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Chapter 9: Faerie Haven

Link walked into the Forbidden forest shortly after noon. He worried about Zelda, since she hadn't taken his rejection very well. Oh, well. There is nothing I can do about that. I care for her – I love her – but I know that there is someone else for me. Link pushed the thought out of his mind as he walked through the maze that most called the forbidden forest. Luckily, growing up as a Kokiri meant that he knew the forest better than he knew the back of his hand, which has yet to surprise him.

As many things in life tend to do, stepping into the maze at the foot of the forest temple brought back memories of Link's childhood. As he fought the Moblins to get through, he reminisced about how, as a kid, there used to be Deku shrubs. When he reached the foot of the temple, the remembered the day he saw Saria here, and she taught him her song. He missed those days; he was less burdened by obligations, he had a lot more fun, and he didn't have to think too much about the problems his actions caused. Well… actually, he was glad he got rid of the third one. That caused way too many problems as it was.

Link shook himself out of his memories as he entered the temple. I have to focus on what I'm doing. I can't waste my time thinking about the fun times. He slowly made his way down to the chamber where he fought the phantom Gannon. He looked at the old, weathered, fraying photos and remembered what he was told by the Faerie, and pulled out his Eye of Truth. He looked through it and released his magic into it. Suddenly, the photos of the Victorian house disappeared, revealing drawings of Centaurs, Nymphs, Skull Kids, and other dazzling creatures. Link studied all of the photos briefly (he lagged a bit when he saw the nymphs) until he found the portrait of two Faeries and the Master Sword. The master sword looked so real to Link what he almost thought that it was the actual sword. He stared, mesmerized, at the detail involved in the otherworldly portrait. He thought for a moment about his instructions, then slowly reached out and touched the hilt of the sword.

Suddenly, there was a blinding surge and Link screamed in pain. He felt as if his skin was melting, and his veins seemed as if all of the blood was being squeezed out of him. Flashes of pain wracked his body as he convulsed in agony. He felt as if he were being squeezed through a pipe the size of a Deku nut. He began to panic slightly, but quickly calmed himself down. I need to keep a level head. I'll die if I panic. Now think, what do I have that can protect and save me? Link thought for a moment before a blast of inspiration appeared in his head. He reached into his magic, and tried to invoke the power of Nayru's Love. The spell flickered in his consciousness as his body slowly began to feel less as if it were in a vice. He tried again, and it came slightly more into his consciousness. He tried a third time, this time putting all the power he had left into it before something finally happened.

Link found himself to be lying facedown on a dirt road lined perfectly by gigantic redwood trees spaced about five feet apart. Every part of his body ached, and his magic felt so weak that he didn't even think he could conjure a small flame. He reached into his pack and pulled out a blue potion. Thank the Goddesses I bought potions before I came! He drank the potion, waited for a moment for it to kick in, then stood. I wonder what Navi would say if she saw me just now. I hope she never finds out about it. She'd badger me about that for a week! Oh well, I just won't tell her about that when I see her. He began walking south (judging by the direction of the light and Link's assumption that it was the afternoon) since there was nothing to the north except a twenty-foot-high brick wall. He followed the path of redwoods, admiring the different variations and patters in the bark, as he pondered where he was. I can't be in the Faerie Haven. I still have to face my fear. Maybe… I'm in a void where my fears are allowed to materialize. He mused about the possibility of where he was until he noticed that his path connected to some sort of staircase shortly ahead of him. He stopped at the top of the stairs and looked around.

Link was standing at one of four entrances to a large, round, arena-style pit. Four long staircases led down past a large array of benches leading down into a large stone dueling ring about sixty feet in diameter. He also noticed that the arena, as well as the stands, was surrounded by the redwood trees that were still evenly placed if you didn't count the staircase entrances. Link slowly made his way down the staircase, looking around warily as he went. Goosebumps popped up on his arms as he slowly got closer to the center of the arena. When he finally reached the ring, he took a moment to study it before he stepped in. It was a simple stone floor made of evenly made tiles, arranged in a very grid like pattern. The only difference in the pattern was one large stone tile that was placed in the middle. Curious as to why the pattern would be different there, Link took two steps into the dueling ring when a series of spears six-feet-long and spaced about a foot apart sprung out of the ground around the ring.

Before Link knew what was happening, the stands were suddenly filled with creatures. Like-like's, Moblins, activated Eyegores, Beamos, Keese, and many other creatures appeared in the stands. They were all snarling and yapping and keening in, as far as Link could tell, excitement and glee. Link didn't have much time to pay attention to that, however, when he saw the large tile in the middle begin to rise from out of the ground. The tile turned out to be a cage… which held none other than Gannondorf!

The Gerudo King looked exactly like Link remembered: Tall, chiseled features, green tinged skin, and dressed in a very regal coat and breeches. His scimitars poked out from behind his shoulders and glinted in the sun as Gannon stepped out of the cage, as did the cage in his right hand. Link looked at the cage to see that the creature in it was none other than Navi.

"Well, we meet again, Link." Gannondorf stated, his voice as smooth and cold as steel. "I told you that the dimension created by the sages would not be able to hold me forever. Now I've escaped into this dimension and who should I find but her!" He thrust the hand holding the cage out as he said this, causing the cage to rattle.

Link moved forward to grab the cage, but held himself back when he realized that it would do no good. "Your anger is with me, Gannon, not Navi. She is of no consequence to you."

"Be that as it may," He replied, "this creature very means much to you, doesn't she? I'll keep her nearby, so that she can see your face as I kill you."

He held out his right arm and the cage holding Navi floated to the edge of a ring and hung itself on one of the spears. Gannon then moved his hand to his coat buttons and undid his coat, revealing that he had a tight tan shirt underneath. As he threw his coat aside he unsheathed one of his large scimitars and held it in front of him. Link unsheathed his gilded sword and Mirror shield and immediately fell into a defensive stance.

Gannon watched him for a moment before taking a stance and saying, "That's a nice sword, Link. I've never seen one like it before. Is it a new style? No matter; it's obviously not as powerful as the Master sword. I guess you couldn't handle its power anymore."

"Be warned, Gannon," Link replied, "I've learned a few tricks since we've last met."

"Really, Link?" Gannon responded, "You seem younger. What are you, 15? You're younger than I last saw you. Judging by your size, I'd say it's only been about five years." A large smile grew on his face. "This is excellent. I haven't lost any time at all."

"You'll never win, Gannon!" Link screamed as he charged forward. Gannon ran towards Link as well, and the two sliced at each other. Link blocked Gannon's scimitar with the shield and sliced down with his sword. Gannon dodged, then immediately began a powerful offensive combo.

The two exchanged deadly blows, with Gannon mostly on the offensive. He flowed quickly from one Gerudo fighting stance to another, making his blade a blur. Luckily, Link remembered his training with Selana, Nanda, and Nabooru. He blocked, dodged, and parried Gannon's blows with an incredible grace. Gannon slowly advanced, using his weight and strength, which surpassed Link's, to his advantage. Link slowly backed away before deflecting one of Gannon's more powerful swipes and going for his throat. Gannon recovered quickly, though, and pulled out his other scimitar in order to block the deadly blow. Gannon jumped back, putting plenty of space between himself and Link.

The two adversaries stood looking at each other for a moment, realizing that the stakes in the battle just got higher. Gannon took his stance, one Link recognized as the blind swordsman. His legs were spread apart, his arms held high to the point where Link couldn't see Gannon's eyes, and the blades crossed in an X in the air. It was a very dangerous Gerudo stance that Link knew was meant for someone to die by the end of the stance. They stared at each other for a moment before Link put away his Mirror shield and took a stance Nabooru taught him called the thief's defense. His legs were also spread apart, but his right hand was extended palm upwards in front of him, and his left hand was extended behind him with the blade of his sword facing upwards.

"Hmm…" Gannon mused, "you've had Gerudo training. You've had very advanced training, by the look of it. I wonder which of my clan trained you. Was it Nabooru? I guess the sages have reclaimed their mortal lives in Hyrule. That's good. It makes it so much easier to find and kill them when I leave from here."

"Only if you survive," Link replied.

The crowed jeered, whooped, and roared as Gannon and Link watched each other, ready to move at the drop of a hat. Link took a deep breath, exhaled, adjusted his heel for a better stance, and then charged. Gannon began running towards Link as well and time seemed to slow down as the two warriors got closer to each other. Gannon pressed his swords forward then began to slice towards link, his scythes sending sparks off each other as he pulled them away from each other. Link hit the apex of Gannon's scimitars with his own, knocking the two apart and leaving Gannon's arms spread wide open. Gannon then swung his blades back towards Link, who was standing between each arm. Link turned to his side and used the shield on his back to block one scimitar and blocking the other with his sword. He then turned his blade, bounced Gannon's scimitars away, and stabbed Gannon in the chest.

The crowd screamed with glee as they saw the blade enter Gannon, and was roaring for more when Link twisted the blade. Gannon staggered back as Link pulled out his sword, the gold glinting with a bright metallic red glow. The Gerudo King fell to one knee while breathing heavily, and Link reached into his bag to pull out a piece of cloth. He wiped of his blade and turned away from Gannon towards Navi. As he neared Navi he said, "I've missed you, Navi."

"Watch out, Link!" Navi yelled.

Confused, Link turned around to see a large ball of energy flying towards. Link instinctively dodged it, just barely moving enough where it didn't hit him. Unfortunately, that let the ball fly straight into Navi's cage, destroying it and harming Navi. Link turned to see Gannon standing once more, his arm extended and glowing from the energy residue made by the ball of energy.

"Damn," Gannon panted, "well, at least I… got one of them…" his eyes rolled upwards and he fell to the floor, dead.

Link turned and ran to the wrecked cage and pulled Navi out of it. Her glow was not as powerful as it was earlier. Link noticed that her wings were bend and oddly angled as she twitched in his hand.

"I'm sorry," Link sobbed, "I'm so sorry. I couldn't protect you."

"It's alright, Link." Navi said, "There was nothing you could've done."

"I should've used my sword to knock the ball back!" Link protested.

"There wasn't enough time, Link." Navi stated, "You did the only thing you could've done. You dodged it. There was no way you could've prevented that shot from hitting me. Now hold me close, I'm so tired…"

"No, Navi!" Link cried, "Please don't die! Don't leave me."

"I abandoned you, Link." Navi replied, "Why do you need me anymore? You've survived this long without me."

"It's because I…" he paused for a moment. "I love you, Navi."

Suddenly, there was a warm, bright glow coming from Navi that blinded Link. He felt the warmth spread throughout his entire body, somehow making him drowsy. His eyelids began drifting down, then he suddenly drowned himself in sleep.

Link woke up across from a stone dais in what appeared to be a small forest clearing. The dais supported a long-backed chair with bright purple cushions on it. Link stood up, confused, and looked around for any sign of life, but all he saw were trees.

As he neared the dais, a child with wings appeared in front of the chair. She appeared to be about 5 or 6-years-old. Her skin and hair were a metallic purple, and her eyes were white with light grey pupils. Link watched her for a moment before bowing regally.

"Hello, my dear human." The girl began, "I am the Faerie Mother. I welcome you to the Faerie Haven. Now, whenever you leave this place and go back to your world, you need only to concentrate on your memory of this meeting to return here."

"It feels good to be here." Link replied, "I've been searching for a long time."

"Well," The Faerie Mother stated, "You definitely like to set a precedent. You are the first to do three things: First, you discovered where the Faerie Haven is located without getting anyone in trouble, what with you being a non-fairy. Second, you, as a non-fairy, found a way to get through the fairy entrance without dying. That is a feat no non-fairy has ever done. I put that ward up myself and I never would have expected Nayru's love to be the spell that would break the non-fairy ward. Finally, you faced not one, but three different fears."

"Three?" Link asked.

The Faerie Mother nodded, "Yes, your appearance seems filled with threes, isn't it?" She giggled, "Anyway, You faced your fear of being captured by an enemy, although you seem to have that feeling well under control."

Link raised an eyebrow at the Faerie, "I didn't even think of that as a fear."

"Don't argue," The Faerie interjected, "Just because it happens a lot to you does not mean a small part of you isn't afraid that it's going to happen again. Now let's get back to your list. The second fear you had was that Gannon will come back to cause terror. Finally, you feared for the protection and the loss of your Fairy friend."

"Well, of course I fear Gannon's return and Navi's death," Link commented, "Those are the two worst things that could happen in my life."

"Speaking of which," The Faerie Mother began, "How did you come to fall in love with a fairy – well, your fairy – anyway?"

"What do you mean?" Link asked.

"I mean that it has never been done before. Humans care for Faeries and get along with them, but none have ever fallen in love before. I mean, Faeries are said to look like just balls of light to Humans, anyway. How do you fall in love with a ball of light?"

Link thought for a moment, "I will admit that Navi did appear as just a ball of light to me. However, she was much more than that. She made me happy. I never felt so comfortable and content than when I was just lying under a tree with Navi floating above me. We used to do that all the time by Lake Hylia when we were resting after leaving a temple."

"So your love is emotional?" The Faerie Mother inquired.

"Yes," Link replied, "as well as spiritual. I feel a connection with Navi-"

The Faerie interrupted with, "-Are you sure that isn't just your Fairy-bond with Navi? The connection necessary for all Kokiri to use their Faeries magically the way they do?"

"No, it wasn't that." Link stated, a bit annoyed that he was so rudely interrupted. "This was a whole new feeling. That connection is merely the ability to know how close the other is – although I haven't sensed anything since that day in the temple – and the ability to see and hear that the other could hear and see. This feeling is so much different. I was able to tell if she was in danger. I could tell, just by looking at her, what she was feeling. I could tell when she wanted me to say or so something without her even needing to vocalize it. There was just something about the way we just knew each other that seemed different from anything else I've ever experienced. I talked to a Gerudo witch about it, and she just chuckled and told me 'love that powerful is always going to feel different from everything else. It's unique.' It was around then, when I was thirteen, that I wondered whether or not I loved Navi. Now, I know I do."

The Faerie Mother smiled, but didn't speak. She began to flutter her wings and flew towards Link. She gave him a small peck on the cheek and said, "I give you my blessing. You know exactly what you're talking about and I have no more need to stop you. Come, I will show you to your Faerie Guide that will take you wherever you want to go in the Haven."

Link Nodded and followed the Faerie mother through a thick expanse of trees. They walked through a thick group of trees that allowed hardly any light to enter through them. He ducked and weaved through the trees as he watched the Faerie Mother floating by as if she was going in a straight line. They didn't walk for very long before they reached the edge and walked into a clearing.

Link was blinded for a second when the light hit his face, but he regained his eyesight quickly. He looked around and checked his surroundings. He was standing in a circular clearing with evenly cut grass and a large fountain in the center. The fountain had a large statue of a bird preening itself that was magically allowed to actually move. Link watched the bird pick at its stone feathers before noticing a young, but fully grown, woman sitting at the edge of the fountain.

She was facing away from him, wearing a yellow Hylian summer dress and sandals. Link could tell as he stepped forward that the dress allowed a pair of small wings, protruding from between her shoulder blades, to comfortably stick out from between the straps of the dress. She had long, dark blue hair that looked bright blue I the sunlight. Without turning around to face him the woman began to stand up and speak, "Welcome to the Faerie Haven. I am your Faerie Guide, here to show you around until you know where everything is. My name is…"

She turned to face him and her voice caught. Link took a moment to absorb her beauty – her dark blue eyes, small nose, and full lips- before realizing who she was. "Navi?"

She couldn't believe it. He was here! He was in the in the Faerie Haven! How did he get in? He's not a Fairy. What does he want here? They stood watching each other for a moment. Navi took a moment to take in his appearance. He appeared to be a couple of years younger than when they faced Gannon, but she could hardly tell. He seemed to look almost exactly the same as he did in the future, except for the fact that he wasn't quite as tall yet. She stepped forward tentatively, then softly cupped Link's cheek with one hand.

She felt his smooth cheek then breathed, "Link, is…" she paused, "Is it really you?"

Link seemed frozen for a moment before he relaxed and said, "Navi, what has happened to you?"

Navi didn't respond as she quickly wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly. She buried her head on his shoulder and squeezed him so tightly that he almost had problems breathing. "Oh my goodness, It really is you! I've missed you so much. It's been so long…" She stopped talking as she began to sob silently.

Link wrapped his arms around Navi and comforted her as he softly said, "Its okay, Navi. It's okay. I've missed you, too. I've been looking for you. That's why I'm here."

Navi stood there sobbing as Link rubbed her back and whispered softly in her ear that everything was okay. Eventually, Navi calmed down and stepped away from Link. Her eyes seemed slightly puffy from crying, but a quick wave of her fingers – with a little magic added in – removed any trace that she was crying at all. "You've been looking for me?" She asked, "Why were you looking for me? I figured you would have just moved on with your life."

Link responded with, "I just wanted to know why you left me so suddenly. After we came back you just left so abruptly. You didn't even say good-bye. I wondered why you left me like that. I had to see you again to find out why."

"Well…" she said slowly. Navi looked deeply into Link's eyes, letting them mesmerize her for a moment. She stared into those deep blue eyes, wondering if she should tell him the truth. After a moment she turned away and said, "I thought it would be better if we separated and went our separate ways."

"Why?" Link asked, "I thought we were doing well. We had a lot of fun together."

"It's hard to explain. We had a lot of fun together, but I thought that it was a better idea if I left immediately. I would've left sooner or later; it was inevitable. It was better that I left as soon as possible instead of dragging it out and making the parting more unbearable."

"But is that really how you wanted our last moment to be?" Link inquired, "Did you want me to always wonder what it was I did to drive you away? Also: Why were we going to part eventually? I saw, and still don't see, why we would have stopped being together."

Navi took a couple of steps away, deep in thought. Then, she stated, "Link, you cared deeply for Zelda when we were in the future, didn't you?"

Surprised at the question, Link replied with, "Yes, I did. But what does what I felt five years ago have to do with anything?"

"Link, you loved Zelda." Navi commented, "When we came back I knew that you would fall in love with her all over again."

"So-" Link Began.

Navi turned around and interrupted, "-So I couldn't watch you as you grew up again and went off to Marry Zelda!" She cried, "It hurt! It hurt to watch you all of those days. You were always searching for the sages, searching for Zelda… You were always flirting with Malon, fighting off Ruto, and being hit on by Nabooru. Then, when you finally found Zelda again…"

Navi stopped shouting, breathed deeply, then softly said, "I couldn't bear to see that again when we came back in time. I wouldn't watch you as you went off with any of those women." Navi paused for a moment before adding, "I love you too much to bear watching you go off and find another."

Navi turned away from Link, "Go away, Link. It hurts too much to watch you, knowing I just admitted that I love you, knowing you don't feel the same. Please, just go and don't come back."

Navi stood for a moment, listening hard for footsteps. Slowly, she heard Link take a step, then another. He took small steps but, for some reason, they seemed to get closer. Navi pondered why he would walk closer when she told him to leave when she suddenly felt Links arms embrace her. Before she could even think he said, "Navi, I love you too."

She didn't know what to do. Instinctively, she tried to fight away from Link, but he wouldn't let her go. "No, don't just say that! No!"

Suddenly, Link spun her around and held her face in his hands. He held her gaze before repeating, "Navi, I love you."

Link leaned forward, as did Navi, and their lips slowly met. He kissed her softly, allowing their lips to merely graze each other. Slowly, their lips pressed more deeply into each other as they began to embrace each other. After a moment, Navi felt Link slowly run his tongue lightly upon her lips. She opened her mouth, and their tongues began dancing excitedly as he invaded her mouth.

They kissed each other passionately for a few moments, holding on to each other as if they were afraid the other would disappear. Eventually, they broke apart, panting, as they looked into each others eyes. Link looked at Navi for a little longer before asking, "How did you get a human form?"

Navi smiled and said, "Why, do you like it?" After Link began to quickly nod she added, "All faeries can change their forms in the Faerie Haven, althought only the most powerful can change outside of it. I've always chosen this form when I stay here."

"Well, it's very beautiful." Link commented, "It's too bad you can't change outside of the haven. Then we'd be able to travel anywhere with you in this form."

A slight coughing came from behind Link, and he and Navi moved to see the Faerie Mother standing in front of them. "I'm sorry to interrupt, but I think I may have found a solution to your problem."

"Really?" Navi cried.

"Yes," The Farie Mother replied, "I have the power to make this form permanent. There is only one problem, though: You will stay in a human form forever. You will never be able to become a sprite again. Also, that means that you will lose many of the powers that you have learned that can only be used in sprite form."

Navi turned to look at Link for a moment. He smiled at her, then she said, "I don't care. I want to be with Link, and I can't do that as a sprite. I wish to be in this world as a human so that I can be with him."

Link put his arm around Navi as the Faerie Mother smiled. "Alright, I'm going to need you to stand still. It will hurt for a moment. Link, please step away from Navi."

Link reluctantly let go of Navi and stood by the Faerie Mother. Navi stood straight as the Faerie Mother began floating in front of her and touched Navi on the forehead. All of a sudden, Navi's skin felt stretched and on fire. Her wings felt as if they were burning. After a few seconds that felt like hours to Navi, the Faerie Mother removed her fingers from Navi's head and Navi slumped down.

Navi took a moment to rest, then sat up. She sensed that her magic was still within her, so she used it to conjure a mirror. She saw herself exactly as she pictured: Tall, with long, dark blue hair that reached her lower back, light blue eyes, small nose, full lips, and a slim but curvy body. She was still wearing the same thing she was earlier. The only difference was that she no longer had wings.

"Now," The Faerie Mother said, "I will send you back to outside the Forest Temple. As you both are not Faeries, we do not expect you to need our services for quite some time. It has been good seeing you both."

Link and Navi bade their farewells and were magically transported to the warp point outside of the Forest Temple. Link and Navi looked at each other for a moment before Link grabbed Navi's hand and said, "I thought I'd never see you again for a while, and was scared. I'm glad I finally found you."

"I'm glad the Faerie Mother was willing to help us." Navi said, wrapping her free hand around Link. "Then we'd never be able to be like this. What would you have done if she wasn't able to help us."

Link shrugged non-chalantly, "I probably would've helped gannon break back into this dimension so that I could kill him and take the third piece of the Triforce. Then I would have used the wish to be able to give you a human form, or myself a sprite form. Anything to allow the two of us to be together."

"So where do we go now?"

"Well, I've traveled to some new lands since I last saw you. How about I introduce you to a land called Termina?"

Navi smiled and let go of Link, "It sounds lovely."

Link reached out to hold Navi's hand again and, once she placed her hand in his, the two left the forbidden forest to go on their next adventure.