Disclaimer: J. K. Rowling owns the Harry Potter Universe all other claimants to anything to do with the H.P. story are simply hangers on to her glory. I thank her for allowing us mere mortals to play in her world and I promise that while I have Harry in my care nothing bad will happen to him. I will leave that to J.K.R. herself in book six.

Authors Note. This story has no plot as such, it is just Fluff with overtones of WAFF for good measure.

The Bossy Know it All.

"You're a bossy know-it-all!" Ron Weasley had just told her in a voice laden with animosity, "Isn't she Harry?"

'Please don't agree with him! I love you and if you agree with him talking like that, I don't stand a chance.' Hermione thought frantically.

"I wouldn't have her any other way than a know-it-all," Harry said with a smile, "because the more Hermione knows the better it is for both of us, the bossy bit I believe would be easy for me to cure."

Harry, even to Hermione's amazement, was sounding extremely confident.

"You can't cure her of that she's much to far gone!" Ron said rudely, in his customary, how (not) to win friends and influence people manner, "Bet you five chocolate frogs."

"I would only attempt to carry out the speculative treatment with the lovely ladies permission," Harry said sincerely, "do I have your permission to begin my attempt at achieving a cure for you, Miss Granger?"

He had asked this with a cheeky smile whilst looking her straight in the eyes.

'If you keep talking to and looking at me like that Harry you can do anything you like with or too me and very, very soon please.' This thought flashed through her head in an instant, but all she managed to say was a quiet, squeaky, "Yes."

Harry stood and took her by the hand and led her the few steps from the book-laden desk where they had been doing their final NEWT revision, to the pair's favourite sofa by the fire. Then he sat very close to her and once more she was drowning in his emerald pools.

Very softly nevertheless from the bottom of his heart he said, "Hermione, I love you."

However before she had time to even be shocked at this genuine expression of his love for her, he kissed her tenderly full on the lips.

It began by being very soft and gentle but that didn't last more than a few seconds then her arms encircled his neck and his hands found their way around her waist drawing her even closer to him. Now progressing rapidly his kiss became their kiss and that is when the angels intervened deciding to lend the perfect couple a helping hand, so the heavenly choral group began singing to the blissful pair.

Their kiss seemed to last for an eternity because it stood their world on its head completely, as Harry had previously done for everybody else, by killing Voldemort three months earlier.

Actually the kiss only lasted about a minute and when they separated she whispered huskily, "I love you too," it was whispered yes, but it was said none the less with absolute sincerity and she immediately moved in for a second helping.

"Shall we go for a walk around the lake?" he asked quietly when their lips parted for the second time.

Then without another word, they stood and started making their way towards the portrait hole hand in hand.

Now a state of abject panic had replaced his earlier insolence and Ron called out, "What about our NEWT revision?"

With a beautiful smile Hermione turned and answered, "Some things in life are infinitely more important than silly NEWT examinations Ron," as Hogwarts Head Boy and Girl disappeared through the portrait hole.

Ron was totally flabbergasted and said, "Did you hear that?" to the room in general.

Ginny was sitting contentedly with Neville and said smiling happily, "About time."

Neville concluded with a smile, "Harry's got the girl and he's going to get your five frogs as well."

The End