Title: Along for the ride

Disclaimer: The characters, the whole BtVS, not mine news from the file marked 'duh'

Rating: PG

Summary: Short fic 2. Set in "Him" During the car ride to Xander's Appartment, Dawn establishes her feelings towards Spike and his soul.

Along for the ride

'Take the time to learn to hate'-Silverchair

Spike was still insane.

Dawn glanced sideways at the vampire beside her, as he mumbled incoherently to somebody she couldn't see. Admittedly, he was doing a lot better than when he was in the basement. He wasn't talking about passes and stamps, and the sudden jerks and twitches of his body seemed to have lessoned.

He was such a try hard.

Dawn could tell he was trying to restrain himself. Spike was trying to be a good little passenger as Xander drove them to his apartment. Dawn disagreed with this arrangement as much as Xander did. She listened silently as Xander complained about his new roomie to Buffy.

"I don't see why we have to help him…"

"He's different now. He's got a soul, Xander".

A soul. The magic word that made her sister forget about past doings. Dawn doesn't care that he has a soul. She doesn't really understand what that means. All she knows is that the threat she made to Spike still applies. She's glad that he's suffering, and she hopes that she causes some part of his pain. She hopes he still thinks of her.

Dawn hates him, and she hopes he notices.