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Here I am again. How many times have I done this? Just staring into the rain thinking about her. She was alone right now. I overheard her say something about Touya staying at Yukito's house. Fujitaka was away for the rest of the week on an architect dig. I'm sure Sakura would stay at Tomoyo's place, but strangely enough Tomoyo had called me, telling me to stay home that night. Like I would go anywhere. Days like this were meant to be spent under a blanket with a good book. Hell, at least laying on the couch watching TV.

Rainy Day

I was watching the TV when I heard a familiar sound of a buzzer. Blinking, I walk over to the intercom and press a button. "Hai?"

"Syaoran? Can I come up?"

"Sakura?" My mouth hangs open slightly. "Come on up!" I hit the button that opens the door and wait a little bit. She arrives about a minuet later, smiling as always. She places her pink umbrella into a place specially made for them and slides off her shoes and pink rain jacket. If any other sixteen-year-old girl obsessed with pink like she did, they would probably be considered childish. Not Sakura, though. She was perfect, almost like the color was made just for her.

"I hope that you don't mind me dropping in like this....?" She asks me the question with a smile and slightly nervous eyes. Her teeth come over her lower lip and she bites it gently, a nervous habit she picked up somewhere that really turned me on.

"No... Not at all." I shrug and turn away, mainly to save embarrassment because of the slight blush that always seems to be on my face when she was around. "I was getting kind of bored."

Sakura follows me into my livingroom and sits down, making herself at home. A small smile comes to my face. She has been coming over here a lot in the past few years. She knew this place almost, if not more, than I did. Without even asking, I walk into the kitchen and make her her favorite. She loved to drink honey milk on rainy days. Ever since I found that out, I always kept some honey in my shelves at all times.

She is laying on the couch when I return to her. Her head was propped up by her hand, which was propped on the armrest of my couch. Her legs were folded up and were almost laid on. She had taken up that position a while ago, so we could both fit on the love seat. God I loved her.

"Here you go." I say, handing her the handel to the mug. It was the mug she had given me last Christmas. The one with all the magic circles and Clow card designs on it. She drew it herself and had gotten it made into a design for a coffee cup just for me. At first I thought it was professionally made, then I noticed Sakura's trademark waterdrop: A small, very small, Kero drawn at the lower right-hand corner of all her stuff. I treated the mug like a part of me.

"Arigato." She says happily as she takes it from me and drinks a small sip of the hot liquid. Her eyes close and she smiles brightly up at me. "It's really good."

In these years I had learned to make it just right for her. Each time I would watch her face and decide if it was too milky or too sweet. I think I got it perfectly right about a year ago. Tomoyo had called me and said that the first thing Sakura had told her was the great drink I had made her. I can still remember how good I felt that day.

"Thank you." I sit down beside her and kick out the footrest. The couch's back slides back lightly and I lean into the cushions, sighing happily. "It doesn't take much to make it, you know."

She giggles at me. "You make it perfect every time it rains." She pokes my side with her toe. "A girl could get spoilt with a guy like you around." Sakura closes her eyes and sticks her tongue out at me playfully.

A small chuckle escapes me and I look at her face, smiling. She was the first person to make me smile. A true smile, that is. I'm not talking about the smirk I usually wore when I got something my way. A full happy smile. I can even remember laughing the first time as well. We had both fallen into a swimming pool one day. At first I was mad because I knew Eriol had set it up so it would happen, but I soon heard Sakura laugh. When I turned, she splashed me and laughed again. Somewhere along the line of the water war, I found myself laughing with her.

"I think you are spoiled." I reply to her, grinning. "Your best friend is rich, your brother looks after you with his life, your father is known as the nicest man in town, and you are the most popular girl in school along with Tomoyo-san."

"Well, the guys at school are all jerks." She answers my statement. "They all want my body and nothing else."

"Not all of them." I look away, finding myself blushing again.

"Yeah? Like Who?"

"Well, I don't."

She looks at me and smiles. "You're so sweet."

I turn to my teasing mode again. " I mean, your flat as a table...." She kicks me, but I smile anyway. A small laugh comes from me and I feel her kick me again, playfully this time. When I turn to look at her, I see her laughing eyes stare at me with such a cute pouting face. I couldn't help but let my laugh come out more.

"Mooiii... You're so mean." She sniffs and turns away, taking another sip of her drink and smiles down into it. Her eyes dart toward me to make sure I was paying attention to her little tantrum. When she sees that I am, she looks away and pouts again. She must not know that I know she just wants attention. She has been like that lately, wanting my attention. I can't figure it out exactly, but she will always give me this quick glance to make sure I was paying attention to her. I give her a minuet to get over the short angry spell.

The rain sounds peacefully on the roof of my apartment. I was glad I had the top apartment. Not only was it very nicely designed, but I could also listen to the rain drizzle around me. I can't even begin to count all the times I was lulled to sleep by the rain.

Sakura makes a cute little noise to get my attention. I shake my head lightly to clear out the thoughts before looking over to her. She has finished her milk. A smile comes to my face as I recall what will happen next. She'll get tired and probably fall asleep like usual. Oh man, Touya always got so pissed when I call him to say that she fell asleep over at my house again. I was seriously deciding calling Yukito just to tell him, but soon I decide against it.


I savor the last drink of the honey milk and let it roll over my tongue a second time before swallowing it. When I open my eyes I see Syaoran looking lost in thought. I hadn't taken that long have I? I let a cute girlish noise come from my lips. A sort of hiccup, but not really. He always liked when I did that for some reason. Most guys did. The plan works and he snaps out of his daydream and looks at me, smiling. I loved it when he smiled. He had this special smile that I never saw unless he was looking at me. Tomoyo was the first person to point it out, and I realized it to be true after observing the different smiles he had. I smile at him and close my eyes, parting my lips slightly. That was the 'aren't I cute?' look. I think Chiharu had named it. The memory makes me a little happier than I am now. I don't think I could get much happier.

"What do you want to do?" He asks me, reaching for my mug. Quickly I turn it so his hands brushes mine when he takes it. A quick blush shoots over my face when he lets it linger more than necessary.

"I don't know." I tell him truthfully. "I didn't have anything to do at home so I came by."

"And in good weather at that."

I give him another cute look, which he turns from. He seemed to do that when I tried to make him blush. "I was bored.... Kero-chan is still playing Breath of Fire IV, and rarely says anything now unless it has something to do with cake."

"Would you prefer Clow Cards?"

I shake my head. "No thanks. I'd rather not today."

"Like we ever have a choice as it is?"

Nice comeback. "Well, I'll let it terrorize the world for a day." He sits down next to me and flips on the TV, searching for a good show. Silently I switch my position so I am leaning on him, resting my head on his shoulder and neck. Yep, this was us. The 'unofficial couple.' As Tomoyo had put it. Syaoran had scoffed at that and turned away saying something like 'Why would I go with her?' but I saw him look back at me a few times before finally resting his gaze on the wall. He was so shy about relationships. I was too.

"Nothing good..." He says, dejectedly.

"We can always watch something else?" I suggest, looking up at him as best I could from my spot.

"And how do we do that when all five hundred and something of my worthless channels are showing nothing but old movies and reruns?"

I point over by the door. "I rented a movie." I can feel him almost face fault. I loved teasing him like that. His retaliation was to sit up suddenly, letting me fall down onto the couch, landing on a soft, warm pillow. A small 'oomph' comes from me and he chuckles. He had such a cute laugh. I blink and think a little bit as he grabs the movies from my raincoat. Syaoran never laughed that much. Usually it was a light chuckle or a half laugh, half scoff. He only really laughed when he was almost ecstatic with happiness. That only happened once or twice since I met him. I was amazing how much he changed over the six years I had known him.

"Me myself & Irene and... Urban legends?"

I look up at him. "I heard it was a good movie?" His look makes me wonder and he flips over the case to read something.

"Rated number one horror movie of the year."


"Yup." He grinned and placed the first movie in the VCR. "Me Myself & Irene is funny, though." He slid it in the machine and walked back over to me. I sit up and let him sit down before returning to my comfortable position on leaning on him.

The movie started out funny and only got funnier. When the scene with campaign came up I gave Syaoran a glance and said something along the lines of: "We will have to try some of that stuff one day." He blinked, but nodded.

Despite the funniness of the movie, I find myself drifting off into sleep. Slowly I close my eyes and listen to Syaoran breath steadily. Every now and then his breath would quicken just a tad, but then go back to normal for a few minuets. Vaigly I wonder if it's because of me. To test my idea, I rub my head against his neck in a kittenish snuggle. Sure enough his heartbeat speeds up and his breath quickens. I smile at this and feel my senses start to go numb, and before I know it I am asleep.

~*A few hours later*~

I wake up in a big bed and sprawl out to take up most of it. I lay in a big "X" position and smile brightly. I always felt so good after a nap. I lay quiet for a while, deciding if I should go back to sleep or not. The rain was still beating against the window, making a soft noise that was lulling my body back into dreamland. I was about to give in and snuggle up to Syaoran's body pillow, but stop and sit up when a wonderful smell invades my nose.

I slide out of the bed, but don't bother making it. I doubt seriously that Syaoran made it any ways. Following my nose, I walk into the livingroom and smile at the couch. I knew he carried me to the bed. He always did that. In fact, I came to expect it of him now. Once when I was tired, I started to fall asleep on him and he asked if I would like to lie on his bed. I nodded and waited. Soon he got the idea and carried me in there, although I was still awake enough to walk. He always was understanding like that. It was the little things that I noticed. The small things that he did without thinking, but made me love him even more every time he would do one of them. He was so perfect for me.

Just as I expect, he is cooking something. When I look at his clock, I notice it was about Seven forty. I must have slept a good three hours, if not more. "Hey," I greet him, letting my chin rest on his shoulder. "What are you doing?"

"Cooking." He states the obvious. "Chinese. You like Chinese, right?"

I nod as best I can. "I love it." He knew that. He's known I like Chinese food more than any other for a few years now.

"Good. It'll be done in a few minuets."

"Hai." I don't move, though. Instead I stay behind him and wrap my arms around his waist, watching him cook. We stayed like this until he needed to move and get something, only then did I retreat into his dining room and start to make the table for us. He comes in the room almost as soon as I'm done. He has two plates and a slight blush on his face.

"I hope you enjoy." He says to me, placing the plate in front of my spot. Yeah, my spot. We always eat at the same place every time I came over. He even made Eriol get up once because he sat there, saying 'That's Sakura's seat.' He is so sweet to me.

"I know I will." I take some chopsticks and smile at the food. "Let's eat!"

"Un." He held his chopsticks and expertly picked up the food and took a bite. "Hey, I didn't do half that bad." He slurps up some noodles and I laugh.

"You always cook really well." I inform him, taking another bite. "With you cooking like this, I'm going to have to come over more often." I take another bite and chew thoughtfully. "Or do I come over enough?"

"You can never come over too much." He says, looking into his food. Was that a blush on his face? He was so shy sometimes it was cute. Of course I have to tease him now.

I slide my feet out under the table and pull his out some, then place mine next to his and rub his foot with mine. "You're really cute, you know?"

His blush gets darker as I continue my little game of 'Footsie' "Yeah, well...." He takes another bite, not knowing anything else to finish the sentence with.

We eat a little slowly, enjoying each other's company. A little bit into our meal he starts playing back with my feet, making me happy. It was a childish form of flirting, but I enjoyed it none the less. Hey, I always did like the cute things in life.

The rain continues to fall, still making that ever present dull background noise. I don't really notice it anymore, it's just kinda there now. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it a lot. I came over to Syaoran's apartment every time it rained. Usually we would play around or just snuggle together on the couch and watch a movie. It was amazing that we aren't a couple yet....

"Ne, Syaoran..." I ask, now laying on his leg. We were done eating and now we both are on his couch. He sat at the end and my head rested on his thigh.

"Nani?" He runs his hand through my hair, a habit he picked up a while ago.

"Do you think I'm pretty?"

He pauses. I think I confused him. "Why do you ask that?" He wonders, looking down at me.

"I just want to know...?"

"Hmm...." He thinks about it for a while. A few seconds pass before I realize he is teasing me.

"Moi.. Come on!"

He chuckles. "I think you're very lovely." My eyes light up. "Haven't I told you that?"

I shook my head. "No..."

"Well," He looks away, still ever so shy. "I think you are."

"You're so cool." I state, bringing my hand up to slide one of my fingers along his cheek and chin. He catches my hand lightly and lowers it back down so it rest comfortable on my side, but he doesn't let go. It's my turn to blush. He rarely held my hand. Well, we aren't together...officially. I don't think we ever will be, but it's just perfect the way it is.

"So what now?" He asks, leaning back into the couch getting comfortable.

"I'm enjoying myself just talking to you." I say softly so he catches the sweetness in my voice. He looks down and smiles. Seems like I knew how to talk to him.

"Well, don't fall asleep on me again." He is teasing again. I smile and tease back.

"No telling what you'd do to me this time."

His face shoots red and he jerks his vision from my eyes. "I- I'm not like that!"

A laugh comes out and I squeeze his hand. "I know, I know."

"... You little tease." He pokes my stomach and I screech girlishly at the poke. I was very ticklish on my stomach. I squeeze his hand again and pull it back to my side so he couldn't tickle me anymore. His gaze falls on me once again and I return it, looking into his brown eyes.

"What time is it?"

He turns his left hand to look at his wrist. "Eight thirty." It gets quiet for a while and the only sound is the rain hitting the outside wall and glass, still ever so peaceful.

"Want to watch the other movie?" I ask, rubbing his hand with my thumb.

"...Sure. Can you handel it?"

I pout up at him. "Of course."


I was scared. That much was obvious. I was practically sitting in Syaoran's lap now. Both my arms were wrapped around his chest and my legs were on top of his, laying out so they would take up most of the couch. I was sitting at the very end of the couch, facing Syaoran but with my head turned to the TV. Silently I clutch him tighter and wonder mentally if I should close my eyes.

"So," The guy on TV began. "If this is an urban legend..... where is the twist?" Just then a girl popped from the backseat of the car and attacked with a knife.

I lost it. Oh, did I lose it. I screamed my head off and buried my face into Syaoran's chest, shaking with fear. He laughs like an idiot, but slides his arm around me and hugs me close to him. The action relaxes me somewhat, but I stay clutched to him in a death grip until he says it was okay to look again. Slowly I turn to the TV and bite my thumb nervously. Syaoran's hand massages my shoulder gently and I relax into his embrace. It stays like this until the credits start to roll.

"Scary...." I say as he pulls away from me to cut off the movie and eject it.

"Not really. It was obvious she did it all along."

"Hoeee...... I couldn't tell."

He walked back over to me and poked my nose. "You didn't watch."

I sniff. "It was too scary." I give him the 'I'm scared, yet still cute' look and he smiles. Suddenly his arms slide under my legs and behind my back. Before I can ask he lifts me into the air and carries me into the bedroom. "Hoe?"

"It's getting a little late." He says matter-of-factly. "And we still have school tomorrow."

I nod, bringing my hands together in front of my chest and ball them into fist. The typical cute girl pose. He smiles at me and kisses my nose before laying me into his bed. "Get some sleep, all right?"

I blink twice when he starts to leave. "Where are you going?"

He turns to me and smiles his charming way. "I'm going to sleep on the couch."

"I still need to change." I tell him, shooting him a cute and innocent look. "And I want to take a shower as well."

A sigh comes from his lips, which makes me smile even more than I already am. He makes his way to his dresser and roots through it. A second later he tosses me his large green tee shirt. I catch it and bring it to my face and inhale the sweet sent of Syaoran. He turns around then and shrugs. "That's all I have for you." He tells me. "I don't keep any feminine stuff around here."

"It's okay." I say, teasingly. "I don't wear anything else to sleep." I wink at him and slide off his bed and walk into his bathroom. I turn to make sure he was blushing when I close the door. He was almost glowing with red. With a giggle I stick out my tongue slightly and close one eye. I let him see the look for a second before closing the door. He was so cute when he blushed like that.


I step out of the shower room and look around. His apartment was dark. He left on one light for me to see with. Slowly, carefully, I make my way over to the bedroom and see Syaoran laying on the bed, asleep already. He was wearing a red shirt and some boxers. Next to the bed were a pillow and a blanket. He must have fallen asleep after getting the stuff ready for his bed. "Silly." I say quietly as I walk over to him. "You're not supposed to wait up for me."

"Am I not?" I hold back a little gasp and he sits up, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

"Hoe, did I wake you?"

"No, I was waking up anyway." He started to slide around and off the bed, but I stop him.

"Will you stay with me?" I ask, glad the dark was covering my blush.


I push him down lightly and crawl over him, bringing the covers to our shoulders. "It gets lonely on rainy nights." I slowly wrap one arm around him and get close to him, making our faces a few inches apart.

"I......" He starts to blush, I can feel the heat coming from his face.

"Just be sure to wake me up in the morning or I'll sleep straight through school." I offer him a smile, which he returns.

"Hai..... I'll do that." His arm comes around my waist, making my smile turn into one filled with love. His eyes close and I bend my knees a little, sliding one between his legs and getting a little closer.

"Good night, Syaoran." I say, letting my breath tickle his lips. "Sweet dreams."

"I'm sure they'll be filled with you." He replies, not opening his eyes.

I halfly giggle and close my eyes, enjoying his warmth. The rain still falls, giving us something nice and soft to listen to as we both fall into dreamland.

I loved him so much.



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