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"Excuse me… Oops, sorry dear… Pardon me."

"Ah, Mrs. Claus, what can I do for you?"

Managing to make her way through the mass of working elves, Mrs. Claus took a moment to catch her breath before turning to offer the Leading Elf of the workshop a warm smile. "I was wondering where that darling grandson of yours was, Solomon," she replied casting a side look at all the elves working in the shop.

"He's outside with that brute of a deer," Solomon grumbled.

Chuckling lightly, Mrs. Claus shook her head. "I see, so was Yugi excited about his raise in position?"

Running a hand through his spiky gray hair, Solomon sighed while idly glancing over a clipboard that another elf handed him before nodding and handing it back. "I'm not sure, he hasn't said much about it," he replied motioning for the kind elderly woman to follow him, since he found it a bit distracting to have a conversation while watching her dodge all the workers.

"So you think he's unhappy?" Mrs. Claus asked, thankful to be out of the mass.

Shrugging, Solomon shook his head. "I don't know. Yugi just doesn't seem to be himself this year, and I thought he would be thrilled to be working by my side and being able to join Santa and I on the journey this time."

"Maybe he is… overwhelmed," the other suggested while taking a cookie offered to her by a young female elf that walked by.

"Could be, I just wish I knew what was really bothering him," Solomon sighed before receiving another clipboard and looking it over. Skimming over the list, he nodded while handing the board back again. "If you still want to see him, he should be outside near the lake."

"Thank you, I think I will go and have a word with him," Mrs. Claus smiled before turning and carefully making her way out of the busy workshop. Making it outside, she sighed in relief at having some more space and not having to worry about running over one of the elves.

Almost to the rim of the lake side, Mrs. Claus could hear familiar laughter ringing out through the forest of pine, cedar, and fir trees. Walking into the clearing, she couldn't help but chuckle as well.

On the frozen lake shore there was a large chocolate and white reindeer, two polar bear cubs, and a young elf. The bear cubs were sliding on the icy lake while the reindeer stood like a statue as the young elf decorated its large antlers with left over garland and shimmering tinsel.

The young elf was none other than Yugi, Solomon's grandson and the newest Head Elf of the workshop. Mrs. Claus had always thought the little one was the most adorable elf she had ever met. The little one's hair was exotic and very spiky. Golden bangs framed his cherubic face while the rest of his spiky mane was rich obsidian embossed in a violet crimson color.

The little one's complexion was flawless, baby soft alabaster that any angel would envy, but his most charming feature were his wide, shimmering amethyst eyes. Those eyes used the right way were able to make anyone melt, she knew, she had been victim to them before.

Shaking her head, Mrs. Claus made her way over to the decorating elf, "I think all he needs now is a few ornaments, and then he just might blend in with the Christmas trees."

Hearing the voice, amethyst eyes gleamed brightly while turning to look at the new arrival to the lakeshore. "Hmm, you could be right, Nana Claus," he chuckled receiving a snort from the decorated deer.

Looking the little one over, Mrs. Claus took in the other's clothing. Instead of traditional green, reds, and whites, Yugi's outfit consisted of shimmering silver and a beautiful royal purple, which brought out those exquisite eyes.

"Yugi?" she asked, gaining the youngster's attention as he nodded for her to continue. "How do you feel about your new position?"

"… Oh well… um… I'm still a bit shocked about it," Yugi babbled, idly feeding the reindeer a Christmas cookie that he had snuck out of the kitchens earlier.

Mrs. Claus could already see through the excuse. The little one was not that good at covering his emotions, those eyes betrayed him by expressing his unease about the position. "Alright little one, how about telling me what's bothering you? I can tell that you're hiding something."

Sighing, Yugi shook his head. "I'm not ready to be Head Elf, I don't deserve it," he mumbled, turning to watch the bear cubs slide into one another on the frozen lake.

"Your grandfather thinks you're ready for the responsibility as does Santa," Mrs. Claus smiled, stepping up beside the young elf and kneeling down. "You are a hard worker, Yugi and able to make anything you set your mind too. You're also the top game and puzzle tester here, and you have a caring personality, and I too think you deserve the role as Head Elf."

Looking up at the elderly woman, Yugi smiled lightly. "I just wish I could do something more, to actually feel like I've done something worth deserving of the title," he explained, feeding the deer another cookie since it was nudging his side pouch with its nose.

Nodding, Mrs. Claus gave the young one a knowing smile while pulling out a beautiful snow globe from the folds of her long red robe. "How about I put you up to a special task then?" she asked.

"What kind of special task?"

"One to prove that you are ready," she replied while holding out the globe for Yugi to see.

Looking the globe over, Yugi had to compliment the craftsmanship on the item, because it was very beautiful. "What do I have to do?"

"Well since you have been out here demonstrating true Christmas spirit," Mrs. Claus smiled waving a hand at the deer. "Your task will be to reunite a chosen individual with the spirit of Christmas."

Yugi couldn't help but let out a loud whooping cheer before hugging the older woman tightly. Pulling back to notice the warm smile on her face, he smiled brightly. "That's perfect, Nana Claus!" he cried out in excitement. "I know I can do it!"

Grinning, Mrs. Claus offered Yugi the snow globe. Watching him cock his head cutely in a confused manner, she chuckled lightly. "Give it a shake, and the chosen one appointed for your mission will be revealed to you."

Nodding, Yugi carefully shook the globe, watching the snow and glitter dance beneath the glass surface before the scene inside changed from a beautiful mountain scene to a backdrop of a city with a lone figure standing in its midst.

Yugi gasped at the sight of the figure. Even though the figure wasn't in color, he could tell that he and the figure sported the same exotic hairstyle, except there seemed to be a few rouge strands that streaked up among the rest of his spiky mane.

"Who is he?" Yugi asked looking up at Mrs. Claus just as the scene inside the globe went back to a colorful mountain scene.

"That's something else you will have to find out on your own, Little one," she smiled while taking the globe and running her fingers across the surface. "All I can tell you is that he lives in a place known as Domino."

Yugi nodded while thinking about all the maps his grandpa had shown him of the world. Domino had sounded familiar… Wait! He knew where that was now. "He's in Japan," he smiled seeing the older woman nod.

"Very good," she smiled. "You have until Christmas Eve to finish your task," she pointed out, watching Yugi nod in understanding.

"What should I tell grandpa?" Yugi asked absently playing with the silver jingle bell on the end of his hat.

"I will handle your Grandfather."

"And how will I get there?" Yugi asked before feeling another nudge at his side pouch.

Watching the scene, Mrs. Claus chuckled, recalling a lot of complaints that had been issued about the large buck reindeer. "Take Orion with you. I think everyone is after his hide for all the trouble he has caused lately."

Nodding, Yugi chuckled while patting the large reindeer that grunted at being blamed for causing trouble. "Thanks Nana Claus, you're the greatest," he smiled while running to the stable with Orion trailing behind him.

"Be careful, Yugi!"

"I promise," Yugi smiled, waving at the elderly woman before disappearing over a snow bank with the large buck trailing right behind him.

"Ugh, remind me again why we're here."

"Oh c'mon, Anzu, it's not dat bad," a tall blond haired youth said while watching the brown haired girl cringe at the site of the over flowing dumpster. "I grew up around 'ere."

"Er… it's a very charming place, Jou."

"Don't lie to him Ryou, it's a dump."

"More like a fly breeding ground."

"Or cockroach paradise."

"Shaddup!" Jou yelled turning to glare at the others behind him. "Jeez, dun ya guys think ya could be a bit more considerate or something."

"Ignore them puppy," came a smooth voice as everyone turned to see a sapphire eyed brunet walking up behind Jou.

"Yeah, besides I'm sure Bakura and Marik feel right at home here with the rest of the vermin," spoke another voice. This one deep and smooth, causing everyone to turn to see another figure coming toward them.

The approaching figure had flawless sun kissed skin as well as a lithe frame that was clad completely in black leather and buckles. His exotic spiky tri color hair was tousled lightly from the cool breeze while his vibrant crimson eyes narrowed playfully at the lot before him.

Bakura snorted at the new arrival while shoving his hands into his large coat. "Well we're all here now, so can we go?"

"Yeah I would like to get this over with before it snowed," Marik grumbled.

Shaking his head, Jou rolled his eyes. "Sure I guess, just follow me."

Marik and Bakura slowed their pace before walking over to Yami and looking at him curiously.

"Surprised that you even showed up," Bakura mused, looking the other over curiously.

"Yeah, I thought you didn't give a damn about charities and all that good will stuff that goes on during holiday months," Marik pointed out while brushing a strand of his corn silk hair out of his lilac eyes. "Oh and don't call us vermin either."

Rolling his crimson eyes, Yami shook his head. "I'm only here because Jou is a friend, other than that I was just going to go home and either snooze or write some new songs."

"Ah, so have ya come up with anything new?" Marik asked curiously.

"No," Yami growled, shoving his hands into his leather trench coat. "It's hard to concentrate on writing anything when your neighbor is playing nothing but Ra-forsaken Christmas carols!"

Chuckling, Bakura looked up ahead to see Ryou looking back at him with a smile on his face. "Oh c'mon Yami, Christmas isn't as bad as ya think."

"I recall you hating Christmas at one time too, Bakura," Yami grumbled, eyeing his spiky white haired companion. "What changed your mind about it?"

Smirking, Bakura's hard russet brown eyes gleamed mischievously. "I found out the wonders of mistletoe."

"Oh yeah, gotta love that little item," Marik agreed tossing a sly grin at Malik who was talking to Ryou.

"Sure, whatever," Yami countered. "You two can keep your mistletoe, I on the other hand could do without all this holiday cheer and stuff."

"You sound like the Grinch," Marik chuckled, earning an eye roll from both of his companions. "What?"

"Nothing, nitwit," Bakura sighed, looking back at Yami and arching an eyebrow curiously. "Why don't you like Christmas anyways?"

"That's the million dollar question, now isn't it?" Marik chuckled, rubbing his chin teasingly.

Ignoring the wacky blond, Yami looked back over at Bakura. "It's just a waste of time," he replied before speeding up and making his way to the small café that Ryou and Malik had just entered.


Jou and Seto entered into the old apartment building complex. They had told the others to wait for them at the café while they went and visited someone.

"Dis guy was da greatest, Seto," Jou smiled as they made it up the fourth flight of stairs. "Every time my mom and dad would fight or something he'd let me stay with him until it was over with."

"I see," Seto replied while packing a box full of supplies that Jou had insisted would make the elderly man feel good.

"Yup," Jou nodded before coming to a stop in front of a faded door with the numbers 405 etched across the surface. "'ere it is," he replied before looking at the brunet with the serious expression. "Oh and no 'puppy or mutt' puns alright."

Nodding, Seto shifted the box in his arms as Jou knocked on the door.

In only moments an elderly man opened the door. One could tell that he used to be in great shape, but age was finally taking its toll and if Seto could recall, he remembered Jou mentioning something about the old man had come down with cancer.

"Jou, is that you?" the elderly man asked, looking the blond youth over carefully.

"Yup, da one and only," Jou smiled offering the guy a hug that was gladly returned.

Pulling away from the hug, the old man looked the youth over once again. "You sure have grown since the last time I seen ya."

"It's gotta be the puppy chow," Seto smirked off to the side, not able to help himself.

Shooting a glare over at the brunet, Jou bit back a growl as he took the box and handed it the elderly man. "Here ya go, Mr. Wang."

Taking the box away from the teen, Mr. Wang smiled before noticing the tall brunet over in the corner and recognizing him. "Well hello there, Mister Kaiba."

Nodding his head, Seto forced a smile to the elderly man. He wasn't used to smiling or showing all that much emotion, only to Mokuba and Jou did he allow himself to be 'normal'. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Wang, Jou has told me a lot about you."

Nodding, the older man smiled. "You two can come and make yourselves at home, I can fix ya some tea."

"Dat's alright, we gotta get back to our friends," Jou smiled patting the elder on the shoulder.

"Oh, well thank you again and please come back anytime," he smiled giving the two a wave.

"No problem," Jou winked before offering the other a smile. "Oh and by the way Mr. Wang, Happy Holidays."

"You too, Jou."

Watching the elder close the door, Seto wrapped an arm around the blond's waist. "That was a nice thing to do for him, puppy."

"Yah, well da old man was someone to talk to back then," Jou smiled as the two of them headed down the stairs. "And since all his family is far off, I figured he needed a friend dis time, especially this time of year."

Nodding, Seto kissed the blond's cheek lightly. "You're right pup."

30 minutes later…

Sitting around the large booth in the small dinner, everyone were enjoying their ordered lunches.

"So are you all going to the Christmas festival and dance in a few weeks?" Anzu asked, throwing hopeful glances at Yami who just rolled his eyes and took another sip of his soda.

"Bakura and I are going," Ryou smiled eating one of his French fries.

"Not that I really had a choice, since Ryou decided to volunteer the both of us to help in the decorating," Bakura grumbled, shooting a side glare at his little lover while stabbing his fork into his pile of French fries.

"Marik and I are going too," Malik added while hugging his boyfriend closer to him. "And I didn't even have to bribe him to go either."

"That's because you wouldn't shut up about it and I was loosing sleep," Marik grumbled, earning a light punch in the ribs. "Ow," he grumbled flicking Malik on the nose to have Malik snap at his fingers.

"What about you Yami?"

"I've got better things to do," Yami replied getting up from the table and dumping his trash in the canisters. Looking over at his watch, he ran a hand through his hair lightly. "Look I better get going, I'm hoping to beat my neighbor home before she can start playing that crap of hers."

Watching Yami turn to leave, Jou called out to him. "Yami, where's your Christmas spirit?" he asked, not understanding how cold his companion could be at this time of year.

Squaring his shoulder and shaking his head, Yami made it to the door and opened it before coming to a stop. "Bah Humbug," he replied in a curt and emotionless tone before walking out of the café and heading down the sidewalk.

"Any idea what that is all about?" Jou asked looking at the others.

"Didn't ya know, Yami was the Grinch in a previous life," Marik chuckled, causing the others around the table to roll their eyes.

"Sounds more like Scrooge," Ryou mused lightly.

"Nah, he is definitely Grinch material," Marik chuckled. "And he's out to steal Christmas from all of us."

Taking the opportunity, Malikrolled his eyesbefore whapping Marik on the back of the head while everyone sweat dropped at Marik's deranged imagination.

"Ow! What was that for!"

"Quit acting like an idiot."

"What makes ya think he's acting."

"He's like the Grinch I tell ya."

"That's it! No more Dr. Seuss for you!"

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