Chapter 3

When school had finished she walked back home alone, where she would be alone again. Her dad wouldn't be home until late. She hardly ever spent any timewith him, not since her mother died, and she wouldn't want to spend any time with him, all he would do was shout and throw his fist around, blaming her for everything. She wanted to leave but there were some good memories of her mother there. May missed her mother, so much more then anyone else knew, she had grown up without her mother, to love her, to teach her. Her father used to be a good man, and he loved his wife dearly, they were the perfect family, but when her mother died of cancer, the family was torn apart.

But May had a shock when she came home, she walked into the front room, and it was wrecked. The sofa had been turned upside down, the TV was smashed, the cupboards had been pulled on the floor and all the china ornaments had been smashed on the floor. May put her bandaged hands over her mouth, and she knew it was her fault as she scanned her blue eyes around the room.


May didn't know what to do, she knew she had to clean it up, but it would take ages, and most of it was already ruined. She ran out of the house after hearing a big bang from upstairs, and her heart rushed. He was home, and she was scared, scared of what he's done to the rest of the house, scared of what he'll do to her.

She ran out down the street and ran round the corner into an alleyway, where she slid against the wall onto the floor. She sat there for a while with her head in her hands but she didn't cry. She had spent most of her life, hiding away, crying, to realise that only one of them worked. She had wanted to leave before but where would she go? She didn't know anywhere else to go, where would she get the money? Her dad didn't go to work but he still got benefits, which they both lived on. It was kind of tough for May to get the money off him, but she just waited until he was asleep before taking it, unless he had spent it all on drink. May wanted to leave, but there was something that stopped her.

After being there for a few minutes she got up and decided to take a walk. She didn't want go back home until she knew for sure he wouldn't be there. She was going to go to the park, to sit on the swings but when she walked past, Michael Doyle and his gang were hanging out there, so she walked on by, but they still noticed her, and called out.

" Hey May, why don't you come over here and join us"

But May just carried on walking past. Michael then got up off a swing and walked out of the park gate and went to catch up with her. May heard his footsteps and started to speed up.

"Hey, wait up"

Michael then went faster and jumped up behind her and slapped her ass "Hey!" she said angrily as she stopped and spun round,

"I thought you liked that"

May narrowed her blue eyes at him. "Just leave me alone, will ya"

"Hey, I like you"

"That's what you said last time," said May as she sped off again

"Why don't we do a repeat performance?"

"Oh, so you can blab about it to the whole school, like you did last time? No thanks"

Michael then laughed as she disappeared round the corner, and he shrugged at his friends who sat in the park and then he joined them.

May continued to walk down the street, she thought everyone had forgotten about that, but she guessed wrong. It wasn't her fault she was branded as the school slag, it was a silly mistake that she soon regretted. She didn't know he was going to spread it all around the school, did she. Even some of his mates, added in some lies, but May gotton used to the stares and the remarks, and the names they called her. She wasn't surprised that the teachers knew all about it. At first May deigned it,sweared it wasn't true, but after a year, she didn't care if they believed the lies or not, and May just ignored them because she really didn't give a damm about anyone else.

She sat down at a bench in front of a large billboard, which was advertising cigarettes. It didn't interest her much and she began to pick away at her old dark blue nail varnish. It was getting quite cold and she pulled her coat closer to keep her warm. The harsh wind was blowing and her dark stringy hair got caught in her face and she pushed it aside, but it kept on going back to the same position. A girl, May remembered from school walked past with her head down as she walked past, but just as she was nearly out of view, she turned to look at May.

"What you looking at?" said May harshly as she looked up

"Em…nothing" said the girl quietly before scuttling off down the road.

May soon regretted what she said, but she was just having a bad day, that sometimes she takes it out on other people, even if they didn't deserve it. A few minute another boy, from school walked by but May wasn't interested and so she continued to pick at her nail varnish.

"Hi May"

She looked up to see the brown haired boy smiling at her, to her surprise. And then he walked on past. She recognised him from her English class, he was one of these boys, you don't know much about.