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Chapter Four: Ironic…isn't it?

Raven just stared there in front of Star's room and just froze there keeping her distance ,she wanted to know the truth but she didn't think she had the guts to look inside there, she was happy with Speedy, and she didn't want that to end. Flashes of memories, of Speedy and her spending time together was like a slideshow of all her happy memories and it turned out to be a lie…a rotten lie…a scam to get Starfire to fall for him. But still, what did it matter, now knowing that Speedy didn't really love her back really pierced her. What am I thinking?? I don't really know what they were doing??? She thought but it was worth a try, she took a deep breath and stepped in front of the door and saw the last thing she didn't want to think to see. Speedy and Star kissing, Speedy was pushing her against the wall as they kissed passionately and they didn't even bother to notice her floating a few inches from the carpeted floor staring at them in revulsion, looking at her two friends she trusted the most cheat on her.

"So…." A dark angry voice made them jump, Star gasped in fear, seeing her best friend so angry.

"Had fun?" she snarled at Speedy.

"Raven, I can explain—"

"You don't need to" Raven said, with a pang of pain in her voice.

Raven's anger had caught up with her sympathy to even care about Speedy. She sent out a wave of black energy towards them, knocking the both of out. She looked at their unconscious bodies, lying there on Star's carpeted floor.

Raven quietly floated in her room, with no further regret on what she had done to them.Shelves filled with old books, four-eyed tragedy and comedy masks on a pedestal, oddly shaped mirror on the wall, chalices and braziers, ancient chests and lamps, a bed partly recessed into the far wall, a large globe in the near corner. The only place that made sense in the world was her room.. The entire place is done in shades of gray and black "They asked for it" Raven muttered angrily to herself. Hot streaks of tears fell from her amethyst eyes; she was such moron, got caught up with love and found out that it so was way too much to be true…way too much. She was angry with herself; two months Raven!!…You just let them slip by you like it was nothing!!!

"Arggh!!" Raven groaned her mirror that hanged on her wall cracked.

Ironically, she knew about their lies, their cheats, she already knew that they were cheating because every minute Starfire enters the room, Speedy gets a little tense and every time he touches her, everything that happened to Star and him last night seems like a playback video in her head. The irony even gets worse that Speedy hadn't even done it with her, and yet she ignored everything.

"I'm such a moron…" Raven said, miserably burying her face on her pillow…

"Rob…you gotta see this…" Cyborg shook Robin from his slumber. Robin turned to him, his hair which was usually smoothed out with gel, incredibly messy; his eyes squinted as he rubbed them.

"Cy? C'mon…It's like 5am gimme a break!!" Robin groaned as he burying his head on his red pillow getting ready to go back to sleep.

"Robin! It's Star and Speedy…they don't look…too well" Cyborg said to him shaking him again. "And I think Raven's got to do with this"

Hearing Raven's voice, Robin immediately stood up and changed to his uniform.

"God, That bastard…" Cyborg said as he looked down at Speedy's cold unconscious body. "He cheated on Rae...I'm gonna kill him"

"I think Raven already did that…" Robin replied, touching Starfire's wrist, feeling for an existing pulse.

"Well, I don't blame her…" Cyborg said, actually happy that Raven knocked the both of them out.

"Whoa…This is some scandal" Beast Boy said in amusement.

"Guys…Star's our friend too, you know" Robin said to them, defending his former girlfriend.

"Yeah, and she should know better not to mess with other people's Raven" Cyborg reasoned out.

"Dude…I just glad that I wasn't involved in this" Beast Boy agreed with Cyborg.

"You and me both, brother" Cyborg nodded in agreement.

"Look, let's just take them to the Med Lab for some treatment" Robin snapped, cutting their conversation getting irritated in hearing this picking up Star.

"Which of you two is gonna bring Speedy?" Robin asked, raisinghis eyebrow.

"I ain't touching him…uh uh" Cyborg said, waving his hand.

Robin gave him a stern look; Cyborg sighed heavily and picked up Speedy.

"Okay, It seems like Raven can only cure them" Cyborg told Robin and Beast Boy, finishing scanning their condition in their monitor.

The three of them exchanged uneasy glances; they would have to talk to Raven who is obviously in a terrible mood right now

"Dude!! Duh!! She did this to them what makes you think she'll change them back" Beast Boy cried. Cyborg shrugged,

"Maybe one of us could go talk to her??" he suggested.

"We could wind up dead, if we bug her" Beast Boy shuddered in fear.

"Raven? Are you there?" Robin called out to her from outside her room, knocking impatiently on her door.

"Go Away. Need to be alone." Robin heard her say from the other side, in her usual empty voice.

"I want you to see something at the med lab" he explained to her, Robin waited for an answer. For a few seconds, to Robin's relief, Raven opening a small amount of her door and peering out.

"I don't want to help them" She replied sternly,

"How'd you—Hang on…You…Did…That to them?" Robin asked her, holding the side of her door with his hands as she tried to close them back.

"What if I did?" She replied coldly.

"Raven, you've got heal them back!!" Robin demanded.

"Maybe later…when I feel like it" she retorted, Robin got tired of her being so stubborn, so cold, so withdrawn from him, he slid back her door open with all his might, dragged her out of her room, gripping her wrist and pinned her on the wall hard opposite from her door. Raven winced in pain.

"Let me…Go!!"

"Heal them…" Robin growled.


"Why do you have to be so…so…impossible!?!" Robin said to her, releasing her from his grip, there was no way to convince her, nobody could.

Raven stared at him coldly; she brushed off her cloak.

"Why can't you leave me alone…for once" she said to him, closing the door behind her.

"Because…I'm crazy about you" Robin replied to her under his breath, he sighed heavily and bitterly walked away.

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