Death is but a Sweet Sorrow

Disclaimer: Nope, the bloody publishers rejected my offer to buy the rights to the books. Surethe offer was for 4.75, but still…

Gimli sat sadly next to the bed, watching the Elvin Prince of Mirkwood wheezing.

"Gimli, I am going to be alright," His friend reassured him. Gimli choked back tears.

"No. NO! You can't die. I would have nothing, NOTHING!"

"I may be dying, Gimli," Legolas replied calmly,

"And to you this may seem sad, but it's not. It is just the start of a new adventure."

"NO! I will not allow it!" Gimli protested, angrily.

"Come, my friend, sit here," Legolas gestured to the side of his bed,

"You are a fine friend, and my life would have been worthless without you, but now it is time for you to accept that fate is written with no consent to how we may feel, that we must accept what comes, and face it, as we would any opponent, and give it our full honour."

"I will NOT accept! You will not die, I wont let you!" Legolas sighed,

"I will die. There is no changing that." Gimli sniffled.

"It is my fault. I should have been watching the horses. If I had been, perhaps they would not have escaped, and would not have trampled you."

"It was not your turn for guard duty, Gimli. It was not your fault. I will die, whether it be by old age, by horse, or by blade." Gimli stiffened,

"What do you mean?"

"Gimli, my friend, my death will be a slow and painful one. It will take many hours of agony, however, you may help me. Here," Legolas handed Gimli an ornate knife, it's handle decorated in jewels, and clenched his fingers around it.

"Take this knife. One blow to the chest will do it." "No Legolas!" Gimli exclaimed,

"I will NOT kill you!"

"Gimli!" Legolas protested,

"You would not be killing me. You would be relieving my pain. You would be helping me." Gimli stammered,

"N-No…. I…"

"Please. Gimli. My friend. Help me." Legolas slowly drew Gimli's hand, still clenching the dagger, closer to his chest.

"My friend. Please." Gimli hesitated, then thrust the dagger into his friend's chest, and pulled it out, tears rolling down his cheeks, to land with a splash on the cold, hard, stone floor. He dropped the knife and ran out of the room, as Legolas drew his last shaky breath and smiled.

A new adventure was dawning, and the Prince of Mirkwood was prepared, and not afraid to face it. No, NOT afraid.