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Love In The Dark

Ch. 12

Alucard looked at his coffin, and sighed. He smiled slightly remembering his book. LOVE IN THE DARK. The whole time she had been here, they'd pretty much lived the poem. He smiled remembering the night he held her. She had felt so right in his arms, and with her heart beating against his chest he almost felt alive.

He climbed into his coffin, not bothering to wait for the sunrise.

Cassandra knocked lightly on her aunt's bedroom door. She heard a groan, and then "come in." She cautiously walked in. Integra looked at her a bit surprised, most likely she had been expecting Walter. "Yes?"

"Um…" Cassandra twiddled her fingers in front of her. Her aunt and her didn't really have a bad relationship, but this was awkward. "My mother…" She stopped.

Integra got up from her bed and walked over to Cassandra. "Shhhhh… It's okay…" For the first time Integra pulled her niece into a warm hug. Cassandra hugged her back. It was a heartfelt moment.

Cassandra followed her aunt over to her bed, where she proceeded to tell her the story. Her mother was a hunter, and she made a mistake by falling in love with one of her prey. Soon after she was born. She hesitated a bit when telling about the death, because it still pained her. Her aunt however seemed to have gone through a major personality change. She was acting motherly, comforting her when she sensed she was going to cry.

"Integra?" Cassandra asked.


Cassandra looked down into her lap. "I've… I believe I've become like my mother… You see I've…" Cassandra somehow couldn't say it. She knew Alucard wasn't a monster, but still… Her mother had died by the hands of the man she loved and she didn't want to make the same mistake.

Integra seemed to read Cassandra's thoughts. "I know it's scary to trust someone you've been taught to hate. Image my shock when the protection my father gave to me was a vampire." She smiled a warm smile. "You have to decide on your own what's best for you… I wish I could give you more advise. If you truly do…" She trailed off.

Cassandra rose to her feet, and thanked her aunt. She ran through the now familiar hallways running past the maids that have just woken up for the day. The sun crept out from behind the walls and shone through all the windows. Cassandra couldn't believe what she was doing, all she knew was that it felt right.

Alucard opened his eyes at the sound of his door opening and closing. The sun had just come up, he sensed it. He opened the lid to his coffin and looked out, it took a minute for his eyes to adjust to the darkness of the room. He looked around and then he saw Cassandra standing by his door.

His mouth opened a bit in surprise. He pushed his lid the rest of the open and climbed out of his coffin. He walked up to her, and she seemed shrink back. "Yes?" he asked innocently. She diverted her eyes from him and looked at the floor. "Alucard…" She couldn't find the right words.

She put one hand on his bare chest, and the heat from her hand shocked him. It had been a long time since he felt the heat of life on his flesh. She looked into his eyes, searching for something. Alucard's expression didn't change. She blinked and suddenly he was staring into violet orbs.

Her arms wrapped themselves around his waist, and she rested her head against his chest. Alucard wanted to wrap his arms around her, but he resisted. Alucard was reminded of the night she cried, when he held her close to him. "I… I…" she just couldn't seem to say anything, but she was trying. "I did what felt right."

Alucard's eyes widened. 'What is she saying?' he thought.

He felt her smile against him. "I'm saying I want to stay with you… if it's alright." She backed away from him suddenly feeling embarrassed. Alucard turned so that his back was facing her. "Even if it's only for tonight…"

This made Alucard smile. He turned back around to her. "Even if it's only for today?" Cassandra blushed slightly at her mistake.

She smiled as she began to fall asleep. Finally she was in the place where she belonged. Alucard's arm was draped over her waist as she snuggled up next to him. His cold touch had awakened something deep in her, which even she didn't know was there.

And it was in Alucard's arms that her heart beat it's last beat.

Alucard felt her skin grow cold, and he smiled, kissing her softly.

There is only love in the dark…

Before you start throwing flames, let me explain. Cassandra didn't really die, she just chose to stay with the one she loved, even if it was in the dark. She chose to live out the rest of her life as a vampire by Alucard's side.

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