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The first complete day of school that contained actual classes proved to be pretty uneventful. Dean and Ron soon discovered that they had no idea what they'd gotten themselves into and that they had no idea how to do anything that an average Muggle should know how to do at the age of seventeen. They were asked to do a few simple Algebra problems on their first day of math class, and Ron's whimpers could be heard throughout the entire classroom. When they were asked to discuss American history, they proved that they knew nothing about it. At least they could cover that up with the idea that you didn't learn very much American history over in the UK, although you probably did. When Dean tried to look intelligent in front of Dawn during Science class, it proved a complete failure when his little mix of chemicals exploded. It wasn't very pleasant.

So when Dean stepped onto the grassy lawn of his school on that cloudy Wednesday, he wasn't a very happy camper.

"Excited?" Ron asked in a sarcastic giddy voice, popping up next to him.

"No," Dean sighed. "Not at all." He stared at the formidable-looking school that was laid out before him. Just looking at the other students, milling about happily, made him want to fly home to Hogwarts.

"Well, time for another grueling day of classes." Ron stepped forward and followed Andrew and Leo into the building.

Dean followed quickly behind the group.

The morning went by pretty easily. Dean tried to lay low and avoided eye contact with Dawn. Well, not that she would look at him anyway, but just incase. He had most of his classes with her. By the time lunch arrived, he was worn out with trying to avoid getting into any messes.

He slid his tray along the lunch line next to Leo and then sat down with him and his friends Adam Moskowitz and Thomas Flynn. He ate lunch with them the day before. They mostly talked about sports. It was rather boring, especially when the only sports he knew or cared about were Quidditch, which neither Adam nor Thomas had ever heard of in their entire life, and football (soccer) which neither Adam nor Thomas cared about.

"So did you see the game last night?" Leo asked his friends.

What game? What sport are they even talking about?

"Yes. It was unbelievable," Thomas expressed.

"Did you see A-Rod make that catch?" came from Adam.

"A-Rod"? What the hell?

"That was incredible!" Thomas cried, laughing.

Yes, it would be even more incredible if you cared to tell Dean what in the name of baby Jesus you were talking about.

"I know! I was screaming!" Adam said.

But of course, you're not nice enough to think about poor, little, foreign Dean…

"Me too!" added Leo.

Oh, so that's what got him so excited last night…


Ron, on the other hand, was sitting on the other side of the cafeteria with Andrew and his friends. Andrew's friends were Jack Davidson and Luke Harris. They didn't seem to like Ron very much. In fact, they seemed completely uninterested in him and like they had some sort of dislike toward him, despite the fact that they had known him for only two days.

Ron jumped slightly in his seat when he spotted Cassie just a few tables away. She was staring at Jack. Absolutely staring at him. Ron stared at her. She stared at Jack. Ron stared at –

"Dude, what are you looking at?"

Ron detested the word dude.

But it snapped him out of his trance, nevertheless. He looked up to see Jack staring at him.

"Wha - ? Oh, nothing…" he responded, obviously completely lying.

Jack nodded dubiously and then glanced quickly in the direction of his stares. Upon meeting Cassie's gaze he quickly snapped away and looked even angrier than he had looked before. Great.

Ron wanted to strangle himself.


Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, things weren't going much differently. The building that Harry had his classes in was the most confusing building he'd ever been inside in his life. It really was like a mini version of Hogwarts, and it was impossible to find your way around in. For lunch that day, Isaac suggested that they go out to lunch, which meant that he gathered up a bunch of people and they all left the school to go buy food somewhere else. Unfortunately for Harry, he didn't have any money with him. He had a little bit of money back at the apartment because the school gave everyone some American money, mostly for emergencies, at the beginning of the trip. But that was all.

"Um, where are we going?" Harry asked Isaac as he tried to catch up with the group walking down the street.

"Mario's," Isaac said. "Do you like pizza?"

"Uh… Yeah…" Harry hadn't eaten pizza since he was nine years old, and that was only because he stole a slice from Dudley's birthday party. Needless to say he got a good lecture later from his aunt and uncle.


The group consisted of three of Isaac's closest friends, none of which Harry knew the names of. He had barely even spoken to Parvati before this trip, and now he found himself longing for her presence. He wouldn't even mind if Malfoy magically appeared – at least he'd be a familiar face.

The pizzeria was around the corner and down about three blocks of a wide and crowded street. Harry lost sight of the group a few times and panicked, but luckily they floated back into his vision quickly and he just jogged to catch up with them. They were all unfortunately quick walkers.

When they entered the restaurant, they stood on the back of a long line that went across the counter. There were several people behind the counter bustling about with pizzas and pizza cutters in their hands, shouting things to each other in Spanish.

Wait wasn't pizza Italian?

"Oh, hi!" someone suddenly said from in front of the group.

It was Samantha Stone, the girl that Parvati was staying with.

"Samantha!" Harry cried, not really caring that he'd never spoken to her in his entire life. "Is Parvati with you?"

Her eyes grew wide and her hand flew over her mouth. A muffled "Shit" could be heard from beneath her hand.

"What?" Harry asked.

"You left her at school, didn't you?" Ally asked from next to her. Harry didn't notice that she was there.

Samantha nodded sadly and Ally laughed.

"Wait, you left your person at the school?" Isaac repeated.

Samantha nodded again.

Isaac laughed. "Retard."

Samantha removed her hand from in front of her mouth and stuck her tongue out at Isaac.

Well, then.

When Isaac's group reached the front of the line, he thoughtfully asked Harry what he wanted.

"Um… Nothing; I don't have any money," Harry admitted.

Isaac hit him lightly on the side of the arm. "I'll pay for you," he said.

Harry rubbed the side of his arm more out of confusion than pain. "Um… Are you sure? I don't have much American money."

Isaac shrugged. "Yeah, whatever."

"Um, okay," Harry said. "I guess I'll just have one plain slice… or something…" Harry didn't know much about pizza.


Parvati stood very much alone in the middle of a hallway. Samantha had literally disappeared from her vision, and now she was standing outside her math classroom completely confused. Where had she gone? And what was she supposed to do all by herself for the duration of the lunch period?

"Hey, you're that British girl, aren't you?" someone asked from her left.

"Wha – Oh, yes," Parvati said, turning to face the voice. It was a short girl with wavy brown hair to her shoulders and her hands on her hips. "Yes, I am."

"Julia," the girl said, holding out her hand. "Want to go get lunch?"

"Wh – o-okay." Parvati couldn't stop stumbling over her words. She was very taken aback that someone was going out of their way to talk to her.

They started down the hallway until someone called "Wait up!" after them. Julia spun around. Parvati turned almost hesitantly.

Two girls walked down the short hallway to them and joined them in their walk to the cafeteria.

That day, Parvati ate lunch with a huge group of boys and girls at a long table in the center of the cafeteria. The cafeteria rather resembled the Dining Hall at Hogwarts, what with the long wooden tables running through it. She sat with this huge group at one of them and reached the conclusion by the end of the meal that they were the popular group.


Harry and Isaac rode on the subway by themselves, without Ally, on the way home that day. When they got to the apartment, they did their homework together and had a rather dull evening. Nothing had happened that day. Harry wondered what Ron and Dean were up to, over at their school. They were probably having a fabulous time. They were probably the most popular guys and they had all the girls all over them. Their lives were probably nothing like Harry's was at the moment; sullen and depressing. Full of loneliness for severe lack of friends. Harry longed to be back at Hogwarts, not in this stupid city with these stupid people and this stupid program. He sighed. He had to stop feeling so sorry for himself.


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