TITLE: Teacher's (Picked On!) Pet
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AUTHOR: never look back
SUMMARY: AU. B/A S/F...It's the trio's freshman year in college. Xander, Willow and Buffy and each are majoring in different subjects. This story follows Buffy and her love for literature and…her teacher, Mr. Angelus!? Buffy plays the role of a non-conformist thinker, which Angelus likes to challenge at any given time. They get friendly, and suspicions rise. Is it just an easy-going, student-teacher relationship, like Buffy claims it is? Or is it more of a love-hate deal, like her friends believe? Will things ever work out between student and teacher?
DISCLAIMER: I obviously don't own any of the characters listed in this story. Why write fanfiction when I could control minds on tv? All belong to Joss Whedon, etc.

She could hear a faint buzz in the distance, barely audible from where she was sleeping. Buffy pulled the covers over her head, trying to drown out the sound. The buzz eventually grew into a ring, and with a groan she rolled over and stuffed her head into her pillow.

Wait, Buffy thought to herself. That alarm has to be going off for some reason…

Pulling the covers off her, she opened her eyes. Must be morning, she noted dully as she reached over to shut off her alarm clock.

Her cellphone rang. Buffy glanced around her room and spotted it on her desk. She yawned before picking it up.

"Buffy!" It was Willow, cheery as ever. "Are you at school yet?"

"Ugh," Buffy mumbled.

"I'll take that as a no," Willow responded. "Remember you and me and Xander were supposed to meet at nine today! I already had my first class, it was an Anthropology class that's basically about—"

"Uh, Wills? I'm not, um, really awake let. I'll meet you on campus?"

"Sure, Buffy. Just remember, we're meeting by the recreation center at nine—"

Buffy scratched her head. "Where is that, again?"

"By the parking lot on Pebblebeach Drive," Willow answered. "You're gonna love classes, Buffy!"

Buffy snorted before saying goodbye to Willow. Placing the phone on her drawer, she searched her messy desk for her schedule and the campus map.

"Buffy?" Joyce peaked her head into Buffy's room, watching her daughter hysterically search her desk.

"Can't talk right now, mom," Buffy said, not looking up. She tossed a dirty sock from her desk to the corner of her room. "I'm looking for my schedule."

"You mean this?" Joyce waved a piece of paper in the air like a treat. Buffy glanced at the doorway where her mother stood and sighed.

"You know, you're going to have to get a little more responsible," Joyce said as Buffy stuffed her schedule into her backpack. "You're in college now."

Buffy moaned. "Oh no, not the responsibility talk. It's way too early, mom."

"Look honey," Joyce said as Buffy walked into the bathroom. "I'm not telling you that you have to get a job, or that you have to move out, I'm just saying that you should remember you're—"

"Don't worry, mom. I'll grow up eventually." She closed the bathroom door and made her way over to the sink.

The University of California, Sunnydale—or UCS; so close to being USC, Buffy thought dully—was bigger than she remembered. She never really paid attention to the school. She grew up around it but never actually explored the campus. Didn't I go on a fieldtrip here, once? She couldn't remember.

She looked down at the map in her hands and tried to locate where she was. Buffy accidentally bumped into someone while she read the UC Sunnydale map.

"Sorry," she mumbled sheepishly.

The student rolled his eyes and walked away after muttering something about "freshies" under his breath.

Buffy sighed and continued walking. After a good ten minutes—and thirty minutes after nine—she finally found the recreation center. There were benches and tables aligned with palm trees in front of the plaza. A good sized crowd loitered around the area. Someone was blasting music through their boombox. Buffy soon spotted her friends through the crowd and started walking towards them.

Xander and Willow greeted her with a smile. "Have a hard time finding the place, Buffster?" Xander asked.

"You could say that," Buffy mumbled. "No one would help me find this place! Then again, I didn't really ask, I just thought people would kind of notice I was confused…"

Her friends laughed. Xander tapped his watch and looked at Willow. "Fork it over, Will."

Willow sighed and gave Xander a dollar. He smiles and pockets it while Willow sticks her tongue out at him.

Buffy grinned. "What was that about?"

"Little Miss Red here thought you were gonna get here by nine, as planned," Xander said. He leaned over to Buffy and smirked. "But I knew better."

The Trio walked toward the library, taking in the atmosphere of college and talking along the way. Willow was the first to bring up courses. "What classes are you taking today, guys?"

Xander took out a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket. "I'm going to Art 101 first." The girls give him a weird look. "Drawing class, people. It's a requirement."

"Requirement?" Buffy asked.

"Yeah, you need to take this class before getting into the real architecture courses," Xander explained.

"It's like that with all classes, Buffy," Willow added. "There's pre-req's—that's what they call them—for everything. If you want to take more advanced classes, you've got to pass the basics, first."

Buffy crinkled her nose. "I guess that makes sense. What are you taking today, Willow?"

"I just finished my Anthology 150 class. An hour from now, I'm heading out to the Science department to take my Astronomy class."

Buffy looked at her paper. "Looks like I'm due for English Freshman Composition in about fifteen minutes."

Willow giggled. "We're in college, guys! We're having a very…college-y discussion!"

"Groan," Buffy responded.

"Death," Xander cried.

Buffy smirked. "At least we're in charge of what classes to take."

"Yeah, but we still have to take mandatory General Education courses," Willow added. "Even if we're not interested in them."

Buffy grimaced in mock irritation. "Looks like the system's attack on individualism strikes again."

Xander snapped his fingers. "Damn! You'd think they would of stopped after our anti-clothing protests."