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Chapter 14

It was official. She was lost.

After walking for another twenty minutes or so, Elizabeth finally concluded that she had no idea where she was, and she had little doubt in her mind that she ever would. It seemed like she was trapped in a maze that literally didn't have any openings. At every sound she heard, whether it was a branch cracking under her feet, or the call of a stray bird from the opposite side of wherever she was, Elizabeth immediately would start to panic and run. She wasn't going to just relax when she knew that Jamie wouldn't give up this easily. She knew that he was still out there looking for her, except that he wasn't going to throw himself back into the game – or forest, for that matter. He was going to let his goons, his money, and the equipment he bought with his money to do all the work. And Elizabeth was perfectly aware of that fact. Not only did she know that, but she also knew that every minute she stayed there, her life was at a bigger risk.

They would probably have a helicopter up in the air in no time, and finding her would be as easy as finding the glowing sun in the clear blue sky.

This forest was dead, that much was obvious. The branches were bare, and barely anything that was living was in the forest, sans the random bird or two. Elizabeth knew that she was in a tight spot, and she needed to get out of there fast.

If only I could do that while knowing where I'm going, she thought.

Just then, her head sharply turned, her ear straining to hear what she thought was just her imagination.

She heard the roar of a motorcycle.

And it was real.

Jason sped up the old road, his rough hands tightly clutching the handlebars of his Harley, and driving at a desperate speed of 110 mph. Every second he wasted was a risk to Elizabeth's life, and he wasn't going to purposely endanger her life just to obey a fucking law that said he had to drive at 40 mph. Since when did he obey laws anyway?

The information that Benny had hurriedly, yet accurately, gave Jason over the phone was silently repeating itself in Jason's mind, just in case he would forget. But obviously, both he and Benny knew, after Jason asked Benny to repeat it about 3 times, that once Jason knew about Elizabeth's possible whereabouts, there was no need for any repeats. It was firmly engraved in his mind, and he knew exactly where he was going. It was only the fear of losing her that was causing him to repeat the directions in his head.

Behind him, he could hear Johnny and Francis tailing him, and he knew that they were close behind. As they were nearing to their destination, his head was constantly darting from side to side, trying to see if he could see a sign of her anywhere. His neck was starting to get sore, but he didn't care. He'd break his whole body piece by piece if it meant that he would find Elizabeth – alive.

No way, no possible way, Elizabeth thought. Her breath was hitched in her throat, afraid to be released. At first, she only thought that she was hearing things; that the silence in the forest was getting to her. But as the roar of the motorcycle grew louder and seemed to be coming closer, Elizabeth's heart soared, and she immediately began running in the direction of the sound that the motorcycle was coming from. The road was where the clearing was, so as long as she could hear the guide of Jason's bike, she'd know exactly which direction to go.

She began sprinting through the forest once again, but this time there was a surge of confidence in her mind, and a set look of determination in her posture, her speed, and in her eyes. Suddenly, she wasn't so scared anymore. Knowing that Jason was right around the corner was enough for Elizabeth to have a bit of the hope and strength that was stripped away from her only a few hours before.

Her legs began to move faster as she heard the purr of Jason's motorcycle grow louder and louder. She knew she was almost there and her heart started beating faster combined with her anticipation of seeing Jason and the speed she was sprinting with.

Ignoring the annoying, yet a bit painful stitch in her side, Elizabeth breathlessly gave a final push and she finally saw the clearing only about a hundred feet away.

That's it, she thought. I'm there. I made it!

She called out a wheezing "Jason!" but the words barely escaped her lips, and didn't even reach her ears. She saw him slow down the bike and put the kickstand down, pulling the keys out of the ignition. Another black Sedan slowed down and stopped a couple yards away from Jason and the engine finally stopped humming, leaving the clearing eerily silent.

This time, with a surge of strength that she didn't know she possessed, Elizabeth yelled, "Jason!"

Jason jerked his head and saw Elizabeth standing there at the clearance; she was bending down, panting and trying to catch her breath. And when his eyes met hers, he saw a look of fatigue and faintness that sent a sharp pain through his heart.

He couldn't move. His eyes lingered down to her torn and bleeding legs and back up to her equally bleeding arms and face.

His brain finally registering that fact that Elizabeth was about to drop dead from her lack of strength and energy, he took a step forward, but was stopped with the sound of a safety being turned off.

"Well well well," Jamie drawled as he pulled Elizabeth up and gently laid the gun against her temple, "isn't this a nice family reunion."