Title: Bitter Enemies

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: None.

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This is my first attempt at fan fic. I'm probably not any good at it, I usually just read other people's, but I just had this idea and wanted to put it on paper. Anyway, if it sucks - tell me and I won't bother to continue on. But... if anybody likes it or has pointers for me I would appreciate knowing that too.... because I just might finish my idea.

"Gary Larsen." Abby read the name listed on the top of her chart. "Gary Larsen?" She looked at her chart one more time hoping she had misread the name. "That is definitely not a little girl's name." Abby moaned to herself. "What an asshole."

"Who?" Neela asked coming up behind Abby and glancing down at the chart in Abby's hands. "Gary Larsen?"

"Who does he think he is?" Abby asked exasperated. "I have had the worst patients all day. It's been one thing after another. Then I finally get an easy one. A little girl who needs stitches. Finally an easy one.... then HE comes along and picks up his next chart."

With that Abby turns and heads down the hall in search of the asshole himself. "As tired as I am, I'm not going to let this one slide. He is going to get what he deserves."

Neela, as confused as ever, decides to follow her.

"Seriously though, he always gets the easy patients." Abby continues on. "He picks up the next chart and it happens to be food poisoning. Heaven forbid he actually has to do something! This is ridiculous!!" she stops suddenly.

Neela, trying to keep up with Abby, almost runs into her.

"Abby calm down" Neela says slowly, "now tell me WHO you are talking about!" Neela throws her hands up in the air.

"I don't have time, he is off soon. He'll discharge my patient and leave. He knows I'll be looking for him. So I bet he won't be in any place obvious." Abby takes off frantically looking behind curtains and in exam rooms.

Neela, not sure she even wants to know anymore, sighs and goes after Abby.

"Is he hiding from me?" Abby asks while opening cupboard doors and looking under tables.

"Abby!" Neela finally gets her attention. "How many cups of coffee have you had today?" Abby gives her a blank stare. "Ok then, WHO are you talking about? Maybe, I can help."

Abby sighs and looks at Neela sheepishly. "Of course, he is hiding from me. Well he should be, because once I find him I am going to kill him!" With that Abby storms out of the room and slams the door.

Neela, thinking she was finally going to get the story out of Abby, sighs and heads out after Abby again. "I might as well finish this, the suspense is killing me" Neela mumbles to herself and catches up with Abby.

Abby still mumbling to herself continues on, "So he starts complaining about his patient. Well of course I start laughing because it really is funny you know." Abby turns right and heads in the direction of the lounge. "I mean for once he gets some dirty work. So of course I open my big mouth and tell him that if he was two seconds faster he could have had my chart. You know the little girl that needs stitches." Abby stops suddenly again with Neela running into her back this time.

"Abby, please tell me who you are looking for!" Neela cries exasperated.

"HIM!" Abby points her finger at someone behind Neela. Excited that she may finally figure this out. Neela glances behind her and sees Carter, Luka, Ray, two med students and Sam walking in different directions down the hall.

"Well that certainly clears it up" Neela disappointedly mumbles.

"HE stole my chart. When I wasn't looking, he switched charts with me! I am not taking the food poisoning case!" With that Abby marches down the hall leaving Neela standing there with a blank look on her face.

"Hey!" Abby yells. "Stop! Who do you think you are?"

A confused Carter, Luka and med student stop dead in their tracks with deer in the headlight looks in their eyes.

"Excuse me?" Carter asks confused. "Did I do something wrong?"

"Abby are you okay?" Luka asks.

"Not you guys" Abby waives her hand dismissively at them. "HIM!" She points down the hall at Ray Barnett, slipping behind an exam curtain.

With that, Abby takes off in a full run in pursuit of Ray. Carter and Luka look at each other with confused looks. Just then Neela catches up.

"He switched charts." Neela explains to Carter, "She says she is going to kill him." She finishes matter-of-factly.

Carter gives Neela a confused look then takes off after Abby.

Neela throws her hands up in the air again and then takes off after them as well.

"You two really put me in a bad situation today." Susan says while pacing back and forth in front of Ray and Abby.

"Ray started it." Abby mumbles under her breath.

"Me? You're the one that threatened to kill me and then chased after me like some lunatic!" Ray countered.

"I mean seriously, you could have injured a patient or something! Come on guys this isn't elementary school." Susan continues, "If Weaver were here today, I could lose my position."

"How is this my fault? You are such an asshole. You stole my chart and this is my fault?" Abby continues.

"I did not steal your chart. You set it down and I accidentally picked up the wrong chart. Clearly an accident."

"Oh, please! How convenient. You expect me to believe that?"

"You two STOP!" Susan stopped pacing and stared at them in disbelief. "This has gotten out of hand. Now as much as I would love to suspend your sorry asses. Unfortunately we are under staffed and that is not possible. So, I want each of you to apologize to each other and lets get back to work. This is a hospital you know, not recess!"

"Fine, I'm sorry." Ray says without any conviction.

"I"m sorry too..."

"See isn't that better?" Susan asks. "Now let's get back to work" Susan turns to walk out the door of the break room.

"...sorry I didn't kill you like I was planning to do." Abby finishes under her breath.

"Bitch." Ray whispers.

"Would you too just have sex and get it over with!" Susan exclaims turning around to look at them. "Fine. Forget the apologizing thing, I can tell that is way too adult for you two. How about you just try to avoid each other the rest of the day, huh? Okay. Now get back to work." With that Susan slammed the door shut behind her leaving Abby and Ray standing there stunned.

"Us have sex? Can you believe she said that?" Ray asks in disbelief.

"I'd rather have sex with Frank than you."

Ray smiles at the prospect and counters, "Frank? Yeah I could see you two together."

"Shut up!" With that Abby leaves, slamming the door behind her.

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