rain The rain still beats against the glass of Syaoran's room when I wake up. My eyes play on the limbo of asleep and awake, but the later wins when Syaoran shifts slightly, bringing my body close to his. I feel my body mold against his and his strong arms come to rest at my lower back. A small, content sigh comes from my lips and I close my eyes again, wiling myself to go back to sleep. The sun isn't out, and the rain sounded so good and relaxing as it rythmatically beat against the glass pane. Slowly I intertwine my legs with his and snuggle impossibly closer to him, inhaling his spicy scent of cedar and Autom fragrances. Such a content moment. Without thinking twice about it, I wrap my arms around him and place a small kiss on his neck, just above the collar of his thin shirt. I loved him so much.


"Hhhmmmmmmm......" I hear Syaoran moan to himself as he stretches out in bed, trying to wake himself up. I, rather, choose to hold onto him more, not wishing for our embrace to be broken. No such luck. He seems to be regaining his senses now. "Sakura," He whispers to me gently.

"Hmm?" I half moan, half purr. When he tries to pull away, I tighten my grip and give him a kittenish snuggle. " 'Don' wanna get up..." I mumble, not letting him go. " 'Wanna stay with you longer...."

I can feel his confusion at first, but soon he sighs and lets his body go slack, resting back against me. Instinctively, I loosen my grip and welcome his body back against mine. " 'Thanks..." I mummer, smiling, yet still keeping my eyes closed.

"We skip first period, that's all."

" Hm, 'kay." I inhale happily and smile into his chest when his hands find themselves under the back of my shirt, kneading my back and relaxing any tight muscles I may have, although few at the current time. Soon I find myself back into dreamland.


"Sakura.... Sakura-chan?"

I can just barely hear Syaoran's sweet voice as he shakes me lightly, trying to get me to fully wake up. Slowly I allow myself to regain consciousness and sit up. The first thing I see when my eyes open is Syaoran's face, just a few inches in front of mine. A small blush creeps on my face and he smiles at me, pulling me out of bed by taking my hands.

"Get up already." He says playfully, making sure I was awake enough to stand.

I rub my eyes softly and listen to the ever present sound of rain in the background. "What time is it?" I ask sleepily.

"Time to go to school." He replies in his own special way. "We'll be lucky to get to second period on time."

I smile up at him. "You take a shower and get ready, I'll make our lunch." This seems to give him a sort of confused, yet happy look.

"All right then. I'll just do that."

" 'Kay."


"Hmm.... What's cooking?" He wraps his arms around my waist and rest his chin on the top of my head.

"The usual lunch I make. We don't have enough time to do anything big."

"Hm." He sniffs the air and smiles, making me smile as well. "Anything you make will be good."

I blush at the compliment, but still giggle at the same time. He could be so flattering when he wanted to. "You won't get extra just because you flirt."

Syaoran's hands tickle my sides a little, causing my giggle to turn into a small laugh. He removes his chin from my head and leans to whisper in my ear. "And who would flirt with you?" A soft wind came as he blew in my ear.

"If you don't stop, the food will burn." I warn while secretly holding in a 'Hanyan'. My statement works and he retreats a little.

"I'm going to change into my school uniform now. No peaking."

I turn and stick my tongue out at him, getting a chuckle. He was really playful when we were alone.


"Ne, Tomoyo-chan," Rika whispered to her friend. "Isn't that Syaoran-kun and Sakura-chan?"

Tomoyo blinked and leaned back in her chair so she could see out the window.


I smile happily to myself as I walk alongside of Syaoran. His arm was casually draped around my shoulders, hugging me close to him so we both fit under his umbrella. My right arm was around his wait and my head rested half on his shoulder and half on the crook of his next. It was almost like we were made to walk like this. Out of the corner of my eye I can see Tomoyo looking down at us from the third floor of the school. Well, at least we made it with a few minutes to spare.

Slowly me and Syaoran separate and head toward our shoe lockers. He pauses only once to place his closed umbrella in the place made for them. I slide my school shoes on and tap the toe of the shoe on the ground to get it to fit perfectly right.

Syaoran waits for my patiently at the door to enter the school hall. I grab his hand as we walk down the empty halls and up the stairs to our floor. When we almost get to our room the chimes ring, signaling the start of second period. A few students leave the room, but most stay. Our hands drop from each other's as we walk into the room.

"Glad to see you two can join us." The teacher says playfully. "Make sure you talk to your friends to get the homework."


I sit down in my chair and smile to my right at Tomoyo. I hear Syaoran sit behind me and rummage through his bag for his book.

"You're late." Tomoyo states the obvious, smiling at her friend. "Coincidence that you and Li- kun met each other halfway with only one umbrella?"


I smile at the chattering girls in front of me as I pull my Lit. book from my bag. Eriol sits down behind Tomoyo, but greets me first as he sees she is busy with Sakura.

"Ohayou, Li-kun." He greets, smiling that of-so-innocent smile. "I see that Sakura-san slept at your house last night?"

The class goes quiet and turn to me. "I see that you are as confused as ever, Hiiragizawa-kun." I reply in stride. The coolness and complete calmness of my voice makes the class believe That Eriol was wrong. I smirk at him as Tomoyo whops him on the back of the head.

"Shh!" She commands, slightly angry. "I'm trying to get details!"

Sakura and I both blush at the comment, but my attention was turned back to Eriol. "Li-kun," He addressed. "I'm sure you used protection, ne?"


Takashi pats my shoulder as he passes by. "I'm sure he did, Eriol-kun. I gave him one a few weeks ago."

"That's a lie!" I stammer, when everyone turns to look at me again. For some reason everyone nods and goes back to their talking. We still had about two minutes left before second period officially started.

"He was very gentle." Sakura says, just loud enough so our group can hear. "Romantic too."

"S-Sakura!" I can't believe she said that.

Sakura looks at me and closes one eye, sticking out her tongue slightly. "You're cute when you blush like that."

My face grows hot and I turn my attention to the clock on the wall. Funny, I never wanted the chimes to ring early before...

"Honto desu." Tomoyo says, smiling at me. "His face gets so red when he is embarrassed."

"Hey, whose side are you on, anyway?" I ask, looking kinda mad now.

"Sakura-chan's of course." She replies, suddenly video taping me.

The chimes finally ring, forcing Takashi to retreat to his seat a few rows away and causing the subject to be dropped in favor of a lesson.


Lunch. My favorite time of day.

Today, however, was a little different. There was no way we could eat outside in this kind of weather. I sigh lightly and scan the lunchroom for my usual eating partner. I could quite seem to find her today.

"Looking for your girlfriend?"

I turn and look into the smiling face of Tomoyo. "She is not my girlfriend," I say casually. "And yes, I'm looking for her."

"She said to meet her in the garden."

I blink. Why there? "Domo."

Tomoyo closed her eyes and smiled at me. "Welcome."


I open the doors to the school green house and step inside, inhaling the wonderful scents of wild flowers and other rare treats of the jungle. I can see Sakura waiting for me just up ahead. She was sitting on the round fountain in the middle of our garden. She smiles and waves at me, then pats the place to her right. Without even thinking about it, I slide my hands in my pockets and walk over to her.

"Oi. Nice place to eat lunch." I greet, smiling down at her.

"The lunchroom is too noisy." She replies, grinning, as I sit down next to her. "Here is your lunch." She hands me a lunch box and some chopsticks.

"Arigato." I open it up and smile. My favorite Japanese food. I never did learn how to cook this. "Looks great." I taste it and smile. Too little time for anything good my ass. "This is really good!"

Sakura giggles at me and takes a bite of her own. "Thanks."

We eat a little in silence, enjoying each other's company. "So how is your day?" I ask, making conversation.

"You should know." She takes a bite of something, laughing. "We've had all the same classes so far."

Oh. That's right. Me and Sakura split up after lunch and get together again seventh period. My bad. "Oh yeah, forgot." I feel a blush hit my lips as she grabs something from my box and eats it. "Just because you cooked it, don't forget it's still my ingredient!" I say teasingly to her.

"Ooooohhhhh....I'm scared."

I poke her ribs, getting a small giggle. Another poke and she squirms away. A small smile comes to my face as I remember all her tickle spots. I plan on employing every one of them in the next few seconds....



I thought the stupid chimes would never sound. I stand up and slide my English book into my bag and fasten the belt. A small sigh comes from my lips and I drag it off my desk. I just remembered that I was supposed to write my mother and Mei-ling a letter today..... Maybe Sakura could help me there...

"Ne, Syaoran?"

I blink. "Oro?"

Sakura smiles brightly, holding her bag with both hands in front of her. "I left my umbrella at your house?"

She wants to come over again. She knew I would walk her home. "Yeah." I say, sounding calm. Eriol would never let me hear the end of it if he saw that I was technically inviting her over to my house.

Sakura's smile brightens a little and she links her arm through mine. This, of course, gets several students to 'ooh' and 'aahh' at us, but I really don't care. They did it almost daily so I think I'm becoming immune to it all.

We walk out of the room, being taped by Tomoyo. As we round the corner, Eriol nods at us on his way into the room to pick up Tomoyo and walk her home. Me and Sakura split up at the show lockers and meet again in a few minutes by the door. I open my umbrella and hold it in my left hand. Sakura gives me a cute smile before coming to my side and sliding her hand around my waist. I instantly find my right arm around her shoulders and a blush on my face.

Sakura talks to me about some stuff that happened sixth period and I listen closely to her, picking up every laugh, every smile, ever twinkle in her eye that comes. She was so cute when she chattered about random things. Her face would light up for one moment and then frown in concentration the next.


Sakura opens my door for me with the spare key I had given her a while back. I don't really recall why I gave it to her. I think it was after a Clow Card battle. Yeah, that's it. She got hurt and couldn't go home until she was bandaged up.

I step into my apartment and am greeted by the familiar smell of Autom. The smell of leaves and breezing wind, mixed with a bit of spices. Sakura once told me how she liked the way I smelt, and had even wanted the name of the cologne I wore. I didn't wear any. Well, I didn't at the time. I do now. Some American kind. ADIDAS or something like that. Anyway...

Sakura was laying on my couch again, resting her eyes. I felt a little tired as well. Three test in one day will do it to you. Especially if you stayed up most of the night before watching movies. A small smile comes to my face and I lift her up. She snuggles close to me as I bring her to my bed and lay her down. I hop on the other side. Sakura smiles and sinks her head into one of my pillows. Soon the sound of the pouring rain lulls both of us to sleep.


I don't know how long we slept. Probably about an hour or so, just enough to let us feel awake again. I wasn't one for naps in the afternoon. Sakura had woken up before me, and spent her time breathing against my chest before I woke up. Now she had gone rooting for her purse for something...

"Syaoran, lift up a tad."

I blink, but do as I'm told. I lift my head a little and bring it back down when she tells me to. I find myself resting in her lap. "Nani?"

"Close your eyes and relax."

I do so, confused at what she was about to do. After a while I feel something cold and metallic press up against my brow. She wouldn't....


I open my eyes and glare at Sakura, who smiles innocently down at me. "Don't frown, it wrinkles your brow."

I try to sit up, but she pulls me back down. "I didn't ask for you to pluck my eyebrows." Once again my attempt to leave this position fails and I find myself resting in her lap again.

"You need it, now hold still. It won't hurt."

Pluck. "Ite." Pluck. "Ite." Pluck. "Ite." ................................


"Ouch!" I bring my hand up and rub the sore spot.

"Gomen ne, I pulled like five out that time.... did it hurt?"

"Not too bad." I lie. I would be feeling that one for weeks to come.

I take in a deep breath and let it out slowly. Vaguely I feel her rub her finger across my forehead to smooth out the hair above my eyes. I didn't really need them plucked, I'm sure she was just doing this to torture me....


"Ne, Syaoran! Come here!"

I look up from the T.V. and over at Sakura, who was opening my balcony door. "Nanda?"

"Hurry up!"

I sigh and flip off the TV before obeying the young girl's wish and walk over to her outside. When I reached the balcony, a small smile came to my face. The rain had let up, leaving the sun to come from behind the clouds and cast a beautiful rainbow across the sky. "It's very pretty." I tell her, taking her hand in mine loosely.

"I love rainbows." She says, smiling at the pleasant breeze. The only sounds were those of water drops dripping from random places and small splashing sounds of when the drops connected with water.

"You always supposed to watch sights like these with ones you love."

"I'm with the one I love...."

"...So am I..."

Our hands close a little tighter and her head leans to rest against my shoulder. Life was perfect....