A forgotten tale from Diana's beginnings ...

By Adrian Tullberg.

Diana was rummaging through the dark pit known as the basement. Julia Kapatelis told her that there were some educational aids down here that would help with her English.

Diana was eager to begin, and decided to get a head start while Julia slept - no need to wake her for simple task like this.

A taped up box was opened, and a series of small plastic boxes were found inside. Frowning, Diana picked one up, and carefully enunciated the words on the outside.

"De ... bie ... does ... Dal ... las ..."

Videocassetes. Vanessa had shown her how to operate them. These were most likely to be the educational aids talked about. Diana picked up another one.

"De ... eep ... Th ...ro ..at."

She picked up the box and headed to the stairs. If the time taken on each one was a constant, she could watch them all before morning...

Steve Trevor, US Air Force rang the doorbell. When Julia had mentioned something about a plumbing problem, he stated that he spent a fair amount of time fixing his family's waterworks.

Besides, Ms. Kapatelis needed some kind of compensation for taking in Diana, and if the bureaucrats in the State Department were hemming and hawing (as usual) free plumbing was what she'd get.

The door opened, to see a rather haggard looking Diana.

"Kid? You okay?"

"Couldn't ... sleep ..." She let him in, obviously distracted.

Better talk to the lady of the house. "Where's Julia? I've come to fix the pipes."

Diana's face took on a look of mounting horror. "What ... you ... say?"

Trevor didn't relish miming the art of fixing modern plumbing. "I've come - to fix - the pipes ..."

With a horrified shriek, Diana tackled him to the ground in a headlock...