Inuyasha and Kagome had scoured the village for what seemed like an eternity, scanning for any suspicious-looking women who may indeed be the sorceress who managed to impregnate Miroku. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, however, and the ordinary village women trekked across the beaten paths leading livestock and picking vegetables from their gardens.

"This is stupid, I say let Miroku suffer whatever that woman did to him. 'Bout time he got what he deserved for being perverted," Inuyasha said rudely, crossing his arms and carrying about him that egotistical aura once more.

"How can you say that Inuyasha? Sure it was getting a bit old that he asked every woman that, but it's pretty harmless when you think about it. In my era guys are never that direct; they stalk after you and make cheap comments and pick-up lines until you either give in or are forced to leave," Kagome said, and with this Inuyasha suddenly became alert and looked strangely angered, his expression no longer apathetic towards their momentary cause.

"What guys say these things? They weren't trying to make you their mate were they?" Inuyasha asked, and Kagome became suddenly so flustered from this questioning that the next thing she said had become instinctive.

"Sit boy! Sit, sit, sit!" she shouted, her face cherry red with humiliation, and Inuyasha was forced to comply as his face indeed met the hard, barren ground that hadn't been blessed with rain in days. He let out a muffled scowl before he impacted, immediately bringing himself up when the feeling returned to his body.

"What the hell was that for? I was just making sure that no one was trying anything on you!" he shouted, and Kagome did indeed feel a bit bad, though she was now turned away from him and continuing down the single road through the village. Maybe he was just looking out for her safety, but then that really wasn't any of his business. The way he would show up sometimes in her era, uninvited into her home would sometimes infuriate her, and sometimes…

"Hey, look over there," Inuyasha said, pointing suddenly at a woman currently examining the rather starved vegetables of one of the farmers, but she was different from the other women of the village. Her robes were a bit foreign, as though she were from another, more aristocratic region of the country.

"She might be her, but we can't make assumptions…" Kagome's rational statement made little difference to the hanyou, who trudged forth and presented himself to the woman in a rude manner.

"Hey, would you happen to be a sorceress?" he asked, and the woman for a moment looked threatened, most likely by his partially demonic appearance, but the elderly man running the stand quieted her fears.

"Do not worry young lady, this hanyou is a member of our village and a friend of the miko who blesses it," he said, and the woman indeed began to calm under this reassurance.

"Yes, I am a sorceress, though I am confused as to how you know this," she said, unraveling the sapphire cloaking around her face. Inuyasha could see now why Miroku would have at least been compelled to attempt his infamous question yet again; the young woman had an exotic beauty about her.

"Well, you kinda cursed one of our friends, and we want you to revoke it. I mean how's a guy supposed to know how to give birth to a child?" Inuyasha scowled, and the young woman suddenly looked apathetic, picking up her roughly sown bag of turnips and river herbs.

"I am afraid that I cannot do that for two reasons. The first is that the spell is irreversible; he will return to his previous gender once the child had been born and he will be left to raise the infant. The second reason is rather irrelevant, but even if there was something I could do I wouldn't do it," she said, and both Inuyasha and Kagome were silent as the woman continued. "You see where I come from women are sold as slaves for men's pleasure, and thus when he said that to me I became frightened and sickened by this. I thought I had escaped such forced measures. But even if he intended me no harm or thought his question was a mere joke, perhaps now he will see what it means for a woman to bear children and suffer through its pains, and these instances will halt."

The sorceress turned and began to walk away, turning but once more as she appeared to be leaving the village to travel on her own. "I pity the woman who falls in love with such a man. How can she ever trust him to be faithful?"

With this said, the only thing the two of them could do was return and tell the others what they had found out. It seemed they would just have to continue their journey with a pregnant woman alongside them. Even though it seemed Miroku still had the mind of a man, his physical appearance didn't quite support this any longer.

"But…what are we supposed to do if Naraku attacks Miroku while he's like this? And with an innocent child's life at stake?" Kagome said, the worry suddenly welling up from within her.

Inuyasha didn't answer.