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Yearnings of the Heart

Chapter one: New Student



Heads turned to stare as a petite young woman ran down the university's hallways; her long dark hair pulled into a braid.

Cradling her books in one arm, she raised her other free arm to wave at a certain someone.

However, it wasn't long before the bell rang and one again the halls flooded with students coming out of their classrooms; itching to head for the cafeteria to grab some food or at least to the bathroom to relieve themselves.

Sano snickered as he looked behind his shoulder at the girl struggling to avoid being carried away by the afternoon crowd. He turned to face his dark-haired comrade and chuckled at the sour look etched on the other man's face.

The brown-haired young man nudged his friend in the ribs.

"Oi, Shinomori. Aren't you going to answer your girlfriend?" He teased.

Piercing blue-green eyes glared at him as the owner coldly responded.

"Makamichi's not my girlfriend, Sagara."

Sano shook his head. "I know, but why don't you just date her and put her out of your misery?"

It was Aoshi's turn to shake his head. The ebon bangs of his hair shaded his sharp eyes.

"No. That would only lead her to think that I have an interest in her." He replied.

Without a moment to waste, Aoshi grabbed Sano by the shoulder and pushed him forward.

"Let's get going already. We only have five minutes left before our class starts."

Sano rolled his eyes good-naturedly.

"Yeah right, you only wanted to see your girlfriend again,"

If looks can turn one to stone; the spiky brown-haired man would've been a frozen glacier by now.


Misao Makamichi is her name and winning Aoshi's love is her game.

For five (going six) years since their first year in high school, Misao has been obsessed in trying to get the tall mysterious young man's attention.

Trying being the emphasized word.

Since even now, in their sophomore year at Tokyo University, the dark-haired young woman has been unsuccessful in having Aoshi interested in her.

But Misao was not one to be so easily discouraged. It would take a very large something to dissuade her from accomplishing her dreams to get Aoshi to notice her and – dare she say? – like her.

'Oh my Kami! He is so absolutely HOT!!!'

Misao stared with dreamy emerald eyes, her closed knuckles tucked beneath her chin, as she looked at Aoshi who was sitting two rows from her seat.

She couldn't help but be disappointed that she couldn't seat near her ice blue-eyed Lord.

Misao frowned prettily.

Damn Mrs. Tomuki for having strict regulations against boy-girl seat arrangements. Because of her, she's stuck with having a couple of blonde and brunette bimbos as her seatmates.

Damn that old fartbag.

So Misao had to content herself with staring at Aoshi from the back. The ebon-haired young man was looking straight forward; listening to Mrs. Tomuki drone on and on about the wonders of physics.

Phfft. As if Misao would care less.

A knock came at the door; disrupting Mrs. Tomuki from her lecture and Misao from her dreamland.


Aoshi looked up from his notes as he and the rest of the class turned towards the door as Mrs. Tomuki opened to answer who it was.

His sharp ears could pick up the slight hush sounds of someone whispering and raised an eyebrow in mild interest.

'Now, who could it be Mrs. Tomuki was talking to?' He wondered.


The young woman tucked a loose strand of long raven hair behind her ear as she waited for the door before her to open.

Sure enough the door opened just enough for the head of a middle-aged woman to peek through its' hinges.

The young woman merely smiled at the much older woman, who she judged by the clothes to be the teacher, as she handed her registration form over.

"You are Mrs. Tomuki, am I correct?" The young woman said politely.

Mrs. Tomuki didn't answer her; too busy reading the younger woman's form and class schedule.

The older woman's large-spectacled eyes traveled up to met the raven-haired woman's indigo eyes. Her old, wrinkled face scrunched up as she begin to carefully scrutinize every part of the female student's facial features.

"Yes, I am." Mrs. Tomuki finally replied.

The teacher stepped back to open the door wider.

"Come on in and join the rest of the class." She said.

Lovely indigo eyes gleamed as their owner smiled before she adjusted her books in her arms and stepped inside.


Silence greeted Aoshi's ears.

Curious as to what could cause his usually rowdy classmates to shut their mouths, Aoshi looked up as Mrs. Tomuki reentered the classroom followed by an unknown female clad in their university's school uniform.

As instructed by the teacher, the young woman stood at the center and turned her body so that she was facing them all.

At the corner of his eyes, Aoshi saw the love-struck looks on most of his male classmates' faces while the girls either gave friendly but indifferent smiles while the rest glared jealously and with envy at the new student.

He couldn't help but smirk. He wasn't interested in the opposite gender, aside from a very special one whom he hadn't seen in a long time, but Aoshi could see that the young woman standing before them was blessed with a beauty that seemed almost ethereal.

Long raven hair tied into a high ponytail with an indigo ribbon that matched her unique eye color; contrasted well with her pale-porcelain like skin tone that flushed with the palest of pink as of the moment. She wore no visible make-up on her face and both of her eyelashes were naturally curled just as her well-sculpted nose and lush pink lips were real as well.

Also, the otherwise-tatty-looking school uniform did nothing to conceal her curvy body and long lithe legs. Aoshi guessed that the girl was an athlete or at least someone pro-active in sports.

"Damn, she's smoking." Aoshi heard one of his male classmates murmured followed by mutters of agreements by the other guys.

Aoshi frowned disapprovingly.

The young woman was gorgeous, he would have to admit, yet he wasn't interested in anyone else aside from her.

The ebon-haired male almost smiled as the memory of her flashed in his mind.

How he missed her deeply.

As the memory subsided back into the depths of his brain, Aoshi focused his attention to the new student.

The young woman gave a shy smile, probably because of all the attention the class was giving to her, and it was then that a spark of recognition ignited in Aoshi's ice blue orbs.

'Hello," She started. "My name's…"

The whole class, as well as the new student, was startled as Aoshi suddenly stood abruptly from his desk; unmindful of his chair that fell to the titled floor with a deafening crash due to the ebon-haired man's haste to stand up.

"Kaoru?!" He yelled; his eyes slightly wide and the cold blue in them had dimmed into a clear sapphire.


Aoshi repeated her name in his mind and if he had said it instead, everyone who knew him would've been shocked at how tender he spoke of her name.

Sano's own eyes widened as a feeling of familiarity cascade down his body, enveloping his whole being.

It was her…


To be continued

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