The Serpent Chronicles is my story of King Hsss' life, from his youth to the sealing of the void. Book 1 covers the Snakemen war with King Grayskull.

Disclaimer: I own none of the charaters appearing in this fic which have already appeared in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, old or new, in some shape or form. They belong to Mattel. All others, which willbe most of them, come to think of it, are mine.

The Serpent Chronicles

Book1: The Glory of Innocence


They tell you that I am a tyrant; they are wrong. They tell you that I am insane; I think they are right. Most of my life was a nightmare that I don't care to relive. I wasn't born like this, you know. I, too, was once young and naive. I was happy then. I once could know love, but those days are gone, and nothing more than a memory. And those memories fade day by day.