XUnder The Sun Of Egypt X

Disclaimer : FireStone is in no possession of the Yami's…. but other misc characters, and the idea for the story… IS MINE!!! Goes into another room and gun shot is heard

Since I can't speak Egyptian or Arabian, everything will be English or Japanese, I'm sure you guys are okay with that right, cause your all used to a bit of Japanese?

X--- Chapter 1 ---X

"Pharaoh Khahara! Pharaoh Khahara!" A guard burst into the palace hall and fell to his knees in front of the Pharaoh. "Your son, Yamito… he has run away from the palace!"

"Then find him! He is not allowed to leave the palace!!" Shouted the Pharaoh as he rose from his throne and left the hall with the guard at his heels. "When did he run off?"

"Just moments ago sir, but we will find him, I assure you of it."

"See to it that you find him, or I will feed you to the black beasts my self!" .1. Roared the Pharaoh as he threw his staff to the guard.

X--- Scene Change ---X

Amongst the villagers a young boy ran through the streets and into the heart of the markets. His cloak billowed behind him as he ran faster while passing the many faces around him. Out of no where, a hand shot out and grabbed the back of his cloak and held him off the ground. The boy yelped and tried to get the offending hand of him.

"Let me go!" Shouted the boy, as he tried to claw at the man's hands. "Let me go you ugly oaf!"

"Now, now little one. Saying things like that against a priest can put you into the dungeons." said a deep voice; the boy stopped struggling as he was put down gently.

"Seto?" The boy looked up at the tall priest's face.

"It's Seth in public, you should know that. Where are you running off to at a time like this? Everyone's looking for you." Seto kneeled down to the other boy's height.

"Me, why… I didn't do anything."

"The guards think you have something to do with the helping of Yami's escape." Mokuba looked up innocently at his older brother.

"I didn't do anything. I swear…" The black haired boy tried again with the puppy dogs eyes.

Seto shook his head as he gave a sigh. "I know your intentions are good Mokuba, but I need to know where he is. The Pharaoh won't be pleased that he has run away -again."

"But you don't understand, Yami hates his father." Seto started to lead Mokuba back to the palace. "I couldn't just leave him there!"

"It's dangerous Mokuba, you should have asked me for help." Seto stopped at the steps and kneeled down again. "Yes, I know we all hate the Pharaoh. He killed our parents, but I'm still one of his priests."

"No your not, your Yami's priest!"

"As well as one of the Pharaoh's. You have to tell me, where is Yami?" Seto asked calmly.

"I-I don't know. I only helped him out of the palace, and he ran off. I said I would dress up with these cloaks to fool the guards to think I was him." Mokuba started to sob and Seto pulled him into a hug.

"Shh, what's done is done. What you did was reckless, but it was for a good purpose." Seto let go of Mokuba and walked with him the rest of the way back into the Palace. He ushered the black haired boy in, and the priest set out again in search of the only heir to the throne.

"Kuro!".2. Seto called out. Next to him a dust of purple smoke appeared, when it cleared there stood a boy his height holding a green staff. "Kuro, you know that the-"

"Pharaoh's sons missing? Yes, but don't worry, he is safe."

"How did you kno-"

"Magician…" Seto blinked at the other boy before grinning slightly. "You always see me as another human being, which I appreciate very much, but must you forget I am a sorcerer too?"

Seto shrugged as he and Kuro walked back into the palace. "You sure he's alright?"

"Yes, Yamito's fine for now I guess, however I can't see that far into the future to tell if he will be fine forever."

Seto raised a brow at the magician. "Will he be hurt?"

"Not so sure… The future can change itself, so Yamito might actually be in danger after all. But I doubt it. The boy is strong, he'll survive."

"I guess it's a good thing he ran from the palace then?"


X--- Scene Change ---X

Ruby-red eyes glanced around, blinking. An arm adorned with gold trinkets snaked round the corner of the wall, before making a run for it across the street. Keeping an eye out for anyone, the boy kept on running. While doing so, he started to unfasten the many jewellery hanging around his neck, not watching where he was going, he ran straight into someone. The said someone made an 'oomph' sound as he fell. Picking him-self up, the tri-coloured-haired boy looked at the person he ran into. This other person was a boy, around his age. Cropped black hair, light tanned skin, and a very angry expression on his face.

"Can't you see where your going?!" shouted the boy as he got up, and started to put the things back into his sack which had fallen out from the collision. The ruby eyes looked around him and picked up a gold serving dish. He had recognised this dish; it was his own back at the palace.

"Are you a thief?"

"Well, what else do I look like to you?!"

"A boy." replied the smooth voice as he handed the dish back to the other boy. When the thief reached out to grab it, he saw the gold bands on the other boy's arms.

"Who are you?" the black haired boy raised a brow as he slowly took the dish and placed it back into the bag. "You're from the palace aren't you? No, you can't be, if I lived there, I wouldn't be wondering around outside. You must've raided the palace as well. Funny, why didn't I bump into you?"

But before he could answer, there were multiple shouts coming from the streets around them. "Stop him, the thief, he has raided the palace!"

Immediately the red-eyed boy tense and was looking back and forth for a palace to hide. The thief watched him curiously before grabbing his hand and running into an alley.

"I figured from your look of terror, you don't have an escape route. I'll help you in exchange for your jewellery? Yes?"

"Yes, I'll give them all to you." the thief chuckled as he let go of the other boys hand and pulled him-self up on metal pole that was stuck into the wall. He balanced him-self on it, and threw his sack into an open window. Readying himself to turn upside down and balanced his knees on the pole to help the other boy.

"Give me your hand." the boy did so, and he hoisted him and onto the pole. "Get in the window."

Gold clinked together as the boy jumped up and heaved himself in. Seconds later, the thief did the same. He dusted his robe and walked over to where he threw his bag. "Follow me, they'll figure out we're in here soon."

Doing as he says, he followed the thief to the stairs where there was another window and watched him climb out onto the roof. Blinking and looking back to the other window. Shaking his head, he looked back to the window before him and moved towards it and looked out and up. He just saw the other boy scrambling up and he offered him a hand to help him up. Taking it, he climbed up onto the roof and watched the thief reared back on the roof's edge before taking a big leap onto the next house. He stood there waiting for him to follow.

Taking a deep breath, the tri-haired boy took a few steps back and ran forward. He leaped of the roof and landed next to the thief. The said boy raised a brow at the tri-haired one. "Skills…"

Grabbing his hand again, the black haired boy pulled the other along with him, over the roof tops of many houses; jumping across a few and finally they stopped running and climbed into another window. This time there was someone in side.

"Took your time getting here." A tall lanky man said as he took the sack from the black haired boy. "Who's he?"

Turning back he watched the tri-haired boy as he just climbed in. "Ah, he's with me, don't worry."

"My, you two did a good bargain, stealing from the palace's kitchens and jewellery room." The man smiled at the tri-haired boy. "Welcome to the band of thief's my boy, might I say, you did a very good job at steali-"

"How come I don't get any credit, and he is not listing up with us." whined the black haired boy.

"Because you don't need credit, your too good for it. And this boy can work for us, look at him, he stole from the jewellery chamber, you know how hard it is to get in there?"

"Whatever, can I go now Kushou?" the blacked haired boy as he helped the other with getting his jewellery off.

Kushou nodded as he threw the two boys a money bag each. "Here's your pay, now go."

Yeah- yeah." the boy waved as he pulled the tri-haired boy along with him. Running down the stairs the tri-haired watched in amusement as the other boy ruffled his hair and black dust fell from it. He kept shaking it as most of the soot fell, leaving his hair a smoky grey.

"That is not your real hair colour?" he asked in a curios voice as they walked out.

"No, I colour it black with soot so I have a better chance of not getting caught when I'm not raiding places." Explained the boy as they neared a well. He lowered the bucket and turned the wheel to bring back the bucket filled with water. "Help me?"

The other boy took hold of the bucket and tipped it over the other head. The water rinsed through his hair and the soot pooled around his feet. Re-filling the bucket again, and rinsing once more, the now snowy-white hair was being shook back and forth to rid of most of the water.

"White? I have never seen white-hair on the young before."

"Nor have I ever seen three colours on one's head either." Picking a towel that was placed near the well, he used to it to dry his hair. "But, I have lighter skin than others, some say I'm an albino… but I don't have red eyes. You do…"

"They say people with a difference are special."

"Eh? Well, then I know of another who is like us… I'll introduce you to him." the white-haired boy looked at the other curiously. "What's your name?"

"Anou…" Red-eyes dropped to the ground. "Don't get to shocked or anything all right…"

"So, I wont care… What is it?"


--- End Chapter ---

.1. Black beast…heh… it was supposed to be jaguars or tigers… but I didn't think they have them in Egypt… so meh… they're jaguars okay.

.2. Kuro, this means Black, and if you haven't noticed yet. Kuro's the Black Magician.

So what do you think so far? Is it okay? Shall I carry on? Cause I'm really liking the idea to my story and I've been wanting to write a YGO story for while now and when I did, I wanted a nice ancient story plot. Ah well drop me a review and say what you think, ne?