David Jacobs was lying facedown on his bed, his face pressed into a pillow, trying to decide what he wanted to do. He was two days away from starting his final semester at Pulitzer's Academy, and he wasn't sure if this was a good thing or not. He was just so conflicted about it… he was looking forward to graduation and starting college in a less restrictive environment, but on the other hand, there were definitely a few people that he wanted to spend as much time with as possible. Graduation could mean leaving all of that behind.

As he had done for most of the break, he continued to lie there, trying to puzzle out the things in the universe that were making him feel so utterly conflicted, except fate wouldn't even let them do that without interruption.

"David, sweetheart?" his mother called, knocking on the door and then letting herself in.

David only mumbled a response into his pillow.

"Now, David, darling, you shouldn't talk into your pillow like that. It's bad for you."

Esther Jacobs sat down on the bed, and patted David on the shoulder. "Now, Sweetheart, don't we have some last minute shopping to do? After all, I'm driving you back to school tomorrow morning."

David turned onto his side and smiled at his mother. "I think I've got everything, Mom. And it isn't really that big a deal if I've forgotten anything. After all, you only live twenty minutes away from school."

"Are you excited to be going back to school, David?"

"It's going to be nice to see my friends again," he replied diplomatically.

"And it's your last semester, too. And then you'll be going off to college, somewhere farther away from your dear old mother."

"Mom, if I decide to go to Notre Dame, it is only forty-five minutes away," David pointed out. Most of his friends - what few of them he had anyway, thought his mother could be overbearing and ridiculous. But David just knew that she wanted to be there for him, always. They were just really close for a mother and son - that was all. He knew that his mother just wanted him to know that at least one parent still loved him, even if his father had left them when he was only eight.

"I know, sweetheart, and I'm so proud of you. And if Jack gets in, then you two will still be together. It's so nice that you have such a close friend and roommate," Esther smiled.

David grew nervous. He hated keeping secrets from his mother, and this was the only thing that he had ever concealed from her. The most important thing. Still, there was no way that she would understand.

She had no idea that he was gay. And that he'd been with Jack for over three years now.

Yet she was his mother; she would still love him.

David had to believe that. He needed to cling to that belief, that one day he would be able to tell her. And that one day, she would accept Jack into her life, and accept David for who he was.

Even though he knew that this dream may not come to pass, he would always have to hold on to it. He needed it.

His mother didn't seem to notice how nervous he was talking about Jack. How she seriously couldn't have any suspicions about his sexuality never ceased to amaze David, but his mother seemed utterly oblivious. But then again, she hadn't noticed his father's affairs either.

"What about you finding a girlfriend this year, sweetie? I'm sure that there are a lot of nice girls at your school."

"Mom!" David exclaimed, sitting up and staring at her. "Come on, you know… you know that I really don't have time. What with the show and all."

"Oh sweetie, I don't mean to pry, it's just that I want you to be happy, sweetheart. And meeting a nice girl will definitely make you happy, and you being happy would make me happy. Just… just think about it, okay?"

"I will," David said, immediately feeling guilty about the promise. Even though his mother had only married a Jewish man, somehow the Jewish mother guilt trip thing had become a part of her during the ten years that she'd been with Mayer Jacobs. And David hated it. He loved his mother so much, but sometimes he had to agree that maybe Jack was right, and he was too dependent on her. Most of the time though, he thought that Jack was just sad that he wasn't the only one in David's heart.

Then again, there was the other theory about Jack's behavior that kept nagging at David, but he shook it off. He knew that Jack wasn't as comfortable about his sexuality as David was growing to be, but they could deal with that as they always had. Still… David did hope that one day Jack would stand with him and proclaim their love to everyone, together.

As was their tradition, the night before David left for school, he and his mother just sat up for quite a while talking. David was amazed at how easily their conversation could flow, and how he could talk about anything with her.

Except for that one most important thing, and he knew that soon he would have to bring it up.

He just wasn't sure how.
Author's Note-And here we have it, the Bare/Newsies crossover o' doom. I've only been planning this for… over six months now? For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bare, it was an off-Broadway show that ran during April and May that featured Aaron Lohr, so naturally, I went to see it, and became utterly obsessed. And shockingly… the plot worked SO perfectly for a Jack/David fic, that I needed to write it. So for nano this year, I did. 50,005 words later, this is the result.

This first chapter is PG-13, but later chapters will go up to R, and there will be at least two smutty outtakes that will be posted directly to the refuge.

For those of you who are familiar with Bare, well… hopefully you'll be able to figure out which characters are which. I hope. ;)

Lastly, for the purposes of this fic, David and Sarah are NOT related. Just need to make that clear from the start.

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