Anime Revival Series

Neo Evangelion

Written by Stephen Frey


A gust of wind blew across the desert landscape that the populace once called Japan. Up ahead was what looked like the remains of a gigantic battle. Pieces of metal laid everywhere like a child's playroom unkempt. A destroyed city lay in the background.

In an underground bunker. Rubble was everywhere, the tell tale signs of a fierce battle. But something was vastly different about this battle scene. There were a few skeletons laying around but not as many as there should've been, had this been a normal battlefield. In what is unarguably the control room, a skeleton slumped on the control panel. This skeleton wore a jumpsuit. The name on the tag on the left breast pocket read 'Ibuki.'

In a hallway. Another skeleton was slumped against the wall. It wore a purple shirt and red jacket. A gun laid to the side.

Outside, a giant tree could be seen. It was silvery-white.


Episode 1: Resurrection


To human eyes, it would be incomprehensible. But the closest interpretation would be three giant orbs connected in a triangle formation. These orbs pulsated with energy that moved in random patterns.

The Christian Religion probably would've acknowledged it as the Holy Trinity. The top orb represented the father (God,
the bottom left was the son (Jesus) and the third one was the Holy Spirit

Standing before the orbs was a figure. It was tall and lanky with a female outline and piercing red eyes. There was no audible conversation between the two. The orbs would glow and the figure would answer by blinking her eyes. This process repeated itself over a dozen times. But the worry both showed was evident.

It wasn't supposed to have gone through like this. Evolution forcibly achieved. And only those who were chosen by man while those who would've been deemed worthy faded away into nothingness. Only God is suppose to decide who should ascend,
not those who were deemed unworthy. The orbs and the figure agreed that this was wrong and something must be done about it.

Energy began emitting from the top orb. It shot over the figure and seemed to disappear into the horizon.


The energy beam emitted by the orbs exited the tree and struck the ground. There was a flash of light and two figures stood. They were both in their early teens, clad in different color jumpsuits. One was a boy with short brown hair and brown eyes. The other was a girl with crimson hair and green eyes.

The boy was Shinji Ikari and the girl was Asuka Langley Sohryu.

"What happened?" Asuka asked.

"I'm not sure," Shinji replied. "Last thing I remember was Seele attacking Nerv."

"Shinji, look." Asuka held out a chunk of red metal.

"Asuka, is that...?

"Yes, it is. Evangelion Unit 02." Asuka dropped to both knees. "Oh poor baby, please forgive me for what I done."

"But if that's Unit 02, then that means..."

"Nerv lost," Asuka finished.


All three orbs started to emitt power.


The skeleton wearing the purple shirt and red jacket was replace with a woman with violet hair who was wearing the same clothes as the skeleton. Misato Katsuragi opened her eyes and groaned.

"Whoa, that's the last time I drink lite beer. Hey Shinji, where's the..." Misato saw the hallway and the memories returned to her. "Oh my God! Shinji! SHINJI!" She runs off calling Shinji's name.


More resurrections were taking place. In the control room, the same process that returned Misato happened with that skeleton, returning body and soul to Maya Ibuki who looked around and realized that she was the only one there.

"What happened to me? Wait a second, where did everybody go?"


Outside, Shinji and Asuka saw the giant tree.

"What the hell is that?" Asuka asked.

"Just like prophesied," Shinji muttered. "Seele did it! They started the Third Impact!"

"The Third Impact? What have you been smoking, Shinji?"

"Asuka, look around you."

Asuka looked around at the turmoil. "So?"

Shinji was about to retort when there was a flash of light and a crash. Both Shinji and Asuka turned. They heard a moan coming from a pile of rubble. They ran over and dug through the rubble. Out emerges a woman with beach-blond hair and brown eyes. Dr. Ritsuko Akagi.

"Dr. Akagi!" Shinji called.

"Shinji, Asuka, you're all right, thank goodness."

"Ritsuko, what happened here?" Asuka asked.

"The Dead Seas Scrolls. Everything written in them came true. The Angels, the Third Impact, everything."

"Geez, have you and Shinji both been on drugs? The two of you are making no sense. There wasn't a Third Impact;
Seele tried to shut us down when they decided that we were no use anymore, remember?"

"You're wrong." Ritsuko points to the tree. "The Tree of Sephiroth. It was foretold in the scrolls that the tree will rise and mark the signal that the Third Evolution of Man has arrived."

Now it was Shinji who was asking the question. "Ritsuko, how do you know all this?"

Ritsuko held out her hands, which held the Dead Sea Scrolls. Before Seele attacked, I stole them from Commander Ikari's office."

Shinji and Asuka look from each other to Ritsuko. Asuka started to speak, "Ritsuko, I..."

Whatever Asuka was going to say was interrupted as Misato appeared on the scene. "Shinji!"

"Misato!" Shinji called back. The two ran to each other and embraced. "Misato, I was..."

"I know, Shinji," Misato interrupted, stroking his hair. "So was I."

"Misato?" Misato and Asuka embrace too. Misato then turned to Ritsuko. The two stared at each other with neutral faces.

"How are you doing?" She asked conversationally.

Ritsuko manages a weak smile. "Like someone dropped Sachiel on my head."

Misato smiled back. "That good, huh?"

"I wonder if anyone else was brought back to life," Shinji wondered.


Maya is picking through rubble that is blocking the exit when she hears a crackle of energy then a pair of footsteps.


It was Gendo Ikari and Kouzo Fuyutski.

"Commander Ikari, Commander Fuyutski, you're all right!" Maya said actually glad to see her bosses.

"Thankfully, we are," Fuyutski said apparently speaking for the two of them. "Have you seen anyone else?"

"No. I've been trying to dig myself out of here for the past hour."


Energy was streaming from all sides of the Tree of Sephiroth. The energy begins to reconstruct the buildings and reanimate the people. Skeletons receive substance and those who disappeared bodies and all reappeared.

The rubble disappears from the control room doors and they opened. Maya, Fuyutski, and Ikari hurried out.


"Now what's happening?" Shinji wondered.

"Someone upstairs must like us," Ritsuko cracked. "The city is being reconstructed."

"Wahoo!" Asuka cried. "That means that everybody who was killed in the battle will be alive again.

Misato frowns as she realizes, "So will the soldiers of Seele."

Soldiers wearing Seele uniforms also got reanimated/reapeared.

"Relax," Ritsuko assured them. "They'll be too confused to continue on their mission."

A blast grazed Misato's hair. "Hey!" Misato turns to fire her gun but nothing comes out. "Shit, I forgot, it's empty!

"What do we do now?" Shinji questioned.

"I'm for running," Asuka volunteered.

Misato decided to agree with her. "Good idea." All four take off.


Maya, Gendo, and Fuyutski were running through the corridors of Nerv when they run into Shinji, Misato, Asuka, and Ritsuko.

"Major, Doctor, you're all okay," Maya said stating the obvious.

"So are you three apparently," Misato returned.

A shot hits the wall besides Shinji.

"Not for long if we don't get moving," Maya replied.

The whole group takes off as Seele soldiers start firing at them. They turn corners and head down straight-aways not really realizing where they were heading. Through the whole ordeal, Shinji tries to avoid looking at his father. Call it a hunch,
but he had a feeling that Gendo was behind it all.

The whole group ran into a dead end.

"Dead end!" Shinji cried.

"I wish you wouldn't say that," Asuka said.

Seele soldiers start walking towards them, guns pointed, fingers on the trigger.

The wall suddenly breaks away and everybody falls into an empty shaft behind it. You can hear Shinji, Asuka, Misato, and Maya scream the whole way down.


The resurrection was taking place for evil as well as good. Five figures appeared in an empty room. These are the members of Seele.

"What's going on here?" One asked. "Why hasn't the Third Impact initiated?"

Another director went to the window. "I think it has. Look."

Everybody goes to the window. They can see the tree restoring Tokyo 3 and the Geo Front to normal.

"Ikari. Only he can perform this trick while keeping it a secret from us."

"Damn it! I thought we took care of Nerv. What has happened?"

"Chairman Kiel, what do we do?" The first members asked.

"Gentlemen, calm yourselves," Kiel said in an calm manner. "I have prepared for this predicament. We will initiate Operation Overturn."

"Are you sure? It might blow up in our faces."

"In case you have forgotten, the threat of the Angels is over," Kiel pointed out. "The Evangelions are no more so it won't be long before the Japanese Government decides that Nerv is useless and shuts them down. In the mean time, we should start "helping" the citizens of Tokyo 3 rebuild their lives from the trouble the Evangelions caused. Nerv will fall in all good time."


After falling for what felt like a thousand yards, Shinji, Asuka, Misato, Ritsuko, Gendo, Fuyutski, and Maya finally hit the ground.

"Is everybody all right?" Misato called out.

"Yeah, only my whole body is bruised," Asuka responded.

"Now where are we?" Ritsuko wondered.

"This is known as The Pocket," Fuyutski said which even caught the normally stoic Gendo off guard. "It served as a storage facility for the E2 Project."

"The E2 Project?" Everybody except Fuyutski and Gendo asked.

"Certain Nerv scientists always feared that the Evangelions would fail in our battle against the Angels. The Pocket was supposed to house the backup to the Evas. An elevator was supposed to bridge Central Dogma with The Pocket.
The elevator was never installed before the Angels started attacking."

Fuyutski pushed to the head of the group and groped the wall for a light switch. A hall of lights flicked on revealing a big metal door with the Nerv symbol. The group proceeded across the hall to the door.

"Insert voice-recognition password," a computerized voice instructed.

"Voice authorization: Fuyutski, Kouzo. Password: Heaven's wraith."

The door clicked open and parted with an irritating hum. Gendo lead the group inside.

The control room was supposed to house over fifteen workers and twenty technicians. All the control stations were focused around a central platform with a periscope. A window looked out into a huge cargo bay.

Shinji, Asuka, Misato, Ritsuko, and Maya looked out the window. Down in the cargo bay were several large machines shaped like cars, tanks, and other assorted vehicles.

Asuka turned to face Fuyutski. "They're machines!"

"Yes they are," Fuyutski confirmed.

Shinji leaned on a control panel and accidentally touches a button. A nearby view screen flickers to life. A picture of a woman who looked like Rei but her hair, skin, and eyes was a darker shade. It was Yui Ikari, Shinji's mother.


"My name is Doctor Yui Ikari. This message contains basic outline for the E2 Project, which I personally have dubbed:
Operation Shinji, after my first born son. This is an extension project of Operation E which my husband, Gendo, has initiated. I have feared that the Evangelions being built by Doctor Akagi may not be enough to battle the Angels, if what I have read in the Dead Sea Scrolls is accurate. So I have coordinated with Professor Kuzo Fuyutski of Tokyo University on beginning construction on a backup weapon to confront the terrifying AT fields of the Angels. They are formerly titled Fully Artificial Vehicular-Humanoid Conversion Assault Force. Or its alias, MechEVAs. I've chosen to make the MechEVAs completely inorganic to make them stronger and powerful. What they lack in speed, they make up for in strength and firepower."

Yui's face is minimized to the bottom right-hand corner of the screen while a three-dimensional image of a tank appears.
A sequence begins showing how the tank converts into a robotic-like form.

Yui continued, "One of the features that make them different from the Evas designed by Doctor Akagi is that they have a transformation procedure. Each section of the body shifts from one location to another allowing it to become humanoid looking. Once the pilot's brain wave patterns are synchronized with the MechEVA, the transformation process begins."

The image shifts to a x-ray of the tank MechEVA. Two spots are highlighted in red.

"Each MechEVA contains two separate cockpits. One when in vehicular mode and the other in humanoid mode. These cockpits work independently. During the conversion process, the pilot is transferred from one cockpit to another."

Yui's image maximizes the whole screen.

"I had to keep this a secret from my husband because of his connections with the Seele organization. For a long time, I had a feeling that the intentions of Seele were self-inspired. I knew that Seele does not care about evolving humanity,
only themselves and establishing themselves as the governing power of Earth. If he knew of the E2 project, and the Seele organization learned through him, then they will understand that it would be a hazard to the Human Implementation Project and destroy it. I ask that whoever receives this message in the future realize that Seele is a group of corrupted individuals who answer only to themselves. They will stop at nothing to destroy the E2 project and establish themselves as the solitary power governing Earth. Please, stop them, at any cost. This is Doctor Yui Ikari signing off."

The recording clicks off as data on each of the MechEVAs come on the screen.

Gendo turned to Fuyutski. "Where did you receive the materials to construct the MechEVAs?"

"After the Second Impact, most of the world's cities were destroyed. The materials were scavenged from those cities including the first two Tokyo cities."

"And the funding?"

Fuyutski sighed. "There was none. Everybody agreed to volunteer his or her time. The reason was beneficial. Everybody felt that Project E was a bad idea."


The new Tokyo 3 didn't look like the bright, beautiful city it used to be; rather it looks worn-out and distorted. The buildings, despite being reconstructed, have cracks throughout their entire structure. Streets have so many crater that it looks like the moon. There are no lights on, except for firelight that people start due to the loss of electricity.


At Seele Headquarters, Chairman Kiel is watching Yui Ikari's recording.

"Please stop them at any cost. This is Doctor Yui Ikari signing off."

Chairman Kiel turns off his monitor and looked at the person who brought him the recording.

"I'm surprised you were willing to betray your friends like this." The figure begins to say something but Chairman Kiel holds up his hand. "I know, I know, I heard you the first time. 'They aren't my friends.' You have to realize that I want you to prove your loyalty to Seele before I tell the government to pardon you. You must kill Shinji Ikari!" The figure nodded and leaves. "Well that was surprisingly simple."


Shinji looked out from the control center at the red spaceship. It was hard to believe that the only people who knew about this were his mother and Mr. Fuyutski. Not even his father, who seemed to know everything, was aware of this bunker.


"Yes, Asuka?

The sound of a gun hammer being cocked is heard as Shinji turns around. Asuka is holding a gun and has malice on her face.

"Asuka, what's going on?"

Gendo entered behind Asuka, sees what's going on, and quickly departs.

Asuka's next word sent chills down Shinji's spine. "Die."

A gunshot echoed throughout the control room.

To Be Continued


Cut to the red spaceship seen earlier. Shinji is leaning by it.

"Hi, I'm Shinji Ikari. Some of you readers might be complaining that some of the events depicted in Neo Evangelion don't correspond to the events that happened in the last two episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion or the movies End of Evangelion and Evangelion Death and Rebirth. The writer has told me to tell you that he is trying his best to make the events in this series a perfect sequel to the Evangelion series. So some of the activities might seem a little unusual but it's all part of trying to make this series in sync with the Neon Genesis Evangelion series. Thank you, and enjoy the rest of the Neo Evangelion series."