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Tsuki no Kurai

Chapter 4

Ken sighed as he walked through the streets after the shop closed. He was relieved that the shop was closed because he was tired and hungry. He was on his way to the market to find dinner for them. Yohji was trying to comfort Aya through what ever the redhead was going through, and he was trying to comfort Omi who was still shedding tears about something. All he had managed to get from the younger man was something about lying cheating bastards. He didn't understand completely so he decided to try and make a nice dinner with his limited cooking skills. He felt a nice dinner would be good… Maybe he could find a nice almost ready dinner to put together… he wasn't that good of a cook. And if not he could take the laugher at him for trying and failing to cook again…

In the market he searched the isles for anything that he could cook without burning it. Picking up a package of frozen food he tried to look at the instructions.

"If you're looking for dinner things don't try that." A soft voice spoke behind him.

"What?" Ken asked turning, behind him was a short blonde with pink tips.

"Fresh vegetables are better if you're going to cook them. If you're going to cook them in the oven either fresh or frozen will do." The blonde said.

"I can't cook." Ken confessed. The blonde was clearly American; his Japanese was absolutely flawless… The way his pale pink lips formed the words and spoke the words… Ken found himself watching those lips as the blonde spoke.

The blonde laughed. "You can't be worse them I was when I first started cooking. It's easy really. Common, I'll show you some easy things to cook that new people can do."

"What?" Ken asked blinking. He had been watching those lips a little too closely he found he hadn't heard all of what the blonde had been saying. He was taken back at how foreword the small blonde was being. The short blonde was certainly cute looking. The tips of the blonde hair was dyed a hot pink and there was a thick black collar around his neck. He had on black short shorts and leggings, a faded blue t-shirt was ripped at the sleeves. He was sure the forwardness was part of being American.

The blonde smiled apologetically. "I'm sorry; I'm not usually this foreword…"

"I-it's ok." Ken stammered.

"Come to the vegetables, I'll show you some and I can tell you how to cook them if you want." The blonde offered.

"Ok." Ken managed. The blonde was really cute. He was sure that he would follow the blonde home if the little blonde asked.

"Good, common. Vegetables and then meat." The blonde smiled.

Ken nodded and followed the blonde through the store.

"I usually don't come down this far to shop but I was down here on errands…" The blonde said. "and you looked lost here in the foods."

"I am…" Ken said.

"Here. Do you want a simple stir fry?" the blonde asked holding a few vegetables up.

Ken looked at him in confusion.

"Ok look. Take these and chop them into strips. You're going to want a big pan and add some cooking oil to the bottom of the pan…" the blonde instructed.

Ken couldn't help but stare into the green eyes of the short blonde. He couldn't be older then eighteen… He shouldn't have these naughty thoughts about the blonde! He didn't even know him.

"And then you'll take your meat and cut that into strips and you're going to cook the meat first and then when the meat is almost done then you add the vegetables. Are you following?" the blonde asked

Ken nodded. Surprisingly he was taking in all that the blonde was saying. "And how long do I cook the vegetables for?"

"About… 10-15 minutes. Do you have all that?" the blonde asked.

Ken nodded as a blonde smiled.

"Good." The blonde smiled. "I need to get going I have a dinner to cook myself and its getting late. Good luck to you and your dinner."

"Thank you." Ken managed as the blonde smiled once more and disappeared down another isle. Ken blinked. He didn't even get the blondes name.

Aya sighed as he reclined on his bed. It had been a long couple of days. He woke up in Bradley's bed the other day and showered using Bradley's things and borrowing that nice sweater of Bradley's… went to that club and submitted to Bradley's kisses. Today… today he cuddled all afternoon in Bradley's arms… He had changed into his jeans, a think pair of socks, and another shirt and in the end he pulled on Bradley's sweater again. He liked the feel of the sweater. He had been embarrassed when he had checked the sweater and had seen that sweater was cashmere. It was very fine cashmere soft on his skin and it didn't irritate it at all… He didn't like that harsher wools; they irritated his skin and gave him something close to a rash. He knew he was going to have to give Bradley back his sweater soon… but right now he was enjoying the sweater he had taken from the older man.

"Aya?" Omi's voice came through the door. "Aya can we talk a moment?"

"Sure, come on in." Aya said. He had managed to get rid of Yohji earlier and avoid talking about kissing Bradley and the mystery sweater that he now had in his possession. He wasn't going to tell the older man that the sweater belonged to their former enemy.

Omi came in and closed the door tightly. He couldn't really think on how to begin telling his brother what was wrong. He knew now that Aya was doing something with Crawford so he knew he could hopefully tell his brother this without him freaking out.

"What is it Omi?" Aya asked.

"Well…" Omi started. "I'mkindasleepingwithJeiofSchwartzandIthinkhe'scheatingonme."

Aya blinked. He only understood Omi's first word. "What?"

Omi took a deep breath. He would try again, and try again to tell his brother what was wrong. "I'm kinda sleeping with Jei of Schwartz and I think he's cheating on me."

Aya blinked again. He told himself that he couldn't get to mad at Omi. He was doing something with Bradley that he wasn't to sure of. "Why?"

"Why do I think Jei's cheating on me? Or why am I sleeping with him?" Omi asked grateful that so far Aya was keeping his cool.

"Both." Aya demanded beckoning Omi to sit near him on the bed. "How long?"

"Um-" Omi had to think. How long had he been sleeping with Jei? He knew it had to be at least over a year and a half… "Almost two years… I think…"

"Two years." Aya echoed. "How the hell have you kept this from us for two years?"

"Um- very carefully?" Omi ventured. He didn't really want to get into how he got together with the other man. It just came to be… He liked what he was doing with the other man, not the sneaking…

"Why do you think he's cheating on you?" Aya asked. He didn't want to know just how his brother came to be sleeping with Farfarello… He really didn't want to know. It was up there with how he started whatever it was with Bradley.

Omi sighed in relief that Aya seemed to be taking all this really well. "I- I had this feeling that something else was going on. He's been acting strange and moody and today after I left you in the park with Crawford… I saw him with a pretty blonde…"

Aya blinked. He really didn't know how he was to take his all. "Is this a casual thing?"

"I didn't think it was." Omi whispered. He didn't understand how Jei could do this…

"Are you sure?" Aya couldn't believe that he was going to help his brother through whatever was wrong with his relationship. After all he couldn't really criticize being in a relationship with someone they knew was dangerous. He was sure then if this relationship had lasted as long as Omi had said then he was sure that Bradley knew.

And suddenly Aya was angry. He was sure that Bradley knew and he didn't warn him or tell him anything… Bradley just wanted something to feel up… he just wanted a toy to play with…

Aya was out of the door before Omi knew what happened.

Aya was beyond furious as he pounded on Bradley's door. He had run out of the house and down the block and then hopped on the bus and when he was sure that he was almost at Bradley's he got off the bus and ran the rest of the way there. It had begun raining out and he was dripping wet when he finally reached Bradley's apartment.

"What? What? What?" Schuldich demanded as he opened the door. He was partly shocked to see the red haired Kitten dripping on their front mat. "What are you doing out there dripping all wet? Get in here! Get out of those wet things right now!"

Aya didn't have a chance to fight the older man. Schuldich managed to strip him of his wet things before he could protest. Charlie was there with a large towel and had wrapped him as Schuldich stripped him.

"There. Give me those wet cloths and I'll get then dry. Get him some warm soup or tea and dry that hair of his. Schuldich find him something for his feet. His toes are turning blue." Charlie ordered. Schuldich nodded and followed Charlie's orders and took off to get a second towel so that he could dry Aya's dripping hair.

"Don't move. Big Bad's not back yet. I'll get you dry things." Schuldich said leaving the dripping redhead in the hall. "Don't worry Red. Nagi's with his father right now. He won't be here. Go into the bathroom. I'll bring you something to wear.

Aya didn't protest. He didn't have a chance to protest. Schuldich pushed him towards the bathroom and disappeared into another room. A minute later Schuldich came out and shoved some items in hand.

"Put these on. You'll feel better when you're dry." Schuldich said. "I'll put some tea or something on for you. You can't face Big Bad looking like a drowned animal."

Aya opened his mouth to protest but the older redhead was already gone. He had no other choice but to change the cloths the older redhead had given him.

"Charlie, you might want to take Nagi and join me and Jei once Bradley gets back. Red is ready to tear Bradley apart and it would be best if we were not here. Red is in a right state." Schuldich advised placing a cup of tea on the table.

Charlie blinked and narrowed his eyes. "What did Bradley do to him?"

"Not Bradley. Red found out who Omi is dating. He's not very happy. He's very angry. It would be best if we let Red yell at Bradley in peace." Schuldich said.

"Will he be using inappropriate words?" Charlie asked.

"We'll leave it at he's very angry." Schuldich said, with a grin.

Charlie sighed. He knew Schuldich was right. The older man was a telepath and not normally wrong. "Alright. I'm sure that Jei is already to leave as soon as Bradley comes home?"

"Yes. So grab your coat and get ready. I hear Nagi coming up." Schuldich grinned. Charlie's green eyes narrowed and he gave the older man a glare.

"I will get you for this you know." Charlie glared. "I have work to do you know. I have dinner to cook."

"I know, I know. I'll buy dinner at that restaurant that you like so much at the corner. You can have anything you want… Even those cookies that they are famous for… Let's get going. I don't want to be caught in the cross fire with the Kitten and Big Bad. Believe me Red has some evil words planned for Bradley."

"Alright, let's go then." Charlie sighed going to gather his coat. "Anything I want? And if I want a dozen of those cookies?"

"Then get them." Schuldich urged. He needed to get them ready and out. He didn't know how Bradley was going to react to what Red was saying. "Let's go. Jei!"

Jei came out looking as glum as he had the past few days. They couldn't get a word out of him and his mind was locked tight.

Bradley sighed. He had a long day and Nagi had been bounding off the wall mostly all afternoon. All he wanted to do was have a hot dinner, take a hot shower and go to bed dreaming of his Kitten he couldn't wait to take in his arms again. He didn't like it when he approached his door and Schuldich, Jei and Charlie came barreling past him snagging Nagi along the way and calling something about bringing him back something for him to eat.

There was something in the apartment that was waiting for him then.

"Schuldich?" a soft voice he was learning so well called. Aya was in the apartment. What was his Kitten doing in his apartment? "Schuldich they don't fit! They're too big!"

'They don't fit?' Crawford thought. 'What is Kitten talking about?'

He went into the apartment and spotted his Kitten running around the apartment in Schuldich's sweats and an old shirt that were both clearly way to large for him.

"Schuldich?" Aya hissed. He was not happy. He wanted his cloths back so he could leave. He didn't want to face the older man anymore. Not dressed in Schuldich's oversized clothing… He felt weak and used.

"Kitten." Crawford called. Aya jumped and spun around so quick he lost his grip on the sweat pants and they fell. The shirt that Aya was wearing came to right above his knees. Such cute sexy knees they were…

"Bradley!" Aya exclaimed. Crawford could see the surprise vanish from Aya's face to be replaced anger. His Kitten was not a happy camper. "Bradley."

"Yes Kitten." Crawford said in a clam tone. He had a feeling that he knew what was wrong with his Kitten. He was sure this had something to do with why Jei was being unbearable and what was going on with the youngest blonde of Weiss.

Aya made an angry noise and glared at the older man. "You knew!"

"Knew what Kitten?" Crawford asked very confused.

"You knew!" Aya shrieked. "You knew and you didn't tell me! And he hurt Omi!"

Crawford sighed 'So that explains it.' Aya was in this state because of that? Aya was lovely when he was furious. Aya was going to be very difficult. Aya was not in the room any more. The boy had kicked off the sweats that had fallen off and stormed into his room and locked the door.

Unless he decided to pick the lock to his own room Aya was not going to come out anytime soon…

Sighing he went through the apartment and looked for the cloths that his Kitten had worn when he arrived. He wanted nothing more then to take his Kitten. Those long legs were beginning to taunt him…

He could hear the dryer going in the back and decided to start there.

Opening said dryer he found a pair of small pants, a small shirt, a small, very familiar looking, black sweater, and blue boxers.

Aya had shrunk his favorite sweater… Brad shook his head, Nagi liked sleeping in the sweater anyway.

Closing the dryer and turning it on again for a little longer Crawford stood.

Blue boxers… Aya was naked under that shirt and he couldn't have him… Life was really unjust to him.

Aya paced in Bradley's room. He was shivering from the cold and his anger. How could Bradley do this to him? He was angry that he let himself be fooled into thinking that he was cared for by the older man.

The shirt that he was left in covered nothing. Schuldich had taken everything he had been wearing when he arrived. He was so angry at Bradley! Bradley at least had the decency to look ashamed.

Bradley Crawford was usually a patient man. But his kitten was really trying his nerves. He wanted to take his Kitten and explore what was under that shirt he was wearing. He needed to get his Kitten dressed so he could get his mind off Aya's near nakedness. Folding the clothing neatly he brought the clothing to his door and knocked.

"Kitten. Open the door, I have your clothing." Crawford called.

Crawford waited until he heard the door unlock and slowly creek open. Aya's redhead poked through snatched the clothing and ran for the bathroom. Crawford growled to himself. If only that shirt was a little higher… he would be able to see the firm bottom he knew the redhead had…

Aya dressed in a hurry. He didn't want to deal with the older man any longer.

"Are you coming out of there Kitten?" Aya heard Bradley asked from the other side of the door. He was not going to come out with the older man so close! Cracking open the door Aya peaked out and tried to find the older man, Aya could see him sitting on his bed waiting patiently for him.

Aya narrowed his eye at the older man remembering that he was mad at the older man.

Crawford waited patiently on his bed watching the door for signs of life from his Kitten. "Hello Kitten. All dry and dressed now?"

Aya glared. "What do you want?"

"My sweater collection seems to be missing one now and I'm manning the rest. You see I know this lovely redhead and I let him in and now I'm short one…"

Aya blushed bright.

Crawford smiled inwardly at his Kitten's shyness. He was wearing the boy down. He was amused when Aya's shyness turned to anger again. Perhaps he could take care of all his Kitten's mood swings now and not have to deal with them down the road…

Aya didn't know what happened. He just couldn't explain it, he just snapped and before he could explain it he had smacked the older man. Aya blinked. A horrified look came over him and he dashed from the room.

Crawford brought his hand to his face as he watched his little redhead run in fear of him. He couldn't believe that Aya had hit him. He was glad that Aya was expressing his emotions but he wished that it wasn't such a hard expression. He certainly had not seen that coming.

Aya ran out of the apartment and down the stairs forgetting about the elevator. He ran down the stairs and out the stairwell door and into something solid.

"Easy there Red. I've got you." Schuldich's voice came over the top of his head.

Aya struggled to get free and gave up and slumped into the arms that were holding him to the strong chest of the older redhead.

"Schu?" Charlie's voice came. "Is everything alright?"

"Take Nagi and go upstairs. Red's rather upset. I'm going to take him home. He'll get sick otherwise." Schuldich said. Aya was clinging to his clothing. All he could get from the little redhead was that he smacked Bradley and that the Kitten was upset and believed Brad hated him.

"Alright. Should I tell Bradley where you went?" Charlie asked trying to usher Nagi in the door while the child was trying to get to Aya.

"Where's Kitty going?" Nagi asked pouting. "Isn't Kitty coming home with us and sleep with Daddy and me?"

"Not to night Nagi." Schuldich told the child. "Kitten needs to go to his home and sleep."

"But here is Kitty's home!" Nagi protested. "Kitty has to come up and see Daddy! Daddy likes Kitty!"

"Not tonight Nagi. Go on upstairs please. Dinner is going to be cold." Charlie said taking on a stern tone that Nagi followed. "Take him home. I won't promise there will be cookies left when you get home."

Schuldich watched Charlie enter the building with Nagi complaining that Kitten was not coming and Jei nowhere in sight. Jei had vanished somewhere along the way to get dinner.

"Common now Red, lets get you home." Schuldich said picking up the slender redhead. Aya weighed less then he actually looked. "Are you doing alright Red."

"Will you please take me home?" Aya asked and curled into the older man.

Schuldich felt Aya snuggle under his head. He was almost to his car with the red head trying to snuggle more then possible into him. Aya's slender arms were wrapped around his neck tight. "Want to tell me what happened up there?"

"I was angry at Bradley… I didn't mean to do it…" Aya whispered.

"Shush it's alright Red. Big Bad will get over it. You shouldn't be upset." Schuldich told Aya, managing somehow to get him into his car. "Hey Red, I need you to let go so I can drive…"

Aya blushed and removed his arms. "I'm sorry."

"Its ok Red. Let's get you home. I bet they are worried about you." Schuldich offered.

"Ok." Aya whispered. He didn't know why he was feeling so down. The past few days he couldn't understand why

Schuldich smiled at the little redhead. Aya was adorable curled in his seat looking like a kicked puppy. If Bradley didn't make up with Red he was going to have to do something. Red was a hurt young man. If Bradley didn't treat the Kitten right he was going to have to do something about it.

"Don't worry Red. It was shock. Big Bad is not mad at you. In fact you know it's a very good thing to express if you're angry. Bradley knows that and is pleased that you are showing signs of anger and life."

"But I hit him!" Aya protested.

Schuldich was grateful that he was driving because he didn't think that he could face those lovely eyes that Aya owned. Those tearful eyes would make anyone want to cry with him. "Don't cry Red. It's ok. You don't need to cry."

"But-" Aya started.

"No," Schuldich said pulling the car over. "Listen to me Red. It's alright. You don't have to feel bad about hitting Bradley. He probably deserved it right? Common Red you can tell me."

Aya blushed and bowed his head. "Omi."

"Omi?" Schuldich asked. "What about Omi?"

Aya nodded, his violet eyes shining. "Bradley knew."

"Knew what Red." Schuldich pressed. He wanted to get Red to tell him what the problem was. "Talk to me Red."

Aya's eyes looked at him pleadingly. Those violet eyes were going to make him break. Schuldich knew that Aya was hurting. He wanted to take the pain away. Since he knew the little red head he knew the truth about the boy.

Aya couldn't believe that Schuldich knew. No one but Bradley had known about what had happened when he was younger... Well Schu told him that knew because he was a telepath and Aya was utterly embarrassed that the older man had known about his dirty thoughts about Bradley... and what his uncle had done.

He was more shocked that the older man had not teased or threatened him about what had happen. In fact the older man had told him that he hated people who did such vile deeds like that more then he did and that no child should have ever have to deal with something like that. Schuldich's behavior confused him greatly...

He could not get that the older man had told him that he could call him anytime if he ever needed anything. He wanted to understand why the older man was helping him and now looking out for him. Schuldich obviously wanted something from him. It might be something more then he really wanted to think about... But with the older man it would be whatever dignity he had remaining...

But the older man hadn't wanted anything like that. Aya was sure that if the older man did want him like that he could have forced him. Schuldich was much larger then he was and he was sure that he could dominate him without any trouble.

Ken was the first to hear Aya when he entered the house again. When he entered the kitchen Aya was there with an empty look gracing his face and soaking wet. When Omi said he just ran from his room without any word to where he was going without shoes or money and his keys they got worried when the rain started to poor down.

"Aya!" Ken exclaimed. They needed to get the wet things off Aya before he got really sick. "Omi! Yohji!"

Both came running when they heard the brunette calling. Both saw the dripping redhead and stood there a moment observing the redhead before they all burst into action.

"Omi go get towels! Yohji help me get him out of these things!" Ken ordered moving right up to Aya. "Aya, Aya if you cab hear me look at me."

Yohji appeared at his side and waited to be told what to do. He saw the blank look in Aya's face and waited for the others to return. What was up with Aya these days? He just wished that Aya would open up to him and talk to him… While he did really care for the red head he was concerned that there was something amiss and he really truly wanted to help.