Simple love with a complex touch

Complex Touch

I know that I love you, I know that I do,
I know that this feeling is true,
But sometimes I hate you, but sometimes I do
Abhor and detest all of you.

I know that is wrong, for I never could do
Something evil like destroying you,
But I have two selves, and a vile one too
Who wants nothing to do with you.

You tell me it's false, you say it's not true
That I could feel hatred towards you,
But I know my heart, and I know hers too
And she wants just to kill me and you.

You left me alone, and her influence grew
Yes, her hatred, it deepened and grew,
Till she took all I was, till she took all I knew
And plotted to use me 'gainst you.

I could not get out, I could not warn you
That her malicious scheming was true,
So I stayed to myself, and I hid from you too
Trying, trying to keep her from you.

But they all took me in, your fam'ly but not you
They found me and thought they could do,
All the work, all the effort to cleanse me anew
Yes, they thought they could help without you.

But what did they know? But what could they do?
I needed no one else but you,
So I hid from them all, I hid from them too
And I waited for you to undo

All the damage she'd done, all the wounds harsh and new
That she would have inflicted on you,
But you never came back, I was dying for you
I was pining and bleeding for you.

Now my strength nigh is gone, and all I can do
While I lay here and die without you,
Is wonder whatever, whate'er could you do
To actually save me and you?

I knew that I loved you, I knew that was true
I lived and I breathed just for you,
But she wants to kill me, and finish you too
And make all my dreams come untrue.