To celebrate their tenth anniversary, Uchiha Sasuke and Sakura threw a party.

It was another spring. Cherry blossom petals rained from their great backyard tree while flowers of all kinds bloomed. There were only blue skies, white clouds and radiant sunshine. Everything was perfect.

The guests included most of the elite families also known as their friends and their guest of honor was the Godaime. They pulled out all the stops in food, games and conversation. Food and drink was aplenty. Guests milled around the sprawling Uchiha estate, laughing and exchanging stories.

Children of all ages ran around the place. Momiji, Takatori, Raito and Yurika lounged under the cherry tree while trading insults and trivia. Natsumi, Yuki, Midori and Hikari played in the flowers and throwing petals in the air and Suiren kept blowing bubbles. Others amused themselves in the many curiosities of the estate.

Their parents sat and talked on random spots like porch steps and kitchen counters. There were at least fifteen round tables outside facing a makeshift stage where a brief program was held. The crowd was delighted by juggling and magic acts, singing and dancing performances. They'd hired a small musical group that played beautiful music all day.

But what awed them was when Uchiha Sasuke took Sakura's hand to bring her to stage.

They'd danced to a song and looked as though they've been in love forever. Sasuke wore dark slacks and a blue shirt. Sakura wore a white dress that showed off her figure. (Every woman envied her because she didn't look like she had any children at all.) A toast from their guest of honor ran along the lines of good health, prosperity and love forevermore.

Nobody mentioned the cruelties or miseries of the couple. Nobody brought up the mysterious incident that brought Sakura to the hospital and exiled Sasuke for an entire winter. It was as if nobody wanted to destroy this happy, happy day.

Naruto and Hinata danced to their song, whispering and giggling. Snatches of conversation revealed their loving argument on whether or not they should give their children another sibling.

Neji and Tenten were found arguing lightly. Apparently they were talking about whether or not Tenten should study law. But it seemed that the headstrong wife would win this argument.

Shikamaru had sneaked away his wife to kiss her passionately behind tall bushes. There's no doubt that Suiren would have a baby brother or sister soon.

Rock Lee had brought a girlfriend to the party, announcing to anyone who'd listen that he was sincerely in love with her. He had a minor punching match with Sasuke that resulted in a cut and bruises but nothing serious. Sakura herself treated them both.

Kakashi-sensei and Gai-sensei insulted each other and traded naughty stories to pass the time. But when they saw pretty young things, their endless competition turned to who'd hook up with a woman that night. Sasuke had sincerely hoped that the nurses knew what they were plunging into.

Tsunade and Shizune looked on, content. The dark-haired woman had found a date that was charming and witty. If Tsunade disapproved, she didn't show. Instead she delighted in the fact that everyone wanted to know how she stayed so beautiful.

Sakura went to her bedroom to check on their baby. Ginjiro slumbered on his crib in spite of the noise. She was amused that her son could sleep through a racket. Picking him up, she made funny noises to calm him when he cried aloud.

"There, baby boy," she murmured as she rocked him. Her baby stopped complaining and stared at her, curious. She was glad that he was very smart. The little boy had figured out that if he was picked up, something important had to happen. "Papa's here."

She handed him to Sasuke, laughing.

"Hah," Sasuke said as he received his child with open arms. His eyes softened at the sight of his happy wife. "Let's go out to play, Ginjiro. Your brother and sisters waits for you."

The baby quieted.

"Who's a good boy?" Sakura kissed her baby son's forehead. She then kissed her husband for a slightly longer time than necessary. "Good boys, I mean."

"Us," Sasuke answered promptly. They chuckled at his corny joke.

"Dada," Ginjiro babbled, pulling his hair. "Dada!"

Sasuke opened an arm to let her snuggle to his side. He kissed her silken hair and hugged her tightly with his free arm. She laughed aloud when Ginjiro pulled the hair at the top of her head. "That hurts, baby!"

"Stop hurting your Mama," said the father in mock-admonition. "I don't."

"Yes," she giggled. "Who'd think that last year was the most complicated time of our lives?"

"Who knows," Sasuke said with a shrug.

She pulled his face towards her and kissed him deeply.

"Just so you know, Sasuke," Sakura said mischievously. "I did it all for love. I didn't know we'd also get forgiveness and a second chance too. It was worth it, wasn't it?"

"Worth it," murmured Sasuke. "Getting amnesia, getting lied to and getting hauled off to nowhere make it worth it."

The cherry blossom pinched his side.

"Well, I'd better go with Ginjiro," said the dark-haired man. He kissed her forehead and went out of the bedroom, rocking and lifting his son in the air. She watched them go with love in her eyes.

Sakura was the happiest woman in the world now. It took them four seasons to get to know each other, fall in love, fight and reconcile. She almost lost him. He almost gave her up. But they found the way to each other in the end. Who knew they'd celebrate their tenth anniversary with love and passion when there used to be hatred and cruelty?

Life worked in mysterious ways indeed.

Four seasons, she thought smiling, to make my happy ending.


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