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Yearnings of the Heart

Chapter five: The calm before the storm

A flashing red Mercedes droved inside the parking lot of Tokyo U, catching the attention of curious bystanders. As the car parked in a vacant slot, more people began to turn their gaze towards the unfamiliar vehicle. Silently, they wondered who the driver of the outrageously expensive car is.

The door slid open and one denim-clad leg swung forward followed by the other as their owner pushed himself up and out of the vehicle.

Kenshin turned his back momentarily to locked his car's door behind him and did a look-over to see if he forgotten anything else. Satisfied that the vehicle was secured, he slung his bag over his shoulder and made his way towards the registration's office.

He ignored the passing whispers and gossips about him as he passed by. His lips twitched up in a quick smirk as he caught in one of the girls' conversations.

"Oh my gosh, he's so cute!" One girl squealed to her friend.

The friend, equally starry-eyed, responded. "He's not cute! Cute is for little boys and he is certainly not one of them. He's gorgeous!"

"I haven't seen him around here before. You think he's a model or an actor?" Another girl said.

"Could be." replied a fourth girl "He obviously looks the part, doesn't he?"

"Are those Converse rocker sneakers he's wearing?!" The first girl squealed out.

"Yup." They look pretty expensive too." One responded.

Another added. "His whole wardrobe must cost more than my whole year's allowance!"

Kenshin shook his head in silent dismay and tuned out the conversations surrounding him as he neared his destination.

Moments later, he glanced at the REGISTRAR'S OFFICE sign painted on the glass pane of the door before he knocked on the wooden door and turned the knob open.

Kaoru brushed a stray lock of hair away from her face and sighed one more time. Class was really, for lack of a better term, boring today and it didn't help that she was already tired from lack of sleep last night.

A smile twitched at the corner of her mouth. Misao would've found a way to keep her up, Kaoru mused. And probably will disrupt the whole class...again.

Apparently, Misao was quite well-known among both students and teachers about her hyperactivity and each unfortunate teacher under the girl has at least one or two Misao stories which were best left not discussed and forgotten for sanity's sake.

Fortunately for the poor sanity of the professor, Misao didn't have this class with her. Neither did Aoshi and Sano as well. In other words, she was all alone.

Oh sure, Kaoru had made a couple of other new friends but since Kaoru felt shy talking to them and that they were a few seats apart, Kaoru had no one to talk to.

Again Kaoru sighed one more time as the professor continued to drone on and on about today's lesson. He didn't even seem to notice that most of his students were either sleeping already or were close to becoming to.

She was so bored.

"Kenshin Himura is it?" The registration's officer droned out in a bored tone as she twitched her cat-shaped eyeglasses to get a better look at the new student before her.

She raised a silver eyebrow. "Funnily, you don't look much like a Japanese, even if you are half."

Kenshin grinned, revealing his perfect white teeth. "My mother's a foreigner and I got most of my looks from her." He admitted truthfully.

The secretary merely replied with an "is that so?" and stamped the registration papers, officially declaring the redhead as an enrolled student. Wordlessly she handed the documents back which Kenshin readily accepted.

"Your next class starts in about an hour. Head for the second floor at the West Wing."

Kenshin nodded his head. "Yes Ma'am!" He replied, giving the officer a mock salute as he walked away.

The secretary sighed as soon as the redhead was out of sight and started reorganizing the papers on her desk.

"Well won't this year be an exciting one?" She murmured softly, letting out a knowing chuckle

It was frustrating.

Usually he had a great –no the best! – sense of direction but it seemed as if someone somewhere in the entire cosmos was against him lately.

Kenshin resisted pulling his hair out, settling instead in letting out a frustrated growl which made the girls eyeing him at the moment swoon in delight, not that he would've minded the attention of course except that he was busy at the moment.

Silently, he comply the idea if he should ask one of the girls for directions. Turning his head, he was about to ask one when he caught a glimpse of their heart-shaped mutated eyes and drooling mouth and dispelled the idea quickly.

And no! He wasn't moving his feet faster. Well, maybe a tiny bit.

Shaking his head, Kenshin wondered if most of the females here are the same. He visibly shuddered at the thought. No way was he going to let his kitten become one of them. He'll lock her in a closet if he has to.

Kenshin smirked. Or maybe in the bedroom, with lots and lots of frilly pink pillows, matching blankets and wallpapers that have pink hearts and white flowers all-round. Oh! And don't forget the fluffy pink fur –synthetic of course – carpet and a hidden music player playing "I'm a Barbie girl" song 24/7.

Kenshin chuckled evilly. He will not need the bolts and locks to keep Kaoru from going outside; he'll be needing them to keep her inside.

A loud bang disrupted the redhead from his diabolic thoughts and Kenshin's face morphed into that of confusion as he glanced at where he heard the sound. It was a door leading to one of the classrooms.

Another and equally loud bang can again be heard from the door and Kenshin could hear someone swallowing harshly behind him. Kenshin stole a look at the people besides him and raised an eyebrow in question at the frightened and pale looks on their faces.

A third bang erupted from the room, echoing throughout the now silent hallway except of the rapid shuffling of footsteps as most students and faculty walked away from the room while others, such as Kenshin, stayed rooted to their stop as if in a dull trance.

The shrill ringing of the class bell disrupted the uncomfortable silence, signaling that the period has ended and noise filled the hallway again as students emerged from their classrooms, even the one Kenshin had heard the bangs coming from.

The door to that room opened and Kenshin barely had the time to step back when a black and green blur collided to his chest.

Kenshin fought a wheeze. Damn! Whoever this person was, he/she must be a football member or something. Kenshin could literally feel the wind getting knocked out of his chest.

Kenshin hardly noticed when the blur that tackled him had stepped away and had started to apologize profusely. He was busy checking himself for any physical injuries and possible dislocation.

"I'm so sorry!" Finally Kenshin was snapped out of his own musings and he glanced at the person who had bumped into him and hitched his breath in shock.

'Today was just not my day' Misao grumbled to herself.

First, she had been late to her first class no thanks to her alarm clock and now she had to get a new one. How the hell was she supposed to know that the darn thing would break under one lousy punch?

Then she had nearly burned her hands off when she tried to get her French toast out of the microwave. How is that possible?! For crying out loud, it was a microwave! And she didn't even eat the stupid toast in the end as it was a crisp black, how was she to know that she had set the timer wrong? It was a simply mathematical mistake!

And then she had to limp to school in an awkward manner, and tripping every now and then, as the sole of her left sandals snapped off. She had managed to solve that problem using sticky glue which she got from one of the campus' janitors with the threat of castration hovering above him.

Misao had thought that her luck was finally turning around but it had gotten worse. When she did get to class, it turns out that her regular professor was sick and the school had assigned a substitute for the day. Now, she would have been fine with it had it not been for the fact that the certain substitute was one of the professors Misao loathed and who equally loathed her back. How that lovely relationship came to be is another story but let's just say that she had spent the entire period doing minimal tasks of labor such as getting the LCD projector, erasing the board and getting picked on to recite at almost every question even though most of her classmates were literally out of their seats trying to get the teacher to call them instead.

So, it wasn't really her fault that she had accidentally pushed the back seat of the professor's chair while she had been erasing the board, making the substitute fall flat in her desk face first. Nor was it her fault that she had oh so conveniently slide a certain speck dirt away and had happened to kick, again it was by accident, a certain part of the moveable platform that served as a foundation for the table in which the substitute was using to place the DNA structure model in and had to put back together since it went into pieces as it fell down along with the aforementioned table.

Lastly, Misao was sure that it was just a coincidence that a Frisbee had happened to flow inside the window she had just opened and hit the substitute square in the face, giving him a black eye. And while the substitute was busy accusing poor innocent her of doing all of the above mentioned things to him out of spite, Misao had secretly pushed the 'Call Off' button of her phone and tucked it away in her pocket while mentally smirking that it was good to have friends who have a tendency to play games involving the throwing of projectile objects during their free periods.

When the ringing of the bell had resonated, Misao was glad that the class was finally over and dashed over to the door on her way out. However, as she did so, she had missed the snickers of her classmates and the unabashed relief look in her teacher's face who was still nursing his black eye with a piece of raw meat one of the students had happened to bring.

Imagine her surprise when she had bumped into what she thought was a wall. Since when can walls move anyway! She looked up and squeaked in surprise when she found out that she had collided into a hard chest, a man's hard chest mind you, and practically hopped aside to give the guy some space when she meticulously bowed her hand to apologize in sync with her mouth as she muttered her apologizes over and over again.

"I'm sorry!" Misao finally shouted for the last time and lifted her head, hoping that the man wasn't scowling.

Green eyes widened as she finally saw the guy she had bumped into.

Kaoru tapped her foot in a sign of impatience as she waited for Misao. They had the next class together.

Kaoru brushed aside a stray lock of her ebony hair as she glanced at her watch again.

"Where could she be?" She huffed in frustration.

"When is he going to get here Sano?" Aoshi growled in impatience, tossing his friend a glare as he did so.

The brunet brushed off his friend's icy glare. He was somewhat used to it by now. "I don't know." Sano admitted, running a hand through his gravity-defying hair in frustration. "He should have been here by now."

Aoshi raised an eyebrow as a thought came to him. "You did show him around the campus beforehand right?"

Sano's eyes, which had been closed in deep thought, snapped open as the brunet processed what the dark-haired man said.

"Erm…Well, I might've…that is to say…well I was really busy and he was too so…" The brunet stammered.

Aoshi sighed. "You forgot, didn't you?" It was a statement, not a question.

Sano hung his head and sighed. "Ah…yes I did."

The brunet shivered as the other man glared at him with such intent that Sano could physically feel the ice emitting from it.

"Sano" It was a low growl, calm and soft. However, to those who knew Shinomori, they would that Sagara was in big trouble.

A few who had chosen to stand by near the two were wise enough to move away. They didn't want to get in the crossfire.

Kenshin looked at the girl up and down. His soft lilac eyes darkened into a deep velvet blue as he stared hard at the female before.

"What do you think you're doing?!?!" He yelled, a dark frown upsetting his care-free features and giving him a bad boy look.

Misao's jaw snapped open in surprise as the handsome man before her suddenly yelled and reacted. It wasn't long though when the man's words processed through her shocked brain and surprised turned into anger as the dark-haired girl yelled back.

"What the heck is wrong with you?! I said I was sorry damn it!"

"Sorry? You're sorry?! Well sorry doesn't cut it, girl!"

Misao bared her teeth in response. "My name's not 'girl'! It's Misao, you pretty boy!" She said; her fist clenched at her sides.

Kenshin's eyes flashed into molten amber then back into deep velvet, an action Misao had noticed but didn't think much of it then, as he replied in a deep growl.

"The name's Kenshin and don't ever call me 'pretty boy' you got that Weasel?"

Misao's eyes flashed. "What did you call me?" She eyed him with narrowed eyes.

Kenshin let his lips curved into a smirk.

"I called you 'Weasel'. Do you have a problem with that?" He said in a teasing manner but his eyes glittered in mock at her.

Misao resisted the urge to punch the redhead in the eye. How dark he call her a weasel? Did he think that she was some flea-bitten mongrel look-alike?

Misao let out a growl, again baring her teeth for the second time.

If possible, Kenshin's smirk widened.

"You know, you're just proving the 'Weasel' comment right by doing that." He said amusingly.

Misao's vision bled red. Forget controlling her anger. What did her psychiatrist knew about anger management? He was just a perverted old man anyway.

"You!" She yelled.

Kenshin smirked. "Me." He answered back.

Misao was about to punch him in the face, specifically at his teeth to watch the smirk slide off his face when a familiar voice called out and stopped her.

"Misao! What do you think you're doing?"

"Huh? Kaoru?" Misao said, turning her face to look at her friend. In her current state, she didn't hear Kenshin muttering out a 'Kaoru?' as well and mimicked her actions.

Kaoru stood with her hands on her hips, looking very much like an avenger in some superhero cartoon.

'Kenshin?' She thought, finally noticing her red-headed friend.

"Wha—?" Unfortunately, Kaoru didn't have time to finish her question when she was suddenly enveloped in a warm embrace.

Kaoru shocked mind registered the fact that Kenshin had leaned down and whispered into her ear.

"Kaoru kitten. It is you." His hot breath swayed the short stray locks of her hair, tickling her ear. "I've missed you so much." If possible, his arms had tighten as they held Kaoru closer to the hard body beside her.

Loudly, someone cleared his throat obviously to get attention and Kaoru snapped out of her reverie enough to glance at where the sound came from.


Aoshi resisted the urge to punch the stranger holding his Kaoru so tightly in his arms. He and Sano had become tired of waiting for the brunet's friend and had decided to search for the missing student. What he didn't expect however was to walk into a scene where someone, a male who he didn't even know, trapping the young indigo-eyed girl in his embrace.

As the thought crossed his mind, Aoshi let out an animalistic growl which was out of character for the tall, seemingly emotionless man. His glacier eyes deepened to piercing blue-green as he took in the disgusting sight before him.

"Aoshi?" Kaoru's voice broke him out of his dark thoughts. Aoshi was about to respond when Sano beat him to it.

"Kenshin? What are you with Kaoru? And Misao, what are you doing here?" The brunet asked in an attempt to settle some of the confusion currently taking place.

Aoshi turned his attention for a moment towards the other girl. His stalker, his mind registered for him. He narrowed his eyes. Was she responsible for this?

Aoshi shook his head mentally, dismissing the thought as soon as it had surfaced. It's absurd. He thought, noticing the dagger looks Misao was currently giving the redhead stranger.

Trying to think logically, Aoshi glanced at Sano. "Is he the one we're looking for?" He asked, although both he and Sano already knew that it wasn't needed.

Sano nodded his head. "Yup, that's Kenshin Himura."

Aoshi switched his attention to the scene before him and had to swallow another growl when his eyes came into contact with amused lavender eyes.

Kenshin smiled, although it was more of a smirk to everyone else, and held out a hand towards the taller man for a handshake while keeping his other arm locked around Kaoru's waist. An act which didn't go unnoticed by everyone else either.

"Hello, you must be Aoshi. Kitten talks about you all the time while she was in Italy." The redhead quipped.

To be continued
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