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(Notes before we start! Essentially, this is a sasuxsaku. But there'll be hints here and there about other couples. I don't want to spoil the story any more than I have to but here's the deal. This is OOC meaning some characters wont be acting like they usually do. Keep an open mind and enjoy the ride.)



By: Dark-Hooded Eriol the Magician

The fragrance of the cherry blossoms surrounded him. So did the warm sunshine. He blinked sleepily and waited for his eyes to adjust. There was an open window right beside his bed and the sunlight was shining directly on him. Very slowly he sat up.

"You're awake. Good."

His head turned to the right and he saw a pink-haired woman sitting on a chair and staring directly at him. She had the softest green eyes he had ever seen. He frowned thoughtfully and tried to remember who she was.

Suddenly the pain erupted in his head and he rubbed his temple to make the aching go away. His eyes closed involuntarily and he drew ragged breaths to calm himself. It subsided and he felt weaker than ever.

"W-Water…" he gasped and she handed him a glass. Apparently he didn't have enough strength and she had to help him gulp down the contents.

"Uchiha Sasuke," she said softly.

Who was Uchiha Sasuke? Was that his name?

He couldn't remember.

"I don't know…" he told her, confusion knitting his eyebrows. His dark eyes pleaded with her. Tell me who I am…

She shook her head sadly. "Naruhodo… You're Uchiha Sasuke. That's enough for now."

There was an unreadable emotion in her emerald green eyes. He'd seen that before. A faraway memory- but he couldn't reach it.

"Who are you?" he found himself asking.

"My name is Uchiha Sakura and I am your wife," she replied calmly. That word, wife. He didn't realize that he was smiling. Somehow it felt so right. She knows everything about me. I can feel it.

"I'll bring you breakfast in a little while. We'll discuss everything later. For now, please rest." She possessed an air of authority and he felt himself liking her immensely. He touched his forehead and felt bandages covering it.

She saw him looking at her inquiringly. He saw her smile for the first time. "We'll change those later. I'm a medic Nin. Lie down and try to sleep."

To prove her point she helped him lie down the bed and covered him with the blanket. He watched her every movement and smiled at her sweet gesture. Even though he couldn't remember a thing, he willingly believed everything Sakura said. And he knew why. He trusted her.

His eyes closed on their own accord and he fell asleep smiling.

Sakura's hand smoothed out the blanket slowly. She glanced at Sasuke's sleeping face before sitting down on the bed. He seemed so different from himself. He was gentler, that was for sure.

She stroked his hair tenderly before kissing him on the forehead. When he slept as easily as this she can't help but be reminded of a little boy. She wanted to take him in her arms and answer his questions.

Tsunade-sama had warned her about this. She'd been told that her husband had amnesia after that fateful mission. He would probably lose himself and hurt her.

Sakura smiled as she continued smoothing his hair. His reaction was far from what they expected. Sasuke reacted to kindness just like a boy hungry of attention and affection. He followed her with a mildly curious stare and believed her. Even when she told him that she was his wife.

She could swear that he looked glad when she uttered those words. There was no mistaking that expression in his eyes. He was so different from the Sasuke she knew and loved. But she was glad all the same that he'd returned home alive.


Sasuke woke up with the sounds of running footsteps. The door opened and three pairs of eyes peered curiously at him. He weakly heaved himself up from the bed and wondered how much time had passed since he fell asleep. His body seemed to have relaxed and it didn't hurt as much anymore to stretch.

"Children, how many times have I told you not to disturb him?" He heard Sakura's voice and he immediately turned to the direction of the door. She was wearing a red apron over her clothes and had her hands on her hips. Three children were looking up at her morosely.

What surprised Sasuke was how much they seemed to resemble Sakura. The eldest of the brood was the eight-year-old version of her mother from the pink hair to the shape of the face but she had soft dark eyes. The six-year-old twins had dark hair but had green and black eyes respectively.

Were they his children? He wasn't sure but he knew he wanted to hug them very much. As if she sensed his stare, Sakura glanced at him with a hint of a smile. She shooed the children out of the room and approached him.

She smelled like pasta and garlic bread and all sorts of other delicious kitchen aromas. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail although a few strands fell and she looked younger than her age of 28. He smiled at her as his stomach rumbled at the same time.

"It's lunchtime already. I'd bring it here." Sakura said as she looked down on him. Her eyes were twinkling at him.

"Okay…" he agreed. He sat up properly and scanned the room curiously. Sakura nodded approvingly before leaving him alone again. He didn't feel her leave him when he was asleep and he was happy.

There was a chair beside his bed as well as a bedside cabinet, an antique wardrobe at the end of the room, and white curtains with embroideries hung on the windows directly above him. He openly wondered why he didn't notice that before.

The door opened again and instead of Sakura, the little girl he'd seen entered. She was graceful and reminded him very much of Sakura. The cherry-headed girl approached him and sat at the chairs.

"A-Are you mine?" he asked uncertainly.

The soft dark eyes had long curling lashes and they seemed to smile at him. She got up from the chair and threw her arms around him.

Sasuke was taken by surprise but it faded away quickly. He returned her embrace and realized how warm she was. When they pulled away, she was smiling very brightly.

"I am Uchiha Momiji, and yes I am yours… I am your eldest daughter," she said proudly.

Sasuke nodded and stared at her. She resembled him more and more every time he looked. Momiji had his delicately arching eyebrows, his defiant chin, and his dark eyes. He also saw the strong spirit and character in those eyes.

"Don't worry, Papa," Momiji said quickly as she saw his face fall "I know you can't remember me and Yuki and Natsumi but we don't mind. We still love you…"

"You love me?" he echoed softly.

She nodded vigorously. "Of course, we do! You're our Papa! You're the best jounin in the village, not to mention the best Papa around!"

Sasuke grinned and he patted the spot beside him. She returned his smile before climbing up the bed. "Tell me more… Momiji, what kind of father am I to you?"

The dark eyes she inherited from him twinkled mischievously. "I'm your darling brat. When I visit you in the office, you always have some candies for me and we keep it secret from Mama because she's afraid my teeth would rot. You said that I'll always be your baby even if Yuki is the heir apparent. Papa is the kindest, most thoughtful and best father."

Sasuke listened eagerly to her cute anecdotes and stroked her cherry pink hair fondly. He couldn't remember most of the stories she told but he didn't stop listening. From the way Momiji told it, he had been a good father.

He decided that he wanted to know more about his past.


Sakura was listening through a crack in the doorway. She didn't notice that tears were flowing down her cheeks as she continued to listen to her daughter's fond recollections of her father. Sweet Momiji must have sneaked in the room when she wasn't looking.

It was too much. The bittersweet memories rushed in faster than she could banish them.

She had struggled too hard to hide it from her children. And she'd been successful because they were unaware of what was really happening between their parents.

It always escaped her understanding why Sasuke loved Momiji, Yuki, and Natsumi more than her. He adored them and was never tired whenever they wanted to spend time with him. How was it that he could love them so much if he didn't love her?

Sasuke married her because he wanted heirs to ensure the continuity of the Sharinggan using clan. He didn't care for her in the least but she truly loved him with all her heart. It was a living hell for Sakura. There was always tension and unbearable silence between them.

He was a cold, unfeeling man whenever he was with her. After killing Itachi at the age of eighteen, he'd changed radically from the boy she loved and into the man he was now. It was as if the nightmare still haunted him and he dealt with it by hurting her.

Despite that fact, she still loved him for who he was and accepted it.

She bit back her sobs as she listened to Sasuke and Momiji laugh together.

Sakura didn't want to admit to herself that she liked him as he was right now. He was gentle, naïve, and he relied on her. It was as if the mellower side of Sasuke had resurfaced.

Their marriage in the past was anything but painful. But they still had a future together.

She had to be careful in selecting and revealing memories to him. He could have a fresh start at a new life, with her.

Sakura wiped away her tears and smiled. Yes, she might have a chance on making him love her now.

To be continued…