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Chapter 1: Just Out of Reach.

It was supposed to be just another night for the Teen Titans. It was supposed to be just another simple mission. It was just a simple bank robbery. It was supposed to be simple for those with powers or those with proper training. Everyone was supposed to be okay. He was never supposed to get hurt.

"Get him to the medical bay, now!" Robin yelled at Cyborg, who was carrying a limp and bloody Beast Boy.

"Calm down, Robin," Raven said monotonously while placing a hand on their leader's shoulder.

"Damn it, Raven," Robin said as he jerked away from Raven. "How do you expect me to be calm at a time like this. Beast Boy is half dead for God's sake! He's our friend, and we need to do all we can to help."

"Exactly how will allowing your frustration and anger lash out on your teammates help Beast Boy?"

Robin glared at Raven hatefully. He knew she was right, but he never enjoyed being proven wrong. He was about say something when Starfire latched onto him in tears.

"Please, friends," She said between sobs. "We must not fight each other. We must keep our minds focused on helping Beast Boy."

Starfire's very touch calmed Robin from his previously irate state. "You're right, Star," He said calmly. "Raven, let's go. He'll need our help."


I don't know how to describe myself right now. I know who I am, but I don't know if I am anymore. No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to open my eyes. I can't seem to move any part of my body. I can't speak. I can, however, feel the pain my body is in , yet it doesn't hurt. I can hear them above me, and it scares me.

"I've removed the bullet and closed the wound," I hear Raven say with her usual monotone voice. "That should stop the bleeding."

'Note to self: Thank Raven when I… er… "wake up." I think that I would've been screwed if it wasn't for her.'

"Thanks, Raven," Cyborg says above me. His voice is different then Raven's. Raven's voice was calm while his voice is full of panic. It scares me. "Guys, I've got bad news."

'Shit! Here it comes.'

"Beast Boy suffered massive head trauma from hitting the ground from two stories up."

'What?! Is that what happened? I remember we were fighting some bank robbers. They didn't put up much of a fight. Everything was pretty routine until I noticed one of the robbers was climbing a fire escape on a nearby apartment complex. I remember transforming into an eagle and beating him to the top. I remember looking down at him, trying to talk him into giving up, when he… HE SHOT ME! THAT BASTARD SHOT ME! I remember looking down at my chest, looking at the flowing blood. Then… I don't remember anything after that. I must've blacked out before falling to the ground. Honestly, I'm glad I wasn't awake for that.' Beast Boy nervously laughed inside of his mind.

"Starfire," I heard Cyborg say annoyed, "in laymen's terms, he's in a coma."

I mentally laugh again, because I know exactly what is coming next.

"Robin," I hear Starfire say, "I do not understand your medical terms. What is a coma? What is wrong with our friend?"

'This could take a while,' I think slightly annoyed.

"I'll explain later, Star," I hear Robin say.

'There is a God!' I yell happily in my head. 'If the only two things I can do are listen and think, I would rather not spend hours listening to Robin try to make Starfire understand what a coma is. The last thing I need is a headache.'

"Is he going to be okay?" I was surprised to notice genuine concern in Raven's voice.

"It's too early to tell," Cyborg replied solemnly.

'I'm not going to like this, am I?'

"It could go either way. Right now, all we can do is wait."


"I understand," I hear Raven say, her usual monotone voice returning to her.

For a while, there are no sounds but those from the monitors that I'm assuming I'm hooked up to. My thoughts are silent. I just listen for them. Slowly, I hear footsteps exit the room. Some stayed longer than others, but, eventually, they all leave. The last one closed the door behind them. All I hear is silence, and it scares me.

'I can feel the love guys,' I scream angrily in my head. I feel forgotten. I feel unwanted. They are not good feelings.

Several hours pass (I know. I counted the seconds), and I'm bored. I feel tired, but I'm not allowed to sleep. As long as I'm in a coma, the only things I can do are think and listen. I listen. I hear various beeps from various monitors. I hear the air conditioning. I hear a chair being pulled beside me.

'Wait! I didn't hear the door open.'

After pondering this for a while, I conclude that it could only be Raven. She's the only one who can go through a door without opening it.

I continue to listen. I hear her pace back and forth for a while. I hear her sit. I hear her cry, and it worries me.

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