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-In case anyone was wondering (I'm guessing no, but just in case…), according to the series (And a warning. MAJOR SPOILER to GitS: SAC from here on out), a "Stand Alone Complex" is when you have many copies, but no original. In the case of the "Laughing Man", it all started by an anonymous email. Heck, the one that became known as the Laughing Man (Aoi attempting to get some justice to the people who had cyber brain sclerosis) never called him that. So, a politician, used that incident to spread that situation, making and taking advantage of the "Laughing Man" incident by expanding it to true corporate terrorism (to further his own political gains of course), and from there, it spread with other people influenced by the Laughing Man (hence, copies even though there was never an original). Using the definition of what "Stand Alone Complex" means, this has dramatically changed the way this story will be from here on out (and to think, the only reason why I used that title when I started was the fact that it was the name of the series I'm crossing Teen Titans over with here).

-As for having two major villains, well, I know the difficulty of having multiple villains. Undercutting one or the other will be a problem that I will have to address. Of course, like any series, this could be remedied by making the story fairly long. But with the help of "Stand Alone Complex", still connected too. Now I just have to figure out how to connect them using this concept… :-P

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Titan Tower

"Ahhhhhhhhhh! Home sweet home!" Beast Boy ran through the front doors.

Motoko walked up to the couch and plopped down on it. "Well, another day, and more questions."

Cyborg nodded. "Yeah. I mean, who could be responsible for all of this?"

"And not just that." Robin butted into the conversation. "But for what purpose? I mean, if anything, they are hurting their own cause since, if they keep targeting Genesis and the companies that help them, they could simply reprogram their androids with added security barriers! And if their plan was to go after Wayne Corp, then they just screwed themselves. Genesis would simply stop all shipment of the androids until these security issues are taken care of."

"Maybe!" Cyborg sat down at his computer. "Of course, maybe that's their plan. Stop Genesis from even getting off the ground here in the US."

"Sounds plausible." Motoko shrugged. "Hurt Genesis by ensuring that they can't run their business. Definitely sounds like the perfect plan what conservatives and anti-androids and cyborization groups would do."

"Sounds right." Robin replied as he sat down on the couch. "I guess all we need to know is what group is doing this!"

"And that's where I have my doubts." Motoko added as she sat back. "At the height of their presence in this country, almost every incident they committed was immediately followed by admission of responsibility. In some cases, multiple anti-cyborization groups would try to claim responsible for a criminal act similar to this one. That has not happened in this case."

"Yeah." Robin conceded that point. "However, maybe they are changing tactics here. Especially given the stigma an organization using 'terrorist' tactics nowadays, and advancement in surveillance technology, maybe they decided that staying hidden was a good idea."

"Maybe." Motoko replied with a hint of doubt in her voice. "However, I have a feeling that whoever is doing this, their plan is much deeper then this."

Before anyone could respond to that…

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" Beast Boy's scream reverberates through Titan Tower.

This got a rise from the rest of the residents. Starfire poked her head out of her room. Raven did the same. Cyborg, Robin, and Motoko all stared back at the door that led to the hallway.

"Beast Boy?" Starfire said with concern in her voice. She flew to where she believed the voice came from.

Raven also ran out of her room and headed towards Beast Boy. Given where the voice came from, she was quite concerned.

Robin, Cyborg, and Motoko also ran to where Beast Boy currently was.

Titan Tower - Medical Bay

"Beast Boy! What's wrong?" Robin's voice dropped a few octaves when he entered the medical bay.

Cyborg's eyes widened. "What, what happened in here?"

The medical bay was trashed. The floors showed claw marks, the beds were overturned, monitors where ripped from their sockets, broken bottles were on the floor, and cabinets were ripped from their hinges. It was like a battle took place here.

Starfire entered the room and gasped.

Raven also entered the room and was completely stunned.

"Terra!" Beast Boy was shaking. "Terra…she's…GONE!"

Motoko looked at the damage that was inflicted in the room.

"I don't understand!" Cyborg looked at the destroyed window leading out of the medical bay. "How could someone do this, without setting of the alarm?"

Robin looked at the damage. He then noticed a few interesting things within the debris. "Rocks…that must mean…"

Beast Boy's eyes widened. "Terrra! She's awake!" He looked out the window. "But…but…where…"

Raven looked at Cyborg. "You don't think Terra did this did you?"

Cyborg shook his head. "Even if she did all this, it still would've set something off! I made sure of it!"

Motoko picked up a few glass pieces. "And the window was destroyed from the outside."

"Who can be evil enough to kidnap our sick friend?" Starfire asked as she moved the broken bed out of the way.

Cyborg was still confused about all of this. "But if someone broke in and kidnapped Terra…then…how…" He checked his security system. Everything seemed to be working okay, even saying that there were no incidents to report. Which was obviously NOT the case. He then did a program diagnostic and his frown deepened. "I don't believe it! Someone HACKED into the security system!"

"That would explain how they got in." Motoko added. "But who?"

Cyborg then examined the cameras that were all over the place. His eyes widened when he sees who it was. "Slade!"

Robin frowned. "So, he finally made his move!"

Raven joined Robin in her disgust. "So, he's finally taking advantage of his 'second chance'."

"And he has Terra!" Beast Boy gritted his teeth. "Taking his revenge no doubt!" Beast Boy ran up to the busted window. "We must find her!"

Suddenly, the Titan alarm rang out.

"Damn!" Robin said out loud. He took out his T-communicator and opened it to reveal what was causing the alarm. "The Hive Five are attacking an electronic store! We have to go!"

"But…but what about Terra?" Beast Boy yelled. "We don't know what Slade has planned for her! We must…"

"And we will." Robin looked back at Beast Boy. "But I'm sorry BB. We have to defeat the Hive Five first!"

"Tell you what…" Motoko looked at the Robin. "You five take care of this, Hive Five group. I'm going to look for Terra and this Slade character."

"Sounds good." Robin replied.

"I'm going with her!" Beast Boy replied. He started to walk up to Motoko.

"No friend!" Starfire stopped Beast Boy's advancement. "We need you to defeat the Hive Five first."

Beast Boy looked at Starfire. He couldn't back down now. "But…"

"She's right!" Raven also held Beast Boy's shoulder. "We need you to help bring down the Hive Five."

"Don't worry Beast Boy." Motoko waved back at him. "I'm going to do everything to bring her back."

"We'll join you once we deal with them!" Robin added. He turned to the others. "We have to head now."

Beast Boy lowered his head. "Fine! But we will save Terra!"

"Of course BB!" Cyborg replied with determination in his voice. "We will. We will."


Electronic Store

"Come on! We have to hurry before those losers show up!" Gizmo, carrying a ton of electronics with his metallic arms, said to the other members of the Hive Five.

"Yes sir!" Private Hive was loading tons of electronics into his motorcycle.

Mammoth was carrying a massive computer over his head when a birdarang zoomed by his head. "Huh?"

"Somehow, I doubt you have the know how to operate that thing Mammoth!" Robin, with his serious and determine look in his eye, glared at Mammoth and the Hive Five.

"Heh! The Teen losers have shown up!" Gizmo frowned. "And in normal clothes too!" Gizmo snickered as he remembered the last time they met.

The Teen Titans all made faces and frowned.

"Yeah well…" Cyborg frowned remembering that moment. He then smiled. "We were caught up eating pie. You remember that pie don't you?"

Now it was the Hive Five's time to make faces and frown.

"It was you guys wasn't it?" See-More said with disgust in his voice. "I can't believe I couldn't see it!"

Teen Titans snickered.

"You all behaved under the Mother-Mae Eye?" Starfire snickered at them.

The Hive Five faces turned red with rage.

Gizmo growled. "Still, we don't have time for this! We must get this stuff back to Brother Blood!"

"Brother Blood huh?" Cyborg frowned. "So he has escaped!"

"First Slade, now Brother Blood!" Beast Boy gritted his teeth. "What the heck his going on here?"

"Maybe just a case of bad luck!" Jinx jumped up and shot her hexes at the Titans.

"Titans! Go!" Robin yelled his order as the Titans got out of the way and started to attack the Hive Five.

Starfire fired a volley of starbolts at Private Hive. He blocked each starbolt with his shield. He jumped and bashed Starfire to the ground.

Robin threw his birdarangs at See-More. See-More used his ocular device to create an eye shield. The birdarangs sliced around it. Robin then started bashing the shield with his Bo Staff. At that moment, See-More switched attacks and sent an eye-orb at Robin, confining him inside of it.

Robin bashed the eye-orb with his Bo Staff.

Cyborg blasted his sonic cannon at Gizmo. Gizmo, with his jet backpack, flew from side to side.

"Hahahaha!" Gizmo laughed at an increasingly pissed off Cyborg. "Catch me if you can tinpot!" Gizmo then shot tons of missiles all straight for Cyborg.

"Whoa!" Cyborg scrambled out of the way as tons of were aimed at him. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! The missiles all narrowly miss him. Cyborg recovered and glared at Gizmo. "Take this shrimp!" Cyborg raised his sonic cannon and started blasting Gizmo again. He also opened up ports in his armor and started firing tons of missiles back at Gizmo.

"Azerath, Metrion, Zinthos!" Raven's eyes glowed as she picked up a ton of objects around her and shot them towards Mammoth.

Mammoth was rushing Raven when the objects slammed him. Beast Boy, in his ram form, slammed Mammoth in the side.

Robin finally broke free from the eye-orb rolled to the side as See-More shot a laser beam at him. He avoided a hit by Jinx hexes. However, Robin heard shelves next to him start to buckle. Before he could react, all the objects from it crashed onto him.

Cyborg brought his fist into Gizmo that sent him flying towards the back wall. POW! Gizmo fell as tons of debris hits him.

Starfire lands with her feet on the ground. She skidded back as she tried to stop from the force of Private Hive's punch.

"Had enough mutt?" Private Hive yelled at Starfire as he ran up to her.

"I am not a furry terrestrial animal!" Starfire's eyes and arms started to glow green. She brought her arms up and blasted him with both the laser eyes, and her arms.

POW! Private Hive received the full force of the blast as he was sent flying back into the store. He crashed into a pile of shelves.

Mammoth got up from his position. He shook his head, getting some of the electronic parts he fell into off of his head. He growled as he watched Beast Boy loom over him.

Beast Boy, in his T-Rex form, roared at Mammoth. "Rooooooaaaaaarrrrrr!"

Mammoth roared back. "ROOOOAAARRRRR!"

Beast Boy chomped at Mammoth. Mammoth ducked, and tackled Beast Boy in the belly. After being brought to the ground, Beast Boy kicked Mammoth off of him. He growled and briefly changed back into his human form. "I don't have time for this! I have to save Terra!" He changed into his beast form and attacked Mammoth. "ROOOOAAAARRRRRRR!"

Jinx was throwing hexes at Raven. The hexes hit and dissipate on Raven's telekinetic shields. Each attack forced Raven to back up a bit. Suddenly, Raven finds her back on a wall.

Jinx grinned. "Out of luck goth girl!" Jinx sent a volley of hexes at her.

Raven covered herself with her telekinetic powers and disappeared. She instantly appeared behind Jinx.

Jinx was momentary stunned. She out of reflex, she tried to sidekick Raven. Raven simply floated to the side and launched a barrage of electronics, radios, TVs, etc. at Jinx.

Jinx punched a radio, shattering it to bits, and side kicked a TV, however, a DVD player slammed into her face, knocking Jinx to the ground.

Robin stumbled out of the pile of electronics and narrowly ducked Private Hive's shield coming straight towards his head. He quickly retaliated by sending an exploding disk at him. Private Hive covered his face as the exploding disk hits him and explodes on contact.

Gizmo mumbled. "While it's been fun beating you losers up, we have more important things to do!" Suddenly, a ton of Hive minion suddenly exploded behind them.

The Titans quickly regrouped ready to fight this new threat.

Gizmo fired a ton of smoke bombs at the Titans.

The Titans all coughed as they were covered in smoke.

"Should have done that from the beginning." Gizmo said as he started to grab the electronics that they came for.

The Hive Five grabbed a ton of electronics and ran for it, with the Hive minions quickly behind them.

Back of the Electronic Store

As they were running, Mammoth frowned. "We could've taken care of those losers!"

'Well, I'm not so sure about that.' Jinx thought to herself. She hated to admit, but at that moment, they were somewhat evenly matched. Unlike the last time when they had Mother Mae-Eye handicapping them. Of course, she wouldn't say it to the others. "Maybe. But we had to take this stuff back to our leader Brother Blood."

"And why exactly is he our leader Private?" Private Hive asked with a little distaste for their appointed leader. "He has failed the Hive before! And even lost multiple bases of ours!"

"Shut up you bozo before someone might hear you!" Gizmo shot back at Private Hive. In a lower voice, he continued. "As to answer your question, it's simply because when he came back, something strange happened to him. Something…powerful."

"Whatever." Jinx butted in. "At the moment, he's leading us. And barring some major shift in power, we'll carry out his plans! And so far, I see no reason to go against it! Even his old plans weren't…bad. If it wasn't for the Titans, he would've succeeded!"

"That's right." See-More replied. "And what are we doing? Running away from them!"

"For now." Gizmo shot back as he quickened his pace through the back alleyways and into a waiting truck. "We'll deal with those losers later! Right now, we have to get this stuff back to headquarters!"

Electronic Store

Robin ran out into the alleyway. He looked left then right. They couldn't find any trace of the Hive Five or the minions anywhere. He slammed his fist into his other hand. "Damn it! They got away!"

Cyborg looked back into the electronic store. "Is it just me, or are electronics the hot thing nowadays?"

Starfire thought the same thing. "You don't believe that our archenemy the Hive group is responsible for making the androids sick do you?"

Robin thought the same thing. "It's possible I guess. But if they had the capability to break through those android's firewalls, why would they need all this stuff?"

"To go global maybe?" Cyborg mused. "Of course, why break a smalltime store like this, instead of the factory is beyond me."

"Easier hit maybe?" Raven replied behind them. "However, we could dwell on all this later. We still have the other issue at hand."

"Terra!" Beast Boy yelled. "We have to join that Motoko woman in her search!"

"Thinking the same thing Beast Boy." Cyborg got on his communicator. "Major?"

Other Side of Jump City

Motoko was kneeling on the ground. She found a few clues at Titan Tower that led her here. The trace amount of material that was left by, she presumed to be Slade's boots, the chemical composition led her to this location, in the heart of Jump City's old industrial district. Unfortunately for her, her trail went cold here. The unfortunately thing about an abandoned area of the city was that there are always almost no one here to interrogate. Which of course was perfect for criminals like Slade. Doesn't help matters that the chemical compound that she found, was found all over this area. 'Looks like I'm in a dead end here.' Motoko thought. Suddenly, she received an incoming signal from Cyborg.

"Major?" Cyborg asked through her cyberlink.

"Cyborg. How's it going with the Hive group?" Motoko replied through her cyberlink. One of the advantages of using a cyberlink was that if there were anyone nearby listening, no one would be able to hear them. Of course, this would be through normal means. Any tech savvy person could ease drop on their conversation. Well, maybe not ANY tech savvy person, but certainly someone with the know how to tap into cyberlinks. Especially government agencies.

"Can't say it went well. They escaped with a number of electronic equipments."

"Really? Stealing technology seemed to have become popular recently. You don't suppose…"

"My first thoughts exactly." Cyborg replied. Though he paused for a moment before continuing."However, I do have my doubts. At least, my doubts that they are doing this alone."

"So, you're saying that this Hive group isn't working by themselves." Motoko thought about the situation for a moment. "You think Slade is working with them? I find it hard to believe that, at the same time this Hive group made their move, Slade just happened to snatch Terra by, of all things, hacking into your security system."

Though they are communicating through their cyberlink, Motoko can still see Cyborg's expression through a little digital representation of his face. Cyborg frowned deeply. "Hmmmm. Never thought of it that way. And…Brother Blood did…steal…my blue prints and programs." Cyborg winced. He hated remembering that. "HOWEVER, I'm pretty sure that I've deleted all that information from Brother Blood. In fact, he made it easier on me since he decided to be cyberized. But even if he wasn't, my security system shouldn't have been that easy to break especially since I've completely reprogrammed it since that meeting. Besides, it wasn't like Slade didn't have any prior technical knowledge. Remember, he had his robots take over the city that one time…"

"That's true. But still, given their dislike for you guys, they could have teamed up to bring you guys down."

"Yeah I guess. But I still seriously doubt that. Slade, well, let's just say that he's one of those people that doesn't work for anyone! The only time he did was when; well…it's a long story. The short version of it was, he had work for that…being. So I don't see him teaming up with anyone."

"Point taken."

"Anyways, back to Slade, how's the investigation going?"

"Well, I hate to say it, but I'm also not doing well here. Although I was able to trace his location to this area…" Motoko uploaded her location to Cyborg. "That's as far as I've gotten."

"I see what you mean." Cyborg commented as he looked at the area. "Never expected him to make it easy on us. We'll, with Beast Boy's help, we might narrow things down. So we'll meet you in a minute once we're done here."

"Roger. I'll see you guys soon. Over and out." Motoko closed her cyberlink with Cyborg.

A garbage can rattled to her side.

Motoko took out her gun and aimed at it. She slowly approached it.

Suddenly, the garbage can falls.

"Meow!" A cat stared at Motoko before scurrying away.

Motoko lowered her gun. "Every time."

Slade's Hideout

Slade and Terra were in a dilapidated building. The walls were cracking, the wooden floor was covered in dust, the window was cracked, and the bed would give anyone asthma given the amount of dust on it.

Slade looked out the window. "So, the Titans have a new cyber-friend. One of the most advanced that I have seen too."

Terra was shaking in fear as she stared at her former boss, former tormentor, and current enemy. She had some sort of handcuffs that prevented her from using her powers. "How…how did you survive? I…you…I killed you!"

"And you did!" Slade eyed Terra. "But how can I be standing here then? Well, it's a long story that I'm sure the Titans will tell you later."

"Titans?" Terra backed up to the bedpost. "But, don't you…you know…plan something horrible for me? Especially since…you know…"

Slade was enjoying the girl's trepidation. "Oh, you shouldn't have to worry Terra. I have no plans to hurt you. But I do have a lot plans for you."

"What kinds of plans?" Terra stuttered out. "You…you're going to involve the Titans in this aren't you?"

"Very perceptive Terra." Slade crossed his arms. "However, not the way that you imagine." He looked back out into the mostly empty street. "I'm looking for someone, or, as it always seemed to be, something. Something much bigger, and much more powerful. And it's something that are bringing all of these elements together."

Terra looked at Slade with sheer terror.

-------End of Chapter 5

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