn't know what to do. This whole trip was turning to shit. First Brian has to show and make Chase run out the door. Who knows what will happen next? With his luck, Brian would just chase Chase off by the end of this week.


"What?" Justin looked at Brian.

"Is that a particularly hard question? I asked you why you wanted me to shut up?" Brian hopped off the stool he was seated on, leaning into Justin, "Could there be… reasons you don't want to share?"

Justin pushed him away, "God. You've just gotten worse. Fuck you, Brian. Fuck you."

"Maybe you want to." Brian smirked.

"Brian, I haven't wanted you in years. And I don't plan to change that. Now, if you'll excuse me." Justin stalked out of the bar without even a second glance, heading in the direction of the hotel he was staying at. Hopefully Chase hadn't packed his bags, ready to head back to Florida. But, with his luck, who knew.


"Brian, what is your problem? If you drink anymore, you'll probably OD." Michael walked over to his best friend, grabbing the bottle of Jim Beam from his hand.

"Hey…" Brian slurred, already beyond drunk.

"I think it's time for you to go to bed."

"Don't tell me what the fuck to do, Mikey." Brian tried to get up, but failed miserably, falling back on his ass. He immediately burst into a fit of giggles.

"Brian… come on. I haven't seen you this way since Justin left."

"Don't mention him." Brian growled, grabbing the bottle from Michael's hand and taking a long swig.

"You saw him."

"Who?" Brian tried to act like he didn't know what Michael was talking about.

"Don't play dumb. You saw Justin, didn't you?" Michael said, sitting down next to his best friend.

"So what if I did? It's not the reason I'm drinking. I'm drinking 'cause it's fun! Have some Mikey!" Brian tried to sound cheerful, falling onto his back and staring at the ceiling. "When did the ceiling start spinning?"

"When you got drunk off your ass. Now, please let me get you to bed."

Brian sighed, letting his friend help him up, slowly undressing him, until all Brian wore was his underwear.

"Do you want me to stay with you tonight?" Michael offered.

"I can take care of myself, Mikey." He suddenly sounded surprisingly sober, staring at the ceiling once more.

"Are you-"

Brian cut him off, "Leave."

Brian heard the loft door open and shut within seconds, still staring at the ceiling? Why did he always have to be a shit? Brian Kinney had fucked up once again. He knew there was no chance of getting Justin back now, which is what he wanted all along. Even if it was he who had kicked Justin out of his life, he had been pining for the blonde for the four years he had not seen or heard from him. And Justin finally comes back to town, and he had to fuck everything up.

He sighed, closing his eyes, falling into a restless sleep full of dreams of a certain blonde twink.