Conflicting Interests

By Tsuki no Kurai

Rating: R

Disclaimer : Charlie and Hector are the only characters I own. Everyone else belongs to their rightful owners... So no suing I'm a broke student and can't afford to pay off people. This story includes male/male relationships. If that offends you you can click you back button and proceed to a story more to your liking. Again this is a slash story. Flames about the characters orientation or the story will be laughed at and mocked because you were warned.

Summery: AU! During a routine delivery Aya finds out something about a former enemy that he never knew. How will this discovery change his opinion of his former enemy? Charlie is the nanny to Bradley Crawford's five year old child Nagi, what happens when someone from his pasts threatens to destroy all that he has rebuilt? Including his new relationship with Ken of Weiss? m/m slash.

Exrta special thanks to FafarellosAya from Mediaminer who helped to write several scenes in this story. And for keeping me on track and threatening me for scenes to come since she claims that I like to leave people waiting…. Check out her fics! Also known as Eva McGregor on )


Conflicting Interests

By Tsuki no Kurai

Aya sighed in relief as he looked at the address in his hand. It was his last order of the day and he was more then happy to be one order from being finished. Today alone three of the people that he had delivered to had tried to become more then friendly with him and he was not a people person. Looking at the address that Yohji had written down, Aya was surprised that he had not gotten lost on his way here as Yohji's writing was messier then usual. He must have had a girl there that was interfering with his thought process. It was a small bouquet that he had made that afternoon; the card written in Omi's neat scrawl read 'My dearest Bradley, thank you for dinner last night. I hope we can do it again soon.'

The address was for a company downtown, where a lot of important people worked. He hoped that he didn't have to meet any of them; many were perverts who ogled him and many of them tried to grope him on more then one occasion. He made out the name of the company and was currently standing in front of the building trying to read his teammates chicken scratch. Sighing he made his way into the massive building and to the floor that was written. He was glad that he could at least tell what floor he was supposed to deliver the flowers to. He could feel eyes on his back as he waited for the elevator and refused to turn around and glare. He was used to people staring at him.

He thanked whoever was listening above when the elevator opened and he could hide inside. Trying to look as if he wasn't trying to run in the elevator Aya rushed in quickly and pressed the button for the 12th floor. Looking once more as he reached the 12th floor Aya didn't know if he was looking for office 12C or 12E. Grumbling to himself he decided to try office 12E first. If he was wrong he could always apologize and go to the other office. Knocking on the door he received no answer and opened the door slowly. There was no secretary behind the desk and the door to the main office was opened a little.

A woman stormed out screaming that she was going to win. Stopping in front of Aya the woman gave him an evil glare as she looked him up and down hissing something about cheap sluts and stormed out of the office leaving a confused Aya in the wake.

After the woman left Aya could hear a man's voice and a woman's still inside the office.

"That will be all for today Mary." The man said with a sigh. Aya was sure that he had heard that voice somewhere before.

"Yes sir. I will get these typed and sent out with tomorrow's mail." The woman, Mary said. The door opened more and Aya was faced with a woman about his height with blonde brown hair pulled into a professional braid. The woman gave him an approving once over before she spoke. "Can I help you sir?"

"Delivery for Bradley." Was all Aya said holding the flowers out. He was tired, irritable and hungry. His list of complaints for the day was getting longer by the moment. He was also sure that the woman was referring to him when she had passed by with the slut comment and that made him angrier.

"Go ahead and take then in. He's not busy." Mary said giving Aya another long appreciative once over.

Scowling at the woman Aya walked past her and into the office behind the secretary's desk. Glaring straight ahead Aya didn't see who was in the office as he stalked up to the desk and almost slammed the vase on the desk. He was tired of people ogling him and was eager to get back to the shop and away from prying eyes. Hearing the door to the office close with an audio click Aya spun around and gasped in shock. Turning around intending to tell whoever it was that he was intending to leave he halted when he spotted the owner of the office that he was in.

"Schwartz!" Aya hissed. He couldn't believe that he was in front of the leader of Schwartz without his weapon.

"Well, well what do we have here? A little lost kitten?" Bradley Crawford, leader of Schwartz asked with a wide smile. He could see the anger and fear in the younger man's face. He had foreseen the visit and wasn't going to let the younger man go with out a bit of fun first.

Aya was furious. He was alone and weaponless with his enemy who he had no idea if he was armed or not. He could not escape because Crawford was standing in front of the door and he didn't think a twelve story fall would be too good. So for the moment he was at the mercy of his enemy.

Furious he focused on the angry woman. "What did you do to her?!"

"Really kitten what makes you think it was I who did anything?" Crawford smiled at the confused young man; closing the book that he was looking at he replaced it on the shelf.

Sputtering the younger man could not respond immediately. "What have you done to her!"

"My, my little kitten. Always trying to be the hero of the little lost ones?" Crawford grinned.

Aya huffed and opened his mouth to respond but Crawford beat him to it. "That woman is trying to take our son back."

Aya opened his mouth and closed it again. "Our son?" He squeaked, his eyes widening to the size of saucers at the implication.

"Yes. That woman is the mother to my five year old son. She abandoned us when he was born. She signed rights over to me one year later. She is trying to take him away now."

"Your son?" Aya repeated dumbly giving Crawford an odd look, he could not believe that his enemy had a small child, it was not something that you take lightly. It changed your whole perspective on how you viewed your enemy.

"Yes, my son. His name is Nagi." Crawford grinned, he could see that the younger man was confused. He could see that he was trying to sort out this new information that he had been dealt. "That woman wants to take him away. She is an unfit mother. She will not do Nagi any good if she takes him."

Aya didn't know how to reply. His mind was jumbled and nothing was right anymore. His enemy was not supposed to be nice, they weren't supposed to have children and ex's who try and take said children away.


Finally seeing the flowers on the desk Crawford knew that they belonged across the hall, but it seemed that the kitten didn't. He could not help but want to toy with the mind of the beautiful younger man seeing that he was already confused.

"Flowers kitten?" Crawford smiled widely. His eyes raked the body of the red haired assassin before him. The younger man was slender, fit from fighting and the work that he did. He had to admit that the younger man was very beautiful. Anyone could see that. He could see the trembles that had begun on the younger man's body. "You shouldn't have."

Aya couldn't move. He tried to control the trembles that his body had started. Fear of what his enemy was going to do held him in place. His eyes widened even more as he saw the older man come into his personal space. He tried to hold his blush in check as the older man leaned in closer to him. Aya found that he was holding his breath as the older man reached around past him, Crawford's head passing his own, he could swear the older man smelled his hair. Aya flickered his eyes he saw the older man reach to the flowers and take the card all while never breaking his grin.

Crawford smiled wider at the younger man that was caught like a deer in headlights in his path. As he had approached the younger man's eyes had widened even more then before, giving Bradley a view of beautiful violet eyes as he leaned in. Pulling back slightly so that he was still near the boy Crawford began reading in a bed room voice into the boy's ear. He enjoyed the shiver that traveled the body of the younger man. There was something about the younger man that man Crawford wanted to know more about. To see for himself why he enjoyed being in the presence of the younger man, even if they were fighting there was something that called out to him.

He had to know. He wanted to possess the younger man. To see what else there was to the younger man then the cold exterior that was presented to everyone.


Aya shivered as the older man's voice washed over him. He could feel the man's hot breathe over his ear and he could not help but shiver. He could feel the older man moving in front of him, he wished that he knew what the older man was doing to him. He gasped as he felt the older man's lips ghosting over his ear. He didn't understand what he was feeling from the older man… It was… it was something he couldn't explain….

"Tell me kitten do you like this?" Crawford asked moving his body closer to Aya's.

Aya could only manage a gasp as his enemy took his ear into his mouth for a nibble. "Oh God."

"Beautiful kitten, just beautiful." Crawford breathed as the younger man shivered and arched under him. It was a sight to see the usually cold leader of Weiss with a pleasured expression on his face.

Aya knew that he had to get out of that office, he had to get away. Bringing his hands up he tried to push away the older man. Gasping again as his ear was nibbled once more, Aya shoved hard.

Seeing that the red head was going to try and get away with a hard shove, he tightened his grip around the red head. "Where do you think your going?"

"Let me go…" Aya whispered. His body reacted to what the older man had been doing to him. He didn't want to admit that he enjoyed it when the older man touched him. Giving a little gasp as Crawford ran his fingers over his body again Aya arched into the body in front of him again.

"I see you like this Kitten." Crawford grinned tilting the redheads face towards his. "How about this?"

Any response that Aya had was drowned as Crawford kissed him. Aya leaned into the kissed and allowed the older man to dominate the kiss.

Breaking the searing kiss Crawford looked into the glassy eyes of the younger man and smiled. "You enjoyed that didn't you kitten. You taste delicious."

Aya blinked his eyes clear. His cheeks flushed as Crawford leaned in again and captured his lips. Pulling the younger man closer Crawford ravished the younger man's mouth. Crawford saw the door open before it actually did and paid it no heed. He was enjoying taking advantage of the younger man.

"Oi! Daddy dearest!" Schuldich called as he opened the office door with a bang. A small child sat in his arms sucking on a bright green lollipop waved merrily at no one in particular.

Managing to pull himself away from Crawford and his kisses Aya gasped for air, his cheeks turning red from utter embarrassment and horror at what the other man could have seen.

Seeing his father Nagi squealed happily while reaching out for him. "Daddy!"

"Nagi!" Crawford smiled taking his child in his arms, being mindful of the sticky candy that he was eating. "Were you a good boy for Schuldich?"

Nagi nodded. "I was. A pretty lady gave me candy!"

"Gave you candy?" Crawford repeated looking at a guilty Schuldich. He didn't know why Schuldich tried to get away with things, Nagi told him everything; and if Nagi didn't tell him Schuldich told Charlie and Charlie told him.

"Yes she gave me candy and Niichan SchuSchu got a- a number!" Nagi chimed realizing that there was someone else in the room. "Daddy who is that?"

"Keeping kittens in your office now Bradley?" Schuldich grinned. "You're a little far from home kitten."

"Kitty!" Nagi squealed opening his arms out to the startled red head man. "Kitty!"

Crawford smiled and handed his son to a startled Aya knowing that he would not hurt an innocent child. "Hold him."

"What?" Aya asked as the child attached his arms around Aya's neck forgetting that he had a sticky candy in his hand. He could hear Crawford and Schuldich arguing about something in low tones. The child in his arms was chattering on about something.

"Are you my daddy's kitty?" Nagi asked innocently tugging a strand of Aya's hair that was in his reach, trying to hide the fact that he was trying to tug his lollypop out of the back of Aya's hair.

Aya turned wide violet eyes to the child. Crawford and Schuldich stopped their arguing and turned to the pair.

"What?" Aya managed.

"Are you my daddy's kitty? Are you going to be staying with me and daddy?" Nagi asked. Wide brown eyes told Aya that Nagi was serious. "Are you going to be sleeping in my daddy's room? Or will you sleep with me?"

Schuldich burst out laughing as Aya's face started to turn redder from embarrassment. Crawford let out a tiny smirk, Nagi had taken an instant liking to his kitten and that was a good thing. Nagi didn't like a lot of the people that he had seen in the past. Bradley you might want to save your kitten from further embarrassment from your child.

Crawford grinned as he removed a protesting Nagi from Aya's arms and handed him over to Schuldich. Settling his son in Schuldich's arms Crawford gave Nagi a kiss on his forehead as Nagi squealed happily. Turning back to Aya Crawford reached out and pulled him foreword. Tilting Aya's shocked face up towards his. Leaning in to whisper something he saw Aya's eyes go even wider as he came out of his daze and shove Crawford back hard.

Crawford grinned as he stumbled back a few steps. He could see the younger man wanted to escape again and gave him the chance to. Aya looked wonderful all disheveled and confused. His red hair had a sticky bright green lollypop firmly attached. In the confusion Crawford was sure that Aya didn't know that he had a lollypop attached to his beautiful hair.

Aya took Crawford's steps back as an opening and rushed past him and to the closed door. Flinging it open Aya rushed out of the empty front office and to the stairs. Back in the main office Aya was sure that he could hear 'Where's kitty going?' He didn't want to wait for the elevator and give the man a chance to catch up with him. Rushing past the elevators Aya dodged a man that had exited them and continued to the stairs.

Running down the stairs he made his way back to the delivery bike, he managed to avoid the looks of the people in the lobby. He was sure that his face was red from embarrassment. Aya had made it back to the flower shop in record time. Parking the bike Aya stormed into the flower, into the living area, and into his room where he slammed the door. He had ignored the others as he had stormed past but he knew that they would leave him alone. Omi would check on him later and see if he was alright. Even after all that he said to him long ago the younger man still forgave him.

Sighing Aya thought back to what had happened just a short while ago with his enemy. He couldn't tell the others. He couldn't tell them what had happened. He couldn't tell them that the leader of Schwartz seemed to be coming on to him or at least trying to molest him. Aya felt himself blush hotter as he remembered what the older man was doing to him. He remembered that the older man had nibbled on his ear, twice! He cringed when he remembered how he had reacted to what the man had done. He remembered the older man's mouth on his.

His face reddened more as he remembered the older man's touch on his body. He couldn't get the man's voice from his head. He was embarrassed at how he reacted. He hoped that he wouldn't have to face Schwartz soon. He didn't think that he could. With a tired sigh Aya ran his hand through his hair and found it to be in tangles because of a sticky lollypop. With one more embarrassed blush Aya realized at the end that was what Crawford was telling him and what he had attempted to do was remove the candy from his hair before it made a mess like it was now. Gathering things for a shower Aya headed into the bathroom and locked the door.

Turning the water to hot Aya prayed that he did not encounter Schwartz any time soon. He didn't think that his hormones would not be able to take it.


With Nagi chattering happily with his teddy bear and Charlie out front, Schuldich and Crawford talked in his office.

"What was with the little lost Kitten Bradley?" Schuldich asked.

"It's just that." Crawford smiled. "He came to the office as Kikyo was leaving. The Kitten was making a delivery as you see, and ended up here."

"With your tongue down his throat?" Schuldich grinned. All he had gathered from the Kittens jumbled mind was he liked it.

"That was a benefit." Crawford grinned. Looking to the door Crawford smiled. "He wasn't pleased that you were flirting again was he."

"I'll be lucky if he feeds me dinner." Schuldich grumbled. "Man I swear that boy is really a tyrant."

Crawford held back a laugh. It had been this way since the young man joined them. They were lucky to find Charlie. Charlie was their live in nanny that helped to take care of Nagi but ended up taking care of all of them. Charlie was listened to very well by everyone. They would kill to protect the young man that had become part of their family.

Schuldich frowned. "All fine and dandy for you. You get to play with tonsil hockey the little red kitty while I get to play house with that little devil."

"He's a charming boy really." Crawford smiled to himself, mind drifting off to a certain red head "and once he learns how to relax he will be even more beautiful."

"You say that now but just you wait!" Schuldich growled. "I bet he's just as much a devil as Charlie is. Hell who knows, maybe he's more."

"One can only hope that boy has as much passion in the bedroom as he does on the battle field." Crawford smiled.

Schuldich only made a face. "Keep your twisted fantasies to yourself."


Bradley Crawford couldn't stop grinning. Aya had fled from the office a short time ago. The red headed man was truly a beautiful man, the way that he had arched into him as he nibbled the younger man's ear. He hadn't meant to take it that far but the younger man just brought something out in him that he couldn't help. He wanted to see him loose control.

Smiling even wider Crawford picked up the flowers that Aya had brought in. They no doubt belonged to Bradley, the other American; that had an office across the hall. Striding across the hall he opened the door and looked for the man in question.

"Mr. Crawford what can I do for you?" Bradley asked upon seeing the other man.

"These were delivered to my office. I believe that they were meant for you." Crawford replied holding out the flowers.

"Delivered by a beautiful red head with a killer body I hear." Bradley replied accepting the flowers. "The deliverer is more beautiful then the delivery. I saw him run past the elevator and to the stairs and down on my way back into the office. Nearly ran me over, he looked as if he was running from something."

"The young these days. Who knows what goes on in their heads?" Crawford replied with an even wider smile. Bradley was several years older then himself with a family of his own. The flowers were from his wife who he went to dinner with celebrating their anniversary.

"Who indeed." Bradley smiled; he also knew Crawford's preference. It didn't surprise him at all.

Seeing the question that was going to be asked Crawford beat him to it. "I do know him. I've run across him in his other line of work and we are… casual acquaintances."

Bradley only raised an eyebrow to him. Clearing his throat he changed the subject. "How's your boy doing? Just had a birthday didn't he?"

"Five now. Which reminds me I should get going before Schuldich tries to use him to pick up dates again. Nagi came home and told me all about it and I had to tell Schu that if he did it again I was going to murder him for it." Crawford laughed as he headed towards the door. "Give you family greetings. We should try and have dinner together sometime."

"That would be nice. Be sure that you bring- Charlie along with you as well. Nagi speaks highly of him."

"I believe that Charlie would enjoy that. He would enjoy meeting your wife and kids." Crawford smiled again.

"Next Tuesday?" Bradley asked.

"Sure thing." Crawford called out as he left the office for his own.


"Bradley what do you want for dinner? I'm going to the store and I want to know what I should get." Charlie said softly and smiled gathering his coat as Schuldich worked on pulling Nagi's coat off. How he managed to get even Farfarello to do what he was told with such a soft gentle voice no one knew.

"Dinner?" Crawford echoed.

"Dinner, you know meal that one eats. I swear that if I didn't feed you boys you would never buy food yourselves and starve." Charlie sighed taking Crawford's wallet from the hall table and pulled out one of his credit cards. "Alright, I'll pick dinner tonight and tomorrow I'm taking inventory of the food in the apartment and I'm going to get the lot of you fed."

Crawford didn't say anything but allowed the young man to take control and hand him his wallet minus one credit card. It was useless to argue when he got this way they had all learned. "Nagi likes tacos this week."

"Mexican it is then." Charlie smiled and disappeared out the apartment.

"Charlie sweep through here on his food kick?" Schuldich asked sticking his head through his door, below his head was Nagi.

"Yup. Were going to get fed tomorrow." Bradley said with a sigh and a shake of his head.

"Cheese!" Nagi cheered. "Tacos!"

"Yes, yes tacos go take your coat off and put it away." Bradley said with a smile for his child.

"Ok daddy!" Nagi giggled running to put is coat on the coat rack in his room.

"Where is Farfarello?" Bradley asked listening to the silence in the apartment.

"Charlie locked him in his room with a book of puzzles. He told him it would hurt God if he solved all of them." Schuldich grinned.

"He is a tyrant." Bradley smiled. "And he's your problem to deal with."

"Yeah, yeah." Schuldich sighed taking his own coat and putting it in the hall closet. "He's a tyrant and he's ours."


Aya let out a pleasured sigh as he sank into clean sheets. True enough Omi had come knocking on his door after his shower with a covered plate to check if he was alright. He assured the younger man that he was alright just tired and thanked him for the meal. Omi smiled and asked if he could get anything else. Aya shook his head and thanked the younger man again for being concerned but that he was really fine and that he was going to eat and then go to sleep.

Drifting off into a peaceful slumber after a good meal Aya was lost in the land of dreams.

Hands were holding his hips down as a warm heat engulfed him. Moaning Aya raised his hips towards the source of the pleasure. Opening his eyes Aya managed to glance down to see a brown head of hair. He didn't recall having anyone come to bed with him. Nor did he recall ever having a bed mate… Moving in a rhythm the unknown pleasure giver continued to torture Aya's senses and pleasure his body. Broad shoulders let him know his unknown bed mate was a male.

As his pleasure reached its peak Aya tossed his head back on his bed and managed a cry of pleasure as he came.

His mysterious bed partner moved up his body placing kisses along his body and towards his head.

Aya could only let out a horrified scream as he saw the face of Bradley Crawford.

Aya shot awake to the worried voice of Yohji and firm shaking. "Damn it Aya wake up!"

Aya focused startled violet eyes to the older man. "What?"

"You were screaming. Kenken, Omi-chan and I were worried. Are you alright?" Yohji said with a sigh. He could tell the other man was feeling a little better because of how he had snapped at him. It was an irritated snapping not an angry snapping. He was worried a little though.

He had gone to get a drink and heard what sounded like pained noises coming from the room and had to see if the red head was alright. When he had seen the other man he had known it wasn't a bad dream by the way the younger man was tossing and groaning. Aya was having a wet dream. He didn't think that the block of ice could have wet dreams.

"Nightmare. Get out." Aya snapped pulling away from Yohji. He was trying to hide his embarrassment from the older man as he pulled his blanket back up around his waist.

"Alright, alright. I'll let the kiddies know that you're still alive and that the boogie man has passed you over because you're such a grump." Yohji teased as he got up under the red heads hostile glare. "Get some sleep. You look like you need it."

Aya glared harder at the blonde and scowled when he laughed at him and left the room. Out side he could hear him shooing Omi and Ken to bed assuring that their grumpy leader was fine and that it was only a nightmare. He was embarrassed that the older man had caught him. He knew the older man knew. He knew Yohji knew about his erotic dream. What was Yohji going to do about it? Was he going to embarrass him by announcing it? Skeptical about what was going to happen, Aya tried to drift off back to sleep.


When Yohji was sure that Ken and Omi were back in their beds he went to check on the red-headed assassin. Outside the door he stopped and remembered the look the red head had. He decided to later talk to the other man. He wondered if Aya would need to talk later…


The following morning Aya headed down into the kitchen in a worse mood then before. He had not been able to go back to sleep after his dream. He was too embarrassed to sleep. Already in the kitchen, which had to be a trick of his mind, was Yohji. All knew that if Yohji didn't have to get up early the man wouldn't.

"It's not your morning to work. What are you doing up so early?" Aya asked.

"I wanted to check on you. I wanted to be sure that you were alright. I know you didn't have a bad dream last night." Yohji said while Aya flushed crimson.

"It was nothing." Aya muttered, turning his back on the older man so he couldn't see his embarrassment. Reaching for a mug Aya began to prepare a cup of coffee to help keep him awake.

"Right, and I'm the Tooth Fairy." Yohji grinned. He had seen Aya turn beet red and knew he hit the mark.

"But where are your wings?" Aya asked innocently, his blush coming under control as he faced the older man again, coffee forgotten for the time being.

"Hiding baby, you just can't see them unless I want to show you." Yohji purred. He enjoyed making Aya flush red. He liked seeing color on the red heads face. It made him seem more alive and less like the cold leader that he liked to play. It amused him to have heard to hear Aya teasing him back. He wondered how far he could push it. "So do you want to tell me just what is going on with you?"

"I told you it was nothing." Aya growled. He wouldn't allow the older man to get the upper hand. He had to keep his emotions in check.

"Aya baby I know a wet dream when I hear one. And you baby were having a wild-" Yohji was saying only to have a flushed Aya slap his hand over his mouth halting what he was saying.

Trying to control the emotions that were flowing through him, Aya whispered in a pleading tone. "Not here."

Yohji nodded as Aya pulled his hand away. Standing Yohji lead the red head back up the stairs and towards his room.

Aya needed to talk to someone about what was going on. He didn't know who he was going to be able to talk to. Ken and Omi didn't seem the type to know enough about it and he had to admit to himself that he was embarrassed to talk to Yohji about it. But here the older blonde was, giving him the opening that he had been looking for. The opening that he desperately needed at the moment.

He was able to shoo Ken and Omi off to open the shop convincing them that both he and Aya were fine that they were having a talk. He was able to convince them with his tone that it had something to do with Aya's behavior as of late. Omi and Ken figured that it was something that had been annoying the older blonde about the red head.

Once they were safe in the older blonde's room with the door tightly closed and locked, Yohji sat on his bed and waited for Aya to speak.

Aya looked around the room; it wasn't what he had thought it would be. Instead of being messy, unorganized and dirty the room was surprisingly clean. He tried to figure out what he was going to say… He normally would never think about opening up to his teammates but he didn't know he was going to do now. Maybe it was because of the dream and what had happened the other day, maybe it was because Yohji had given him the opening he needed at the time. It was true that Omi, Ken and Yohji were always offering to listen, but that was before his interesting encounter with Crawford of Schwartz.

"Aya did you ever get the 'talk'?" Yohji asked. He was watching in fascination as a number of emotions not seen on the red heads face passed in various stages. Anger, confusion, thought… The list went on and on.

Aya flushed a bright red and shook his head no.

Yohji nodded, understandable considering where Aya came from and where his family was ranked compared with his less then 'squeaky' past. Patting his freshly made bed Yohji waited for the redhead to sit before taking his desk chair and dragged it over to the side of the bed and sat in it back words resting his arms on the high back. "How much about sex to you know? Other then that natural instincts you get once you hit puberty?"

Aya stared at the blond blankly for a moment. "That only happy married mommies and daddies do it?" he whispered taking a chance, he knew he didn't know much and prayed Yohji wouldn't make too much fun of him.

The blond inwardly groaned guess that meant he never got any talk what so ever. "Ok," he said slowly, "This is coming a little later in life then it should be but here it is…" then spent the next two hours going trough the finer points of kisses, caresses and sex. He left out things he was absolutely sure Aya would never be ready for and kept to the more traditional aspects of what the human race had been raving about since the first cave man hit his girl over the head with a club and dragged her to the cave.

"Now for the really important question, 'cause I know you haven't gone through life with out knowing and getting all tingly when meeting someone you might be attracted to…so do you like boys or girls?" the blond playboy finally asked leaning forward to look closely in the redheads blushing face.

"Boys or girls?" Aya asked weakly nervously fidgeting with the bed spread beneath his fingers.

Oh yeah, Aya knew exactly what sex he liked and Yohji was betting it wasn't the fairer one. Nothing like that would make mister 'I have no emotions' nervous. "You know, do guys or girls make you hot and bothered?"

If it was possible Aya blushed harder, "I don't think we should be talking about this anymore." He said standing quickly to leave before the already discovered truth was said aloud.

"Its guys, isn't it." Yohji stated snagging Aya's wrist and making the redhead sit again heavily. "That's nothing to be ashamed of Aya, plenty of guys like other guys."

The redhead eyes the blond suspiciously. "Name one."

Yohji smiled slowly, "Me."

Aya flushed and jumped to his feet, and dodged the blonde as he tried again to snag his wrist. Reaching the door he tried to yank it open only forgetting that it was locked. Panic ran through him as he worked on trying to unlock the door.

Yohji jumped after the frightened redhead and caught him at the door. Trapping him against the hard wood Yohji managed to turn the skittish redhead around. "Aya baby it's alright to enjoy the company of men more then women."

"Let me go Yohji." Aya stammered turning his face away from the green eyed man that towered over him.

Sighing Yohji reached down and unlocked the door. "Alright Aya baby; come back when you're thinking clearer."


Aya slipped out from under the blonde's arms and out of the room into the safety of the hall. Breathing deeply Aya retreated to his room. He didn't know what to think. Yohji accepted him in an instant and he was afraid. The 'talk' had made him blush. Of all of the people that he could have had the 'talk' with he never would have thought it would be with Yohji. Flushing he remembered how Yohji was explaining the finer points of kisses, caresses and sex.

He flushed worse when he remembered what Crawford had done to him. The way that the older man touched and caressed his body; the emotions that he had felt while having Crawford feel him up drove his mind back into the gutter. Grabbing shower items Aya headed off for a much needed cold shower.


In his own room Yohji sighed. Aya was absolutely adorable as he was listening to his explanation. He didn't think that anyone could look so cute blushing like he did. The red head was attractive and cold. Last night he had seen a side of the red head that he was sure very few had seen. When he had opened the door last night to see the red head he was surprised to see the man writhing in pleasure in bed. Aya's sheets were tangled around his body and the moans that had come out of his mouth would have driven a straight man wild.

He tried not to push himself on Aya. He hoped he had not frightened him with his with the talk. He knew he had embarrassed him with the question of his sexuality. The way Aya's eyes widened at the question and the way that he had tried to flee left no question in his mind where Aya's sexuality lay.