Summary: Hermione convinces her friends to join the Muggle Studies class just in time for the half-year long project. Each student is paired up with a Muggle family and sent to their home to spend the first school semester with them. Need I say more?

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Harry shifted in his crumbling seat right smack in the middle of the airplane. He really was in the middle. He was in the middle seat of the middle row right in the middle of the body of the plane. It wasn't a very fun place to be sitting, especially because his friends were all snoring on both sides of him, so if he wanted to use the bathroom or something he couldn't even get up and do that. How annoying.

Well, at least Ron had finally fallen asleep and stopped cooing over every Muggle thing in the airplane and grabbing him in fear whenever they hit a speck of turbulence.

The lights of the aircraft had been dimmed, setting the mood for sleep. Harry wished that he had the ability to sleep on airplanes, like all his friends did, but unfortunately he wasn't so lucky. He had been on an airplane once before, when the Dursley's had dragged him off to visit Vernon's cruel and disgustingly ugly sister who lived in Germany. They had only brought him because they knew he'd have a bad time with that wretched woman.

But Harry tried to look at the bright side. He had never been to the US before and he looked at it as somewhat of a new adventure, or something.

He sighed. He knew he really was just trying to make himself not hate Hermione for forcing him to sign up for this stupid class. It was all her fault that he was now on his way to living with a Muggle family for the first four months of his seventh year. Why did she even need to take this dumb class? She was a MUGGLE-BORN! And he had grown up with them, so how could he let himself get tricked into doing this?

He gazed grumpily at the crack of light spilling through underneath someone's slightly open window shade. He was so happy to see light; it meant that maybe the lights would soon be turned on and they'd land.

Suddenly someone moved next to him. It was Hermione. He had thought about injuring her in her sleep several times during the flight. Clearly he'd lost his chance.

She lifted her head up from the tray table she was resting it on and stretched in her seat. "Good morning," she said to him, yawning and smiling at the same time.

He grunted at her.

"Aw, come on," she said. "You can't possibly still be mad at me for this, can you?"

He scoffed. "Thanks to you I get to spend the first four months of my seventh year living with a bunch of random American people!" he expressed.

Hermione smiled. "It'll be fun! I promise."

"You better be right," he grumbled.

"Try and get some sleep," she advised. "You'll feel better."

"I can't sleep on planes."

"Just try."

He grudgingly folded his arms over his tray table and let his head sink into them. Before he knew it, he was asleep.

00 000 0000 00000

Ron woke up with a start as the airplane hit the ground at a shockingly abrupt speed.

"What's happening!" he cried.

"Calm down, Ron," said Hermione. "We're just landing."

"It's about time," he said angrily.

"That's what I said," Harry mumbled to his friend.

Hermione hit the two of them. "Stop being so pessimistic!" she scolded. "Just think of this as a fun, learning experience. Ron, think of how proud your dad will be when you come home knowing everything there is to know about Muggles!"

This time it was Ron who scoffed. "He's going to be so annoying about it. I bet he'll call me on that damn felly-tone thing, like everyday."

"Telephone, Ron. Telephone," Hermione corrected.

"Same difference."

Twenty minutes later, the eight Hogwarts students and two teachers were finally exiting the airplane. They grabbed their carry-on bags and headed down the long tunnel that lead to the gate and the terminal in JFK International Airport in Long Island, New York. After the long process of collecting their luggage from the baggage claim (which was made even longer and more tedious because of some of the students not even knowing what a baggage claim was or how it worked), the group was finally ready to leave. But first, Professor Widdle, the Muggle Studies teacher (A/N: If anyone knows the name of the real Muggle Studies teacher, please tell me. Thanks) had an important announcement to make.

"Only four of you will be staying in New York City," she explained. "Four of you will be staying at a hotel in Manhattan for one night before boarding yet another airplane- sorry about that- and then flying to Los Angeles, California. Those four will be staying with Professor McDonald in the hotel for the night and he will be escorting you to Los Angeles."

"Yes," Professor McDonald continued. "Those four students are Hermione Granger, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Hannah Abbot, and Seamus Finnigan."

Seamus groaned. "Thanks a lot, Hermione," he mumbled so only she and a few other students could hear him. She had gotten him to join this class, too, even though he was a Muggle-born student.

Hermione's could feel the flames sprouting inside her cheeks. She was upset with herself that so many people were blaming this on her. Why had she been so persistent when speaking to everyone that this class would be fun and a good one to be a part of? Why had she been so obnoxious? Now all her friends were angry with her. Well, I guess I'll have to make lots of friends in Los Angeles, then, she thought to herself.

"Okay, so if those four would come with me..." Professor McDonald said. "First you may say goodbye to your friends, of course."

Hermione turned to Harry and Ron. "I know you guys are mad at me, but I know you'll have so much fun in New York," she said, smiling. "Write to me or call me or something. Please. You can't stay mad at me forever."

"We'll see about that..." Ron joked, hugging his friend. Even though she had pissed him off, he would miss her nagging for the next four months. Who would remind him to do his homework every second?

"Have fun in California, Hermione," Harry said, hugging her.

"I will," she responded.

Everyone bid farewell to the rest of the people who would not be staying or continuing on with them until it was finally time for the west coast group to head on out. They sadly left the group and continued on to get a taxi or two and travel to their hotel. The east coast group, on the other hand, continued walking in the opposite direction of the terminal until they reached a large group of people that look like it consisted of several different families.

"These are the families you will be staying with," Professor Widdle announced.

Suddenly each family appeared to have a sign, which they held up in front of their group. Each sign had the name of one of the Hogwarts students on it.

Ron gaped as he saw the family that was to be his for the next four months. It consisted of a mom, a dad, a boy who looked about his age, and what probably had to be the hottest girl he'd ever seen in his life. She was tallish with short, wavy blond hair, and nicely sized boobs. She had this mysterious, sultry sort of look to her and Ron couldn't wait to explore it.

He walked over to the family, taking care not to trip over his abnormally large feet. "I'm Ron," he said, his voice squeaking.

"Hi, Ron!" the dad said excitedly. "I'm Bob Johansson. Call me Bob." He held out a hand, which Ron took politely.

"I'm Liz," the mother said, wearing a blindingly bright smile and shaking his hand.

"I'm Andrew," said the boy.

"I'm Cassie," said the girl, looking him up and down.

"It's nice to meet you all," Ron said nicely, his mouth hurting from smiling for so long. But he couldn't stop; he was still looking at Cassie.

00 000 0000 00000

A few feet away, Harry was getting acquainted with the Rosenberg family.

"Call me Jacob," Mr. Rosenberg insisted, acting somewhat nervous. "After all, I'm going to be your dad for the next four months!" He chuckled and Harry noticed the twins that were to be his brother and sister (Isaac and Ally) rolling their eyes in embarrassment at their father.

"Oh, yes, and call me Madeline," the mother added.

Harry nodded enthusiastically. This was going to be one heck of a four months.

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Samantha, Gavin, Robert, and Allison Stone, Parvati thought to herself, running the names of her family in her head. Simple enough, right?

"Where do you live?" Parvati asked, knowing she probably sounded stupid. But she was trying to make conversation.

"We live in Lower Manhattan," Gavin answered. He had this giant blonde, curly mass that bobbed around on top of his head. It was rather distracting. "But we go to school in Brooklyn."

"Brooklyn's one of the boroughs of New York City, right?" Parvati wondered. "Sorry, I need to brush up on my American geography!" She could feel her cheeks burning. She had forgotten how little she knew about the US. She wished that Hermione had advised her to check up on all that information during her endless speech about why to take up Muggle Studies with her.

"That's alright," Robert, the father, responded. "You'll get the hang of it soon enough."

Parvati smiled. "I hope so. So who in the family is a wizard?" she questioned. Every family had a Muggle-born relative in the immediate family so that the school wouldn't be revealing the secret of wizardry to anyone who didn't already know about it in the world.

"Our younger sister Alex," Gavin informed her. "But she's at school already."

Parvati sighed. Would she ever get the hang of all this confusing stuff?

00 000 0000 00000

The last member of the east coast bunch was Dean Thomas. He was overwhelmed by his family, the Miriacci's, which had six people in it. Six was a big number to him, and he was having trouble learning everyone's name.

"You're... Milo, right?" Dean asked a tall boy with dirty blond hair.

"Leo," he corrected, trying to hold back laughter.

"Sorry," Dean responded, embarrassed. "Leo, how old are you?"

"Seventeen," he told Dean. "Hannah's eighteen, Anna's thirteen, and Milo's fifteen."

Dean nodded. "Got it. I hope." He decided to change the subject. "So who in your family is a wizard?"

"Hannah's a witch," Leo told him. "It was so weird when we found out. I thought it was a joke, or something."

Dean forced laughter. These people were much different than he thought they would be...

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