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It has been two years now

Since your beautiful emeralds dulled and your wings snapped

You're probably wondering why I am here

Aren't you?

I'm here because you called me here

You said that you will come back

But you only lied

Aeris, why

Why didn't you tell me?

We would have helped you

We would have tried to stop him

But it's too late now

You're gone and he's gone

I'm sorry, that we weren't here to help

Will you ever for give us?

Of course you will

You're too kind hearted not to

Two years

Just two years ago

I could have told you then

I could have held you in my arms and told you

Why didn't I tell you?

I know why

I also loved Tifa


She misses you

We all do

Vincent even shed a tear when you died

We all did

Do you remember us?

You probably do

Barret and Cid still curse

Yuffie is still obsessed with materia

Red, he's still as wise and gentle like always

Tifa is still high spirited

Cait Sith isn't a spy anymore

Vincent… he disappeared after meteor

We are looking for him

Do you think he'll show himself?


His heart is still full of misery

He didn't even show when we faced Sephiroth

He couldn't bring himself to kill him

Sephiroth is his lover's son

Everyone gave up looking for him

Everyone, except one

Yuffie is the one who refuses to give up

She says that he's out there and needs our help

Do you think she loves him?

If she does

I hope she tells him before its too late

Like I was

If I only told you on the gonga

But it's too late now

You're gone and will never come back

I'm sorry that I couldn't tell you

If I could only go back in time

Do you think that's possible?

Anything's possible

That's what you would probably say

But that's not true

It's impossible for you to smile

It's impossible for you to laugh

It's impossible for me to hold you

And it's impossible for me to tell you how I feel

Or do you already know how I feel?


You don't know

You will never know

And I will never be able to tell you

I'm just a selfish bastard

All I cared about was killing Sephiroth

Was I really being selfish?


I wasn't thinking about the planet

All I was thinking about is how Sephiroth ruined my life

It was just one of the things that came along

I'm sorry

Will you ever forgive me?


You will forgive me

You can never stay mad at someone

Except Sephiroth, he was the only one

Or did you forgive him?

That is something I can't answer

Nobody can

The only person who can is you

Well, do you forgive him?

I thought so

You can always forgive

Is that one of the main reasons why I have this feeling for you?

Yes, that is

Do you want to know how I feel about you?

Do you want to know that I love you?

The End

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