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The Eyes

Chapter One: Arrival and Forget Me

She had always loved to live dangerously, a little on the edge and just a little blind to society's collective eye. But this time, this time, Mitsune "Kitsune" Konno knew she was in it up to her teeth.

"What's the problem babe?" asked the first man who as grace would have it was two heads taller than Kitsune and already quite drunk. Now the man was not completely unaware of the world around him and so was able to correctly deduce that his height and build were ideal for backing women into corners, bonus when he had some buddies to help him out.

"Yeah slut, you were the one who brought us all out here with sexy voice o yours! You gettin Catholic on us now? Huh?" asked a slightly shorter man whose sweat covered face made no effort to hide his intentions.

"Uh…well…I…" Kitsune began to mumble, trying to think of something, no, anything, to save her. Fast talking wouldn't work on this group of horny drunks, yelling would do jack as she was just outside of "a bar of questionable morals" and the police wouldn't do anything…actually one of the men in the group was a police officer so that option was out…

"Enough I didn't come here to chat bitch, I could have fucked the wife for that!" said the large man again as he literally forced himself on Kitsune, driving his alcohol reeking tongue down her protesting throat. Finding that pushing, kicking, pretty much any sort of physical opposition to this was useless due to her attackers sheer size, Kitsune tried her last resort…biting the mans tongue, hard, and praying that.

"Mmm…yeah…" that he didn't enjoy it, which sadly, he did. At this point, what with the adrenaline, pumping and the rank odor of the alley Kitsune could only silently scream in her head, for someone, anyone, to help her. Finding that no one was coming, she suddenly felt a punch in the stomach.

"You like the rough stuff huh slut?" the police officer said, running a hand over his balding head. Kitsune, having already felt a violation the likes of which she had never experienced (at least consciously) could only obey her fear.

"P-p-please, d-d-don't do this to me…" this caused an outburst of laughs from the assorted circle jerk that then all proceeded to beat down Kitsune. Images of everything she had done, along with who she had done it with, flashed through her head, finally she mentally screamed again, praying for some kind of divine intervention: she even promised to change everything about her if she could escape.

"Eh, this bitch ain't no fun, think we broke her?" asked the tallest guy again. The officer stifled a laugh as he lit up a cigarette.

"Let's fuck her and go, and let me go first, some of us have offices to run in the morning." The short yelled as he grabbed the prone and tearing Kitsune by the jaw.

"Alright, alright shorty, calm down. You get first, we'll uh…we'll watch." Kitsune was in too much pain to move and could only look at her assailant with her one open eye and mentally beg that he stop this now. The man as if sensing this, responded.

"Sorry honey, you brought this on yourself, acting like you do, leading us on, that's life, a whore's life. Your life s-s-s-kank." With that the man began to squeeze her jaw, very hard. Maybe it was out of sheer fear or just latent strength, Kitsune was able to break her head free from the grip and bite off the mans thumb. With a deafening scream of a John denied he stumbled back. And with her window of freedom effectively smashed open, Kitsune managed to sway herself to her feet and take off running, all the while mentally thanking the above that the two others had their hands "tied" so to speak and couldn't pursue her.


Twisting, tumbling, screaming. Kitsune wasn't sure which she was doing anymore, and at this point she didn't really care. Having escaped her would be rapists; Kitsune had stayed the course along the string of alleyways crisscrossing along lower Shinjuku and had done all she had the energy to do. Collapsing on a mercifully cold and hard brick wall, she buried her head on her knees, silently sobbing. The one time she had decided to stay close to sober.

"Shit…I…I…really fucked up this time didn't I? Konno the Fox my ass." She mumbled into her shredded knee caps. Hearing a tumbling and a crash, she shot up and saw a dog run past. Taking a moment to steady her breath and reassure herself that the situation was passably okay, Kitsune began to think on how to get back to her car parked comfortably eight blocks to the south.

Breathing softly turned around, only to run into something hard, and familiar.

"Hey, you didn't give us our happy ending slut. That makes us-"

"Eh fuck the bitch, now I'm pissed!" the shorter guy yelled cutting off his taller companion as he lunged at Kitsune with a switch blade drawn. As quickly as he lunged though he was shot down…literally, as in with a gun, not just by Kitsune who was more than disagreeing with the situation.

"Hideki! What the fuck!?" the tall guy yelled as the short guy collapsed at his feet. Suddenly two lights blared, and the police car they emanated from just happened to belong to a certain "on the town" cop.

"Sasaki just shut it. More for us." Hideki leered not even trying to wipe the drool from his chin. Sasaki grinned in response and began to advance on Kitsune.

The fox, using whatever energy she had left, looked left, then right and then cursed. Apparently all the alleys coalesced into this one walled center, who woulda thunk?

"So Hideki, you want a leg or a wing?" Sasaki laughed as he popped down a pill for what Kitsune knew from experience wasn't for headaches. After a few seconds, Sasaki grew impatient and turned around, only to find Officer Hideki in a rather odd position given their situation. He was being held up, with a pistol to his head.

"H-h-hideki man, I thought you said we weren't followed!" Sasaki yelled out only to have his yell drowned out by the sound of a Desert Eagle fired at point contact range. Now, with two headless buddies, Sasaki did what any horny yet fearful person would do: run, and mentally promise his little buddy some bonding time later. So forward in his thinking was he that Sasaki didn't even register the gun toting figure as he ran past, a miscalculation on his part as the police car from earlier was promptly dropped on his head.

"…" Kitsune, being completely and utterly devoid of any thing resembling physical energy merely fell to her knees as the figure approached of the shadows. Expecting the worst, she flinched as he reached out to her head, only to be relieved as he began to gently clean her face with a handkerchief.

"Thank you…really thank you…you…I owe you so much." She said, her body returning from panic mode.

"It's alright, I kind of had to stop by." The figure stated his face coming into view. "No big deal." He added. Kitsune then shook her head.

"Are you kidding?! You saved me! That's a huge deal! I'll never forget yo-" Kitsune was cut off as everything went black.

"Actually, you just did." The sound of a mass being picked up and shoes scuffling on wet gravel were the only sounds heard then.

To Be Continued