Drabble: Local Customs
Topic: Tourism
Word Count: 346 (I seem to go over a lot lately…--;;)
Pairing: ZoSan. Never anything else. Ever. so limited
Rating: PG-13
A/N: So using a reference from another anime here. Points to the person that can name it. Teehee.

"Apparently striking someone across the left cheek is a marriage proposal on this island," Usopp observed sagely as the natives scurried around the crew of the Going Merry, preparing for the upcoming ceremony and subsequent reception feast.

Zoro snorted at the revelation, crossing his arms moodily. "Che. Well I didn't know that."

Sanji kicked him in the head. "I told you should have taken it back!! And before the chief proclaimed a celebration and festival in our honor!!"

Zoro growled at him stubbornly. "You deserved it you asshole!!" He hadn't been willing to take it back then and he definitely wasn't about to take it back now.

Sanji slapped his hand to his forehead. "Zoro," he seethed impatiently, "in about ten minutes, we're going to be married."

The swordsman blinked. "Oh yeah."


"Sugei!!" Luffy exclaimed, chasing after a team of islanders carrying a roasted animal two times the size of any horse they'd ever seen. "Meatmeatmeatmeatmeatmeat!!!!!!!"

Everyone ignored him.

"These people are preparing for our wedding!! They're preparing their best food and giving us their nicest things and they're going to be super pissed and try to kill us if they find out it's a sham and we don't say something fast!" Sanji screamed at the swordsman in frustration. "So take it back you idiot!!!!! NOW!!"

Zoro remained quiet for a little longer, completely unmoved by Sanji's hysteria and apparently deep in thought. "Oi…if we get married, you'd have to serve and obey me and stuff like that, right?"

The blonde's jaw dropped.

Zoro, taking the chef's reaction favorably, smirked. "Doesn't sound so bad to me, this whole marriage thing."

Sanji sputtered in disbelief, a million things to say in response to that on his tongue but unable to find the calmness of mind necessary to vocalize them coherently.

Eventually Sanji found his voice again, though the first thing he said was less than favorable considering their current predicament and yet somehow, the only appropriate thing left to ask in the face of Zoro's idiocy.