Chapter 1

Hello everyone im back, offiacially. I will finish the story but first im editing the whole thing. Its been forever since I wrote anything but I just wanted to start from the beginning and fix the grammar and add little things. Well enjoy, again!!

Chapter 1

Ow my head hurts. I feel like someone had hit me over the head with a frying pan.

"Oh my god! Where am I?" I had opened my eyes and all I saw were trees, lot and lots of trees all around me. Am I in a forest?

"Wait Watsonville doesn't have a forest!" I shouted. Okay I have to calm down. I need to know how I got here, where is here anyway? Okay calm down old girl we had been in worse situations beforeā€¦. Who am I kidding no I haven't! And why the hell am I still laying on the ground? No wonder my head hurts so much I was laying on a friggin rock, great. I need to call someone for help. I need to call my mom.

I reached for my cell phone and started dialing but there was no service.

"Stupid forest" I need to know what time it is.


I was out for an hour. Someone should have noticed I'm missing by now, I think.

How did this happen? I was walking home from school with my friend Lizzie when all of sudden this foggy mist was all around us and that's the last thing I remember. Oh my gosh Lizzie. Where is she?

I turned everywhere and there was no one insight. I was alone. Alone in a forest. What the hell. Was the mist some kind of drug like what you in the movies that make pass out. Did someone kidnap me? No, if that were to be the case I wouldn't be in the forest alone. Someone would be with me looking after me or something like that. Ugh what's going on.

I could just see it now on the 6'clock news, " 15 year old girl has gone missing if you have any information on this case please call 1-800- find me."

My family is going to be broken hearted when they find out that I am missing, I hope they don't think I ran away or something because I would never do that. I love my family so much and I like my life. I have to get back no matter what. I should start walking or something.

I have been walking for an hour now and there is nothing insight or anyone for that matter. It's 5:45pm, the sun should be setting soon. Its strange- this place seems really familiar. It kind of reminds me of Lord of the Rings. I remember how my mom and I would talk for hours about the movie and watch it over and over again. My mom was one of my best friends. I miss her so much. I want my mommy. I could feel the tears falling down the cheeks, if my mom was hear she would hug me and tell everything will be okay. She would have been strong but what am I doing? I'm crying like a baby.

" Damn it." I sighed.

I have been walking for 25 minutes and the moon has already risen. It getting really cold and I am kinda afraid of the dark. I put my hood on, all im wearing is jeans with black converse which are really comfy, a black sweater , black tank top. This isn't the best outfit for getting lost in the forest. Is there a right outfit? I need a fire to keep me warm. Damn it, I knew I should have been a girl scout. That's what happens when I don't listen to my mother.

It seems like night here is more peaceful than in Watsonville. The stars seem bigger and brighter. I have always been a night person, which is weird because I have a phobia of the dark, ironic.

I could suddenly hear footsteps. I stop walking and look behind me.

I remember back home when I would always joke that I had the hearing of an elf since I was told many times I had great hearing, I'm light on my feet as well. Whenever I wanted to scare someone I would sneak up behind them and scare the living crap of them. It never got old.

The unknown footsteps were getting closer. I decided to hide instead of waiting to see who it was that was coming. I didn't want to run into a murderer or some kind of criminal. I practically knew every person who was on the FBI most wanted list. My father made me remember every face on it and what they were wanted for. He said it was for my own good, just incase I ran into one of them, he is very overprotective. He is an ex cop, I guess that's what I should expect.

I hid behind a bunch of bushes. I could hear the footsteps getting nearer. It was so obvious that he or she didn't want to know they were approaching. Years of hide-and-go-seek taught me this.

The person finally came into view. It was a man with strange but very familiar clothes. I waited for the man's face to come into the moonlight.

Oh my god that can't be him, its impossible. Can it be really him? Aragorn?