This is set at the very end of Ocarina of Time, when Zelda and Link face each other and the game says "The End."

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Summary: My first fanfic. It is set at the end of OoT. Link Saved Hyrule, and now wants answers from the only person who could give them to him Chap. 3 Up!

Our last Meeting

Chapter 1: Good-bye Zelda

Zelda turned around. Link was standing in the garden, his green Tunic slightly ruffled after sneaking into the palace. How he does it I do not know, thought Zelda. He rearranged his Kokiri sword and shield so that it is evenly across his back. The ten-year-old girl stared into Link's blue eyes and saw that he looked older than he did a few weeks ago. It's as if something dramatic changed within him recently.

Link stared at Zelda. She was wearing a pink and white dress with her house crest along the front. He remembered her dress as a shiekah, and her appearance when she gave him light arrows. He remembered the somber, melancholy tone of her voice when she spoke about the events that happened after he pulled the Master Sword from the Pedestal of Time. He stepped to the base of the small stone dais upon which Zelda was standing.

"How did you know I was back?" Zelda questioned.

"I noticed the change in the amount of guards, so I figured that meant you were back." Link stated. He didn't know she was back yet, and he didn't notice the change in guards until he was already in the castle. Something just told him that she would be here.

"Well Link, Did you do what I asked?" Zelda asked. Link walked up the steps and looked her straight in the face, not blinking. His deep, blue eyes began to unnerve the princess.

"I did it. Gannondorf is sealed away by the Sages." Link replied. Zelda had the feeling that Link wasn't saying everything.

"The Sages? How do you know about… well, that's not important. Anyway, what about the Triforce?" Zelda asked anxiously.

Link looked at the back of his right hand. He then held it up, the back of his palm facing Zelda, and suddenly a shadowed image of the Triforce appeared, with the lower left piece glowing. Zelda was shocked. He has one piece of the Triforce, but that means… "Where's the rest of it?"

Link pointed at Zelda's hand. She looked at it and suddenly the same thing happened to Zelda's hand, but this time the lower right piece was glowing. "How did…?"

"Think back." Link whispered.

Zelda looked at him with a bewildered look on her face. I don't see why he wants me to, but I'll do it. Zelda began to think back on the last week, and then suddenly something happened. Instead of seeing herself camping with Impa, her guardian, she saw dim, shadowed memories. Looking in the mirror and seeing a strange shiekah reflecting back. Shiek, my disguise. She saw herself teaching Link songs with a harp. She saw the shadow Temple, and herself being tossed around by a monster. She saw Gannondorf and Link fighting while trapped in a diamond, her escape, and Gannondorf's transformation to Gannon. These thoughts and more floated through her head, making her dizzy. She almost fell over, but Link ran up and caught Zelda's arm. "What was that?" Zelda panted, sweat beading on her forehead.

"They are called shadow memories." Link answered. "Let me explain." Link began to explain about his adventures traveling through time: his enemies, his allies, his weapons, and the final Battle. Afterward, he explained when Zelda sent him back in time to live his life in peace.

"Before you sent me back, I spoke to the sages. All that happened with these two timelines were closely connected, so it couldn't fully be erased. The Triforce being separated and the return of the sages was too powerful an event, so now people have shadow memories. They're the remnants of that battle in everyone's mind, but over time people will begin to dismiss them as nightmares but they really happened in another time. Keep the knowledge about your Triforce piece hidden, or you will be in danger."

Zelda sat down on a bench in her garden, thinking about what she just heard. Somehow, it all felt true to her. "So I'm a Sage, the others are back in the Sacred Temple, and Gannondorf is trapped in another dimension?"

Link Nodded. "Yes. This battle is over, and we can go back to normal."

Zelda sighed in relief then looked at Link. Something was missing. "Where's your fairy?"

"Navi and I have part ways." Link said sadly. He seemed on the verge of saying something, but instead he shook his head and announced, "I have to go"

Link turned around and began to walk away when Zelda blurted, "Will you come back to see me?"

Link didn't turn around. He began to shake his head, deep in thought. "No, I'm headed to Lon Lon Ranch to buy Epona, and then I'm going back to the forest."

"What's in the forest that can prevent you from coming back?" Zelda asked.

Link began walking again. He crossed the courtyard, turned his head, and smiled. He seemed so much older than Zelda remembered, "I'll try to come back, but I want to find an old friend first."

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