-Teen Titans: Stand Alone Complex

-A Teen Titan, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex crossover

-This will mark my second crossover story, this time involving Teen Titans and Ghost in the Shell: SAC. Why? Well, because I can. ;-) It started, like many things, as a simple idea that just, took off! The idea, what if Major Motoko Kusanagi from GitS: SAC meet the Teen Titans? An interesting idea that refused to die! And this fanfiction is the result of it.

-Oh, and why GitS: SAC instead of simply say, the original GitS or even the sequel movie, GitS 2: Innocence? Well, simply because I haven't seen the original movie, or the sequel. ;-) I hope to someday, but at the moment, the only thing I'm going off of is the series that is currently being shown on the Cartoon Network (and yes, since the series hasn't been shown in its entirely yet, that also means I haven't seen it all either). Being the poor person that I am, I don't exactly have the luxury to buy or even rent many movies/shows. And given that they could potentially be different from each other (case where they have the same characters, same location, same themes even, just not the same 'universe' or 'timeline' think Tenchi Muyo vs. Tenchi Universe or, even the Teen Titans series vs. Teen Titan comic books), crossing it over with GitS: SAC is, well, logical given my knowledge. And about not seeing the series in its entirely; usually when I begin a story, I would usually like to have at least seen something in its entirely (Evangelion), or up to a point (like Teen Titans or Totally Spies cough since both series are still ongoing). This is especially true for Oh! My Goddess since I am having problems continuing my story due to my lack of knowledge (not only do I have the short OVA to consider, I also have the movie and most importantly, the mangas. I've only seen the OVA). Granted, I did start my first story without seeing all the episodes of Teen Titans (which I later remedied later when the episodes I missed were in rerun) but I did write my stories having seen most of the important episodes (something I can't say yet for GitS: SAC). However, at this point in the story (Chapter 1), any important back-story info that might be important…well, not that important right now. I'm hoping I could get away with this introduction without running into any important back-story or character problems.

-Also, one last thing. Unlike my other story ("Two Birds…") this one definitely has a relationship plan for Robin…Raven. Sorry Starfire/Robin fans but hey, I'm still a Robin/Raven fan. However, don't worry about "Two Birds…" yet, even though I admit that I am a Robin/Raven fan, that doesn't meant I will turn "Two Birds…" into one. Also, even in this story, the main focus won't be Raven or Robin really. The main focus, well, you could probably guess given the content of this story.

-Now, standard disclaimer. I do not own, or have any association with either Teen Titans or Ghost in the Shell: SAC. I am just a fan of both series that decided to write a story about them. If asked by the people or companies that own either series to take this story down, I will take this story down without hesitation. I am, after all, quite poor and going up against people with money is not a smart move.

-Now, on to the story!

Jump City Office Complex

"Are you getting this Robin?" Cyborg was on the roof. He hacked into the buildings security system. Cyborg could now see into each room. The room he focused on was the conference room. He broadcasted the images to Robin's communicator.

"I'm getting it crystal clear." Robin was crawling in the building's air ducts. He was currently heading towards the conference room where a group of businessmen were taken hostage by, of all people, janitors. "From the looks of it, the janitors are simply holding them in the conference room." In the conference room, five janitors were holding the CEO, and the board members all hostages. Two near the door, two next to the table, and the CEO at the end of the table. The two near the door held some sort of weapon. The weapons appeared to be broken off mop handles. Robin used his communicator to contract Raven. "Raven, are you in position?"

Raven was standing behind a wall. Around the corner was a security guard lying on the ground with a massive head wound. Behind him were two janitors, one carrying a broken off mop handle. Another was carrying the guard's weapon. "Yes Robin. From my position, it appears that there is a man down in the hallway. I don't know his condition right now, though from the looks of it, not good." Raven looked at the corner again, crept to the side of the corner just to see the two janitors. "There are two janitors in my area that need to be cleaned out."

Robin looked at Raven seriously. "I understand." He then contracted Beast Boy who was currently in his bird form. "Beast Boy, what do you see?"

Beast Boy was on the ledge next to the conference room window. "Not good. If we are going to do something now, we better do it! The cleaning staff has the business guys in a choke hold, and I don't think they are letting go!"

Robin frowned. "This is worse then I thought. Understood Beast Boy." He contacted Starfire. "Star, where are you right now?"

"Underneath the conference room." Starfire replied. "Robin, are all people that clean rooms this bad on your planet?"

"We'll talk about that later. But right now…" Robin looked out of the grid and saw the inside of the conference room. "Okay, we have to hurry this up! When I give the word, take them down. Beast Boy, you take the one next to the window!"

"Got it!" Beast Boy looked at his target. He was currently holding the CEO.

"Raven, you take out the two janitors and check on the man." Robin continued to relay his orders to his teammates. "Once we know his condition, either tend to him, or help us in the conference room."

"Got it." Raven signed off as she sees a potted plant and a table nearby. She quietly whispered her most spoken phrases. "Azerath, Metrion, Zinthos!" She picked up the potted plant and the table.

"Star." Robin waited for a reply.

"Yes Robin?" Starfire replied as she continued to stare at the ceiling.

"With the goggles Cyborg provided, as well as the security video that he is streaming to it, you should be able to see your target." Robin continued. "Shoot around the men who's to the right of the CEO at the end of the table. Once they drop, free him and knock out the janitor."

Starfire puts on the goggles. Although it was a bit confusing, Starfire was able to see what Robin meant. "I see the bad cleaners!" Starfire prepared her starbolts.

"Good." Robin contacted Cyborg. "Cyborg, take out the janitor holding the board member to the left of the table."

"Which left Robin?" Cyborg questioned.

"Ummmm…" He looked around the room to give a better indication. He saw what looked like an aquarium on his left side. "The side with the aquarium. Knock him down." Robin took out two birdorangs and continued. "I'm going to take out the two janitors holding the men near the door." He narrowed his eyes as he gave his command. "Titans, GO!"

Beast Boy turned into a gorilla, shattered the window, and took the janitor holding the CEO by surprised. "Roooooaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr!"

Starfire shot around the frightened hostage and his captor. The janitor looked down at where Starfire was at when and they fell to the floor below the conference room.

Raven slammed the potted plant and the table at the two janitors. "Take that!"

Cyborg brought his sonic cannon down the roof. "Don't look up!" The janitor below him was hit by Cyborg's blast. The janitor fell backwards, letting go of the board member he held.

Robin crashed down into the conference floor and sent two birdorangs at the two janitor's weapons. Their weapons are sliced off. "Your cleaning days are over!" Robin posed for effect.

Starfire kicked the janitor away from the clearly shaken board member. "I do not wish to hurt you…" The janitor sent a powerful punch that forced Starfire back to the adjacent wall.

Beast Boy grabbed a hold of the janitor holding the CEO. "Hey, I know cleaning crap for a living sucks but, that doesn't mean you have the right to take it out on your boss!" He struggled to get the janitor's arms off of the CEO's neck. "Man, you're strong! What the heck have you been cleaning?"

Cyborg crashed down as the janitor he blasted got up. The janitor swung at him from the side, knocking a stunned Cyborg to the aquarium, shattering it. "He's that strong?!"

Beast Boy's eyes widen when the aquarium shattered. "Oh no! The fishes!" In Beast Boy's shock, he accidentally breaks the janitor's arms. Beast Boy's eyes widen even more in fear. "Ahhhhhhhhhh! I didn't mean to!" Then Beast Boy looked at the arms. "Hey wait a second…"

Robin karate kicked one janitor and then the next. One of the janitors grabbed his leg, but before it could do anything, Robin spun and kicked it in the head again. However, it was undeterred. "What's with these guys?"

Raven checked the guard lying on the ground. "He's alive. But if I don't hurry…" A janitor that was behind her then grabbed Raven. "Oh no you don't!" Raven created a black bubble that forces the janitor's arm apart. She used her powers to pick him up and slam in to the fall wall.

Cyborg continued pounding at the janitor. "Stay down!" Suddenly, the janitor started convulsing and electricity shot through it. Cyborg's eyes widen, stunned at what he was seeing. "Huh?" He took a step back.

Starfire fired a starbolt at the janitor. The janitor started to convulse too. Starfire's stern expression disappeared. She tried to reach out to him. "Are you okay?" The janitor's eyes fell silent and it dropped to the floor. "Did I…"

Robin bashed the janitor until it stopped with his Bo Staff. After he saw that the janitor didn't move, he had a knot in his stomach. "What? I couldn't have hit him that hard!"

Raven used her healing powers on the guard. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to be enough. "The paramedics need to get her fast!" She looked at the janitor on the far wall, and the one next to her. "They don't look that good either…" Though they seemed odd somehow. She tried to use her healing power on it when she realized that they weren't human. "What's going on here?"

Beast Boy looked at the arms. "Ummm…guys, are arms supposed to have wires on them?"

Starfire flew up to the room. "Ummm…I just…I just…"

Robin sensed what Starfire was feeling. "Wait Star, I don't think you…"

Cyborg looked at the arms, then at the janitors around him. He interrupted Robin. "That's it! These men, they're not human! They're cyborgs…"

"Not…exactly." The CEO took a few deep breathes after being chocked by one of them. "Their androids."

Robin looked at the androids. "Androids?" He picked up one of the janitor's arms. It felt almost like real skin. "They seemed so real!"

Cyborg eyes widened. "Where did you get them?"

The CEO took another deep breath before he continued. "I got them from a Japanese company. After the contract fell apart with the janitor's union, we decided to sign up for a trial run of these multipurpose androids." The CEO chucked through coughs. "Guess it might've been better to spent the extra money the union asked for!"

Beast Boy looked closer at the androids. "Cool! Well, other then the trying to kill people part but…I never seen robots that were so lifelike!"

Cyborg frowned as he stared at the androids, then at his own arms. "Japan…" He raised his head. "I have…"


Major Motoko Kusanagi looked at around the park. There were a number of businessmen carrying suitcases, high level diplomats, along with their body guards all standing around. The businessmen and diplomats all seemed to be having a good time. The past few weeks have been pretty uneventful for Section 9. A few diplomats needing their diplomatic immunity revoked due to one crime or another. But otherwise, it was a fairly uneventful period for Section 9. At the moment though, a new case seemed to have landed on Section 9's lap. A car pulls up along side her. Motoko entered the car and met Sections Head Aramaki.

"What's up Chief?" Motoko asked upon entering.

Aramaki handed Motoko a device. "A few hours ago, five Genesis androids took the CEO and the board members of West Court International Corp in Jump City."

Motoko hooked the device to her neural interface. She sees the security video. "Jump City Chief? Isn't that in America?"

Aramaki nodded. "Yes."

Motoko looked at Aramaki. "Chief, that's a little outside our jurisdiction."

Aramaki expression didn't change much. "True. But the American government has asked for our assistance in this matter. This was the first time they had this kind of android problem before."

"Still…shouldn't this be the job of the local authorities? Like an equivalent of Section 9 in America." Motoko countered.

Aramaki smirked. "There is no equivalent of Section 9 in America."

Motoko raised an eyebrow. "There isn't?"

Aramaki shook his head. "Despite its claims that it is one of the most advanced nations in the world, the United States falls way behind the world in adopting 'cyberization'." Aramaki grinned. "Due to the conservative and highly religious populace, cyberization never took off. Beyond military use of course." Aramaki looked out the window. "This also included the sale of 'humanlike' androids. The US population simply never accepted them. At least, until recently that is…"

Motoko eyed Aramaki. "Let me guess, it wasn't just the American government that asked for our help."

Aramaki grinned. "The Genesis Corporation also wanted our help in solving this case. They believe that the door is finally opening for the American market. They certainly don't want to have it closed again."

Motoko continued to look at the video. She sees a group of super heroes, and one primitive looking cyborg beat up the androids and save the CEO and the board members. "It seemed the local authorities have everything under control. Or at least this group of costume wearing vigilantes it appears…"

"Still, our help would be appreciated." Aramaki gave her a suitcase. "Inside are all the documents and clearances you need."

Motoko looked inside the suitcase. "Just me?"

Aramaki nodded. "Yes. The American government didn't want to appear that it needed…too much help. They after all, believed that they have the best law enforcement in the world…even if they are not trained in dealing with this situation. At the moment, things seemed to be calm right now in Japan so we could afford losing you for a few weeks."

Motoko smirked. "So, when am I leaving?"

"Your plane leaves in six hours." Aramaki replied. "I suggest you start packing."

"Hear that Batou? I'm going on a little trip!" Motoko responded through her neural connection. "This means that you are in charge right now. You better not screw anything up!"

"Yeah yeah yeah! We won't screw anything up while you're gone." Batou responded while he pumped weights. "Have a nice trip major. And bring back a souvenir."

Motoko looked at the suitcase in her hand. "America here I come."

-------End of Chapter 1

First thing I will mention in closing, I am by no means an expert when it comes to Ghost in the Shell in all its iterations. For example, I don't even have an exact location of Section 9 other then 'Japan' for example (although I could surmise that it might be Tokyo after all, this is the capital of the country and where I assume all the politicians would be there still, I don't know this for a fact). Other examples are bound to follow. But given that this the introductory chapter, I tried to avoid any super important information that might adversely affect my story.

As for things I do know, well, Ghost in the Shell: SAC takes place in 2030. Teen Titans…unknown. In theory, you could argue that it is modern times (i.e. now). But given many aspects, super heroes, laser guns, aliens, space ships (even if, for whatever reason, earthlings are earthbound except for a select few), certainly not our modern day! Because of that, well, date isn't a problem is it? ;-)

Oh, and for anyone mentions politics, well, first, I don't want my story to be taken as 'political'. The SOLE reason why there was even a hint of politics in this story (other then the fact that Section 9 deals with a lot of politicians. Mostly diplomats at the point of the series that Cartoon Network has shown at the moment) was to get Motoko to America and why they need her. Plot device. That's it.

Next Chapter…Motoko lands in Jump City. As she checks out the recently built android manufacturing factory built by Genesis, she also meets the Teen Titans. What will this meeting bring? Until then…later!