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Sara Jaye: I think that Lyn and Guy should have definitely had a support conversation list. It just makes sense!
Oh, and thanks for your praise of cuteness but sometimes I sometimes just muck up when doing such things.

Wyrmseeker: I stole your pairing? I'm sorry! I just really liked that pairing. You could say I don't follow the guidelines of the game pairings. Thanks for reviewing and 'Cupids Arrow' should be updated really soon! Keep your eyes peeled for the next few days!

Flaming Soul: Oh, hello! And I'm sure Guy got everything he wanted… apart from being soaked… and hurt… and that his sword technique was perfected… Oh, forget it! Thanks for reviewing!

Gigantor04: No idea is right… Guy's a loony in his own likeable way so good for him!
I think this pairing makes the most sense and yet not many people seem to get that, it's stupid… Thanks for your review.

Macross-Green: Guy-Priscilla? Doesn't actually work for me even though I've seen their A support convo, I just like this pairing a whole lot more. Thanks for reviewing this spewed up piece of literature!

FireEdge: Yeah… It's adorable isn't it? Oh and I hope that my suggestions on 'Stray Arrow' are helping you out! Keep going Edge and thanks for your overall review! (You are 13 though… right?)

Malignant Plate: OOC… True, you point out an interesting fact now I hope that the CIA can restrain you until no one else realizes it too… (Shifty eyes)
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