Title: A Hippo for Christmas part 2

Author: Sorceress Fantasia

Pairings: YY/Y, mentions of S/J and B/R

Warnings: Fluff, sap, romance, lime

Disclaimer: Santa told me that he's run out of Yugi this year because everyone wanted one, I would have to wait until next year to get my share. So unfortunately, I do not own YGO or any of the characters. I don't own the song 'I want a hippopotamus for Christmas' either because John Rox and his record company own it. Lastly, I don't own the 'Dummies' series of books and Godzilla as well.

Intro: Yami wants something romantic for Yugi's Christmas present, but apparently, his little aibou wants something different… A story where Yami finally understands the spirit of Christmas and the essence of love.

While Kaiba Seto didn't look like someone who enjoyed parties, he sure knew how to organize one. At least, that was how the people who had been invited to his party thought.

"Man! This party's a blast!" Honda yelled over the music, slumping deeper into the giant couch. He took a sip of the eggnog and sighed contentedly.

Beside him, Otogi nodded as he sipped at his own drink. He looked around at the small ballroom that had been elegantly decorated for the occasion. Food was served at one corner, and eating everything seemed to be the only way Otogi could think of to appreciate the chef's efforts. Mokuba had probably pressed his brother into playing famous Christmas tunes all night with his infamous puppy-eyes, and so there was a quartet band at another corner of the room. For a party for only the few of them, this party was extremely luxurious, as one would expect from the Kaiba family.

He glanced around for his friends.

Anzu and Mokuba were playing Duel Monsters, and it seemed that Anzu was currently in the lead, judging from the wide grin she was sporting. Then suddenly, the young Kaiba's face light up when he drew a card from his deck and Otogi could almost see Anzu's life points dwindling away. While Mokuba wasn't the best player out there, he was still Kaiba Seto's younger brother after all; he had probably picked up a few pointers here and there while watching his brother play.

Ryou and Bakura had managed to find themselves under a stalk of mistletoe… for the umpteenth time, and were kissing each other passionately. When the spirit of the ring had found out about the tradition, he had all but dragged his hikari under every stalk of mistletoe possible. It was funny the first few times, but it got old pretty soon and Otogi was rather tempted to tell them to just pilfer all the mistletoes home if it wasn't for Bakura's evil temper.

Kaiba and Jou were fighting it out near the eggnog container, trying their best to drink the other under. Otogi raised an eyebrow; the two were probably looking for an excuse to drag their drunken behinds up to the master's bedroom and start using the dice Yami had given them. At that thought, Otogi felt himself smirk. He had never thought that Yami, the king of games and Yugi's protector, would ever give someone that type of provocative dice. He could still picture how red Yugi had gotten when he saw the present, and how Jou had gaped while Kaiba just smirked. But there was a definite hint of leer in that smirk, which he was sure Jou would love once they were in the bedroom.

Of course, he didn't miss the bedroom eyes Yami was giving Yugi when they saw the present he had gotten them either.

Speaking of which, where was the mischievous closet sex fiend now?

A glint of gold – probably light bouncing off the millennium puzzle – showed him where he was. Seeing Yami leading Yugi out to the balcony, he grinned. He still remembered Yami calling him and asking him what he should get for Yugi's Christmas present; if he guessed correctly, Yugi was going to remember this night for a long while to come.

With everyone paired up for the night, Otogi glanced at Honda, who looked like he was rather smashed from the eggnog, if the way he was blabbering like an idiot was any indication. Feeling evil all of a sudden, he dug out the deck of cards Yami had given him.

"Honda? Wanna play a few games of cards?"

Yugi peered at his lover, his head slightly tilted and big eyes blinking. He wondered what was all this about; why had Yami pulled him out to the balcony anyway? He had wanted to try out the eggnog… Maybe Yami was going to give him his Christmas present. Earlier, when everyone had sat down around the table and exchanged their presents, Yami had declined giving it to him there and then. He wondered why, but he was sure Yami had a good reason.

Perhaps it was for the same reason that Yami was currently leaning against the railing, looking like a criminal awaiting his execution.

Just like Yugi had thought, the ex-pharaoh was bracing himself. Just two days ago, he had stumbled upon the perfect gift for his lover. Now, all that was left was giving it to Yugi and hoping that he'd accept it with a smile. If he didn't, Yami would thank Kaiba for situating the party at such a high floor of his mansion and thank the architect for the balcony. The railings didn't look too high for him to climb over… Taking in a deep breath, Yami turned around.

"Yugi… have I told you how much I love the present you gave me? It's really warm," he started, tugging at the scarf around his neck.

The little one smiled. "I noticed that you were a little cold this winter, and I saw this scarf one day. I thought it would look very good on you. I'm sorry I didn't knit one for you instead; I wanted to, but I just didn't know how and I didn't think I would finish it in time."

"It doesn't matter, Yugi. The essence of gift giving during Christmas is about sharing your love and /not/ sharing a gift," Yami replied, repeating what jii-chan had told him the other day. "As I'm wearing this scarf, I know the warmth I feel isn't just from the scarf itself; I can feel your love within this present, and that's what really keeps me warm."


"Now, it's my turn to give you your Christmas present," the taller youth said, digging in his pockets. Grasping it tightly, he left his clenched fist inside and added, "While you may not necessarily want a hippo for Christmas, unlike that song you were singing the other day, I just want to give you this hippo for Christmas…"

And he finally pulled it out, letting it rest on his opened palm for Yugi to see.

"Merry Christmas, love."

Yugi blinked. Under the moonlight, he could see that it was a little velvet hippo lying on is back. It was much like how a chubby teddy bear looked like, its limbs made to be short and all flailed out. Upon closer inspection, he could see a line running across the hippo's sides… like it was a box of some sort. Suddenly, something clicked in his head and he looked up at his lover again.

"…Yami?" he breathed, almost afraid to speak louder and risk shattering the peacefulness they were enjoying.

Yami gave Yugi a smile that turned his insides into jelly. Carefully and with a tinge of nervousness, he flipped the box open, revealing a glimmer of silver lying quietly on a small cushion.

Yugi felt his hand fly to his mouth, and his eyes widened, looking on as Yami took the ring out and slotted the case back into his pocket.

"This gift… comes from the bottom of my heart that beats only for you. I know that we can't actually get married legally, but with this ring, I promise myself to you; I will never look at another the way I look at you," Yami said solemnly, holding the silver ring at eye-level.

"Will you promise yourself to me, the way I promise myself to you?"

Finally, everything registered in Yugi's shocked mind and tears welled up in his amethyst eyes. But they were tears of joy, and if his tears would overflow and flood within him, he knew Yami's gift would allow his heart to float on the surface like a leaf on water, perhaps even grow wings and fly away. They were something Yugi was willing to shed everyday if it meant that his lover was really proposing to him.

With a sudden burst of energy, he threw himself into Yami's open arms.

"Yes! Yes, I will! …Gods, I love you so much," he breathed, leaning hard against his lover's muscular chest. "Will you… will you help me put the ring on my finger?"

"Gods yes…" Yami answered, feeling his heart bursting with love for the other and his soul soaring into heavens like a freshly liberated bird from its cage. He pulled away gently, and took Yugi's hand. Almost shakily, he slid the ring onto Yugi's ring finger, and it fitted perfectly like the last piece of the millennium puzzle had, all those years ago.

The hikari gazed long and hard at his ring. It had a simple design, and probably didn't cost very much, but Yugi knew that he would rather have this ring from the one he loved than getting a diamond ring from anybody else. The silver ring glittered beautifully in the moonlight; he tried tilting his hand around, and the ring sparkled just as brightly at every angle. It was perfect. After a moment, he looked up, smiling when he saw Yami fishing out his own ring that hung from the end of a thin silver chain under his sweater.

"Yugi? Could you…?"

"Of course."

Unclasping the chain, Yugi removed the ring. Holding it up, he stated solemnly, repeating Yami's vow, "With this ring, I promise myself to you and I will never look at another the way I look at you." And he slid it onto Yami's ring finger.

For a while, the now-engaged couple just stood there, bathing in the moonlight and gazing into the other's endless pools. The music still blasting from inside the ballroom, the sounds of people talking, the bright lights seeping out… all that ceased to exist for them at that moment. There was only the two of them and their overflowing love.

No one knew who moved first, but that did not matter when their lips found each other, sealing their engagement with a kiss. They tugged at the other, hoping to get closer and have their bodies pulled flush together. They moaned their pleasure; the sound was swallowed by their kiss and reverberated in their minds. They coaxed their tongues into dancing longer, told their lungs to hold on for a moment more, begged their souls to get closer.

Finally, they broke apart.

Panting heavily, Yami whispered into Yugi's ear, "Let's go home."

Unable to speak, Yugi merely nodded.

After a few goodbyes, which Jou and Kaiba were conspicuously missing from, they finally found themselves alone in their bedroom. Jii-chan had gone to bed long ago, with a single note stuck on their door: Whatever you do tonight, don't wake me up with your noise. Yugi had blushed madly at that while Yami just laughed gaily. It seemed that the old man always knew the two better than they knew themselves.

Now, they were curled up together in their bed, leaning against the wall and staring at the other. Yugi, however, spent most of his time admiring his ring and reveling in his sudden elevation from a singleton to being engaged. It seemed that nothing could wipe that wide smile from his face.

Yami was unconsciously playing with his own ring, occasionally twisting and turning it around his finger, as he gazed at his fiancé sitting beside him. If only they had a fireplace, he thought, things would surely be perfect. He knew that Yugi would look heavenly with the glow of the fire on his face. Still, the fact that they didn't have a fireplace was a perfect excuse to share their body warmth. Vaguely, Yami wondered if he could get the scores to become Yugi seventeen, Yami three tonight. It wasn't just a matter of him being horny; of course, that was a crucial issue, but hey! He thought that a night of passion would be the best way to celebrate their engagement… and then they could think of how to break the issue to their friends, whom they had cleverly forgotten to inform yet; they would never make it home that night if they had.

With that thought in mind, Yami gently took Yugi's hands in his own, raising them to his lips. Losing himself in his lover's amethyst depths, he pressed tender kisses to Yugi's fingers, as though a knight pressing a kiss to a lady's hand. He relished the hint of redness that quickly surfaced on his aibou's cheeks, and continued with his tender loving, raining more kisses on the slender fingers. Finally, he pulled the hands to rest near his lips, close enough to let them feel his warm breath.

"I know you're uncomfortable when I'm affectionate to you in public, but I just love you too much to not want to show it to others. I want the world to know that you belong to me, just as I belong to you. That's all I want. Our love is all I live for now," he said seriously, letting his emotions show in his crimson eyes. "But you're always so skittish, like you're going to run away from me one day…"

"Yami, that's not true! I just…" Yugi faltered, looking away. "I guess I'm just a little afraid."

"Of what, hikari?"

Yugi bit his bottom lip, and looked back at him through his jagged bangs.

"Of not being good enough for my spouse when I get married. You know, jii-chan always told me to keep myself for that special someone in my life, and this… 'gift'…" – he swallowed nervously – "should only be given after marriage. So I erm… I…"

Suddenly, Yami understood and he laughed.

"Yami!" Yugi looked rather indignant, biting his lip and frowning. With a huff, he turned away with his arms crossed.

Quickly, the ex-pharaoh crawled across the bed and wrapped his arms around his fiancé.

"Yugi, I'm not laughing at you…"

"Yes, you are!"

"No, I'm not. I'm laughing because…"

"Because?" Yugi could not help but ask, despite himself.

"Because I'm relieved that you're saving yourself for me. Not a lot of people seem to do that anymore nowadays."

"And you are so sure that I'm doing this for you?"

"Of course, you are wearing my ring now," Yami murmured huskily, fingering Yugi's ring in a flirty manner.

"I can always give it back to you."

"Yes you can, but do you really want to? I sincerely hope not."

Yugi turned around in his arms, and gave him an impish grin.

"Well…" he trailed off, tilting his head the way he always did whenever he was thinking of something. "I can always be persuaded."

Yami grinned; he loved it when his light got playful. Things always got a lot more interesting after that.

"How do you want to be persuaded then, hikari?"

He almost shivered when he noticed the unholy gleam in those amethyst eyes.

"I seem to remember hearing something about scores some time ago… What was it? Hmm… oh yes. I think it went something like this: Yugi seventeen, Yami two."

"Yugi! Where…!?"

"You can't blame me for hearing when you're not filtering your thoughts properly," Yugi teased, sticking out his tongue. Then his expression turned serious. "Well, maybe we could…?" he paused, blushing madly.

But Yami understood what he was trying to say.

"You mean…?" he choked on his words, too shocked to talk.

Yugi's blush seemed to deepen, if it were possible.

You want me to use the present Otogi gave us?he continued, reverting to using their mind link. He had almost felt his eyes pop out when he saw that tube of strawberry flavoured lubricant in the box the brunette gave them, but now that Yugi was suggesting that they actually use it was even more shocking. But he wasn't going to question his luck. Oh no, he wasn't.

/Why… why not? We are married now, aren't we?/

Indeed, in a way, they were married, and that meant that Yugi's promise to his grandfather had been kept. Once that message had sunken fully into Yami's mind, he grinned evilly. With a war cry, the dark spirit launched himself towards his lover who could only laugh and fall back onto the mattress as his lips were ravished thoroughly.

Soon, their clothes were flying all over the place and Yami could hear his scores rocketing.

Yugi seventeen, Yami three… four… five… six…

Neither noticed when it started to snow outside.



I didn't think it would be that mind-blowing… Remind me to thank Otogi tomorrow.

Yugi hummed in consent, and tried to cuddle closer. He felt himself being pulled onto Yami's broad chest when he moaned out loud in frustration. Just how had Yami tired him out so easily, so much so that he even had trouble cuddling closer? Almost absently, he wondered how different his life would be from that moment on, now that he was engaged. Yami would probably scare all their friends away when he got into /the/ mood; hell, even he was a little surprised at how much his lover had held back from him before tonight. The two heavy pettings they had done before paled in comparison to what Yami had done tonight by a large margin. Perhaps their first scare would come from looking at his neck tomorrow; he was sure that it was covered with hickeys now.


Yes, hikari?

/Were you planning to propose this Christmas all along? I really didn't expect that you would… Imagine: we're going to have a busy Christmas from now on. Not only do we have to celebrate Christmas, we also have to plan our anniversary./

Well, would you believe that it was your song that inspired me to propose to you?

/My song?/ He could feel a grin through the mind link, even if he did not see it.

The one where you told me you wanted a hippo for Christmas.

"THAT ONE?" Yugi exclaimed aloud, carefully propping himself up to look into Yami's eyes. He winced slightly when a bolt of pain zipped through his body, especially the lower half.

"Yugi? Are you okay? Did… did I hurt you?" Yami asked, quickly loosening his embrace and rubbing what he thought were his lover's sore spots.

"I'm sorry…"

The hikari shook his head despite the pain.

"I'm alright… Just… I just think that maybe we should ease up on our activities tomorrow. A hot bath sounds really great."

"Consider it done. I'll get to it first thing in the morning."

"Thanks… Anyway, you were saying that my song inspired you to propose? That one?"

Yami, having been assured of his lover's well being, simply smirked wider and answered, "Yup, that one. Of course, the song just came back to me when I was out looking for your present again. And then I remembered that jii-chan told me about how the gift should come from my heart, so when I saw the ring and the hippo ring case, everything just clicked in my head. Everything inside me was screaming at me, telling me that that was the perfect gift for my little angel."

"Oh Yami…" He murmured, feeling tears come to his eyes. It had been too long since he had last heard someone say such tender words to him, too long since he had someone who treasured him more than any diamond or gold. Instinctively, his hands moved to cup Yami's cheeks and leaned in for a short, chaste kiss.

He should have seen it coming when he pulled away; Yami was never one who got satiated easily, be it intimacy or teasing.

"So… no more blushing now? What a pity, hikari; you blush beautifully…"

The redness in his cheeks came back with a vengeance.


However, he was easily appeased when Yami gave him a mega-watt smile that could electrify at least half the girls in school.

"Hikari, would you sing for me again? I want to listen to that hippo song now."

He promptly melted into a puddle of mush almost immediately, but he still managed a little comeback line.

"It's all your fault that this song's becoming /our/ couple song, you know? Other people have nice little romantic tunes, and we have a cheesy Christmas song singing about wanting a hippopotamus. They're going to fall over laughing when they hear about this."

Yami never hesitated in replying, "And they'll go 'aww' and melt when they hear about the story behind it."

Yugi giggled.

"I guess so."

"Sing for me, hikari? Please?"

The younger teen nodded coyly.

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
Only a hippopotamus will do
I don't want a doll, no dinkey tinker toys
I want a hippopotamus to play with and enjoy

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
I don't think Santa Claus will mind, do you?
He won't have to use a dirty chimney flue
Just bring him through the front door
That's the easy thing to do

They spent the rest of the night basking in the other's presence, singing the song they would remember for the rest of their lives. At the same time, Yami was planning where to put all the mistletoe stalks he had pinched off at Kaiba's party before Bakura did for maximum results.


Note: Yup, I have seen ring cases in the shape of animals. I'd admit I haven't seen a hippo one, but I have seen a squid ring case. And I thought, "Hey, if they have a squid ring case, surely they can have a hippo one."

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