X--- You're a Prince? (Part 1) ---X

"What's your name?"

"Anou…" Red-eyes dropped to the ground. "Don't get too shocked or anything all right…"

"So, I won't care… What is it?"


X--- Chapter 2 ---X

Brown eyes blinked a couple of times, and a couple more. "YAMITO?!?!?!"

Yamito looked down, as he knew this would be the thief's reactions.

"What the hell, you better not be fooling around with me. Yamito! Ra, I'm going mad."

"Please I don't want to cause you trouble, but I think I shall leave you."

The white-haired boy grinned as he grabbed hold of Yamito's shoulder when he turned around. "Your not going anywhere, Prince Yamito . You know, I could so easily hold you on ransom. Maybe sent back the Pharaoh pieces of you, hundreds of rubies a limb."

Red eyes went wide. "No, please I don't want to go back there, you have no idea what's it like to live there!"

"Of coarse I don't, I've been a tomb robber all of my life, I don't know any other way of living." the thief's grin dropped as he watched the Pharaoh's son dropped to his knees in tears. He soften his voice towards the young prince. "That bad huh?"

"You can do anything to me, just don't send me back there." Yamito wiped his tears with the back of his hand and looked at the thief in the eye. "Please?"

The thief gave a sigh and slumped to the ground beside the prince. "Fine, besides, I don't think I'll be able to keep you hostage anyway. They'll hunt me down if they found out I was keeping you."

The other boy sniffed slightly as he brought his knees to his chest and brought his arms around them while he rested his head on them.

"So why don't you want to go back? Yamito?" the thief looked at the other boy.

"I just- I don't want to go back there, I hate it there, my fathers really cruel to me. Sure I may be the heir to the throne, but as long as he's alive, he will always torture me. He already killed my brother."

"Ne, brother? You mean Yamato?" the thief looked shocked. "I heard he died of s sickness."

"No, my father killed him when Yama found out what the Pharaoh really is. Instead of being the good Pharaoh everyone thinks he is, he's really an evil bastard." Yamito looked around at the people around them. "He's supposed to be taking care of our people, yet he let's them starve. The money is collects everyday is for he's own use. He wants to take over the world and kill all those who appose him with his magic. He thinks it will actually work, but he's killing many people with this power of his and he doesn't care about it."

The thief watched the prince quietly; thinking of all the things coming out of mouth was all- "Bullshit."


"Bullshit. Your fathers not only starving us, he allowing his men to kill anyone they please, and taking them back to his palace for his own doing. Making them slaves and such. I don't know about the whole magic thing, but I hate your father ever since I can remember. He burned my village down when I was around four, just because a dog from our village ran into the palace and destroyed some dinner party of his. Just because of that! No one even owned that dog, and he burned the whole place down, with my family in it. The pharaohs stuffed in head."

Yamito kept silent as he watched the thief get up. He had offered his hand to help him up as well.

"Where are we going?"

"Get you something to eat, you look so skinny." the thief poked at the other boy's stomach.

"Me? I'm skinny? Have you seen yourself? …. You haven't told me your name yet"

"Me, I'm the King Of Thieves, Bakura." the said boy proclaimed proudly. He went over to the house and picked up a sack that was dropped there by the side.

"I've heard of you, you're the one causing so much trouble around the palace. But you're so young, I thought the King of Thieves would be like older."

"I'm only sixteen, I'm old enough." Bakura glanced at the other boy for a bit. "Will people recognize you Yamito?"

"Call me Yami and I've never been out of the palace, without all the gold on me, besides I'm always surrounded by guards. I don't think anyone would notice or remember me much." Bakura nodded as he pulled Yami through the streets. The people stared at him slightly, and Yami tilted his head down, and tried not to stare at them in the eye. Bakura tugged on his arm as they walked faster. Soon they were out of the markets and in the open dessert.

"We're going to go there." Bakura pointed out to where the ruins were.

Yami looked at him oddly, "Why?"

"There's free food there. The only other way of getting some is to steal, and I don't feel like running around anymore today." Bakura started walking towards the ruins and Yami followed him.

"How is there food there, it's the ruins, no one lives there."

"You'll be surprised." When Yami got closer, he saw what he had expected, that the place was deserted. The temples that were left standing would be the only shelter to anyone that lived here, but it wasn't enough. How were they supposed to get food? He trailed behind Bakura as the thief walked around the fallen buildings, until he they came to a door that was on the ground. Kneeling down, Bakura knocked on it three times paused and three times again, when it opened.

"Bakura, your here early." An old woman smiled at the thief as she open the door wider for the two to climb in.

"Hey Kohana." Bakura was greeted by a bunch of small children running up to him. "Hey minna-san, look, Bakura stole you presents!"

The kids cheered and all of them chorus happily. "Presents, presents!"

Bakura opened the sack he brought, and pulled out some gold bracelets. "These are for the girls." He then pulled out necklaces. "And for the boys."

"Arigatou." they all said as they ran off with their new presents.

"You are always to good to the children." smiled Kohana.

"And you're so good to me, because you feed me food… speaking of which." Bakura grinned cheekily at her as she wagged a finger at him.

"You came a bit to early, its not done yet."

"Is it all right, that I would be allowed to some as well?" Asked Yami timidly.

Kohana looked at Yami, "Of course. With manners like that, we could have you staying here for the night if you want. Bakura, you should learn a thing or two from this one."

"Kohana!" retorted Bakura indignantly. Kohana chuckled as she left the two on their own.

Yami looked around at the dark underground chambers illuminated by the huge fire torches that aligned the wide walls. "How did you meet these people?"

"Ran into then actually, like how I meet everyone else." Bakura started to walk down the halls with Yami walking behind him. "These people are the Tomb Keepers. Only a few are allowed to leave these areas, like Kohana. But many here have never seen the day light."

"Not ever."

"Nope. Some of them don't care about the outside world, most of them really. A few would sneak out." Bakura turned right at a corner. "Their actually allowed to leave this area at night time, but in the day they are to stay in. But those like Kohana are allowed to come and go whenever they want, but they are to stay here though. You can differ them from the others by the different scars they have. Most of them just have a thick line coming down their eyes, stoping just above their cheekbones, these are the ones who are to stay in the tombs. They are the low ranking people. The ones with markings that come out from the edges and flicking near under their eyes are the keepers. They are just higher ranked than the others (e.g. Marik's symbols under the eyes), they're not permitted to leave either. The ones with leaf shape under their right eyes are the care-takers. We called them the care-takers of the Tombs, they feed and care for the children and everyone else. These people are in the middle ranking.."

"Those kids?"

"They have never seen the day light, though their quite content about it. But if they do get a glimpse of what its like outside, they'll sure to want to leave, but they can't, its their job to stay here."

"Why." Yami got more and more curios as he past by a few rooms which children playing in the dark.

"Their Tomb Keepers, They make sure no one steals from them, or disturbers them, kinda like that."

"What makes them so different from the others that they can't just walk amongst them?"

"Markings, on their backs. You are literally free for the first ten years of your life before your marked. How ever… facial markings are what these people are born with. They usually use these markings to rank them and which place they will guard. But later on, they found, that it's in the blood. So there's high-ranking families and low ranking families and a middle one. Everyone is treated here the same anyway. If a high-ranking person weds a low ranking person… fate chooses their child to be either one of the three ranks. That family will respect they're child's rank and raise it to follow the path it has been born to.

Yami looked downcast as he passed more children playing. "That is so…sad."

"Yeah, well… just don't think to much about it. Like I said before, most of them are happy to live like this." Bakura patted Yami's shoulder as he guided him into one of the rooms. "Marik! You here?!"

"Kura?" replied a thick voice laced with sleepiness from the back of the dark room. "Is that you Bakura, what are you doing here so early?"

"Ah, the boss let me off early." Bakura pulled out a torch from the out side wall, climbed the little ladder inside the room and when his head bumped the ceiling lightly he tilted the flame onto the ledge on the edge of the wall and lit a ring of fire around the room. He placed the torch back out side.

"Why'd you light up the room? I was sleeping." said an annoyed Marik. Yami stared at the dark skinned Egyptian. Lilac coloured eyes still groggy from sleep, sandy-blonde hair, and lightly toned muscle body.

"What, it was dark, I couldn't see where you were."

Marik glanced at Yami. "Lovely, another abnormal person."

Yami frowned at the comment. "Your one to say."

X--- End Of Chapter ---X

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