Danny and Chris sat on the couch in Danny's living room.



"Beer?" Danny asked.

"Yeah. Sounds good," Chris replied.

Chris sat, rubbing the sweat off his palms onto his jeans, as Danny headed for the kitchen. A few minutes later Danny returned and handed Chris a bottle as he sat back down onto the couch.

"Thanks," Chris said and took a sip.

Danny nodded his head and sipped his own.


"I think we said that already," Chris said.

Danny nodded, bowing his head. "What now?" he asked after a moment.

Chris shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe this?" he asked, moving closer to Danny.

"This is good," Danny replied, moving closer to Chris.

Chris moved again, so that their legs and shoulders touched. "Yeah. This is good," he said.

Each took another swig from his beer.

"Wanna see if there's a game on?" Danny asked.

"Sure," Chris replied, grabbing the TV's remote.

He pushed the buttons, changing the channels on the TV, but found nothing that interesting.

"So much for all the money I pay for cable, huh?" Danny remarked.

Each took another swig from his beer.

"Do you feel as awkward as I do?" Chris asked.

Danny shrugged. "We've been partners, best friends, for how long? Why does it feel weird now?"

"Maybe because we're more than best friends now."

"Are we?"

Chris thought a moment. Then he leaned over and kissed Danny. Leaning back he looked into Danny's eyes. "Yeah, we are," he said.