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Shattered Glass

Chapter 1 – Unwanted memories.

'I did it! I won! I won!' yelled the victorious voice of a six-year-old boy, as he picked up his beyblade. He was short for his age, and had striking crimson eyes and two-toned hair; the front of his hair was a silver-gray color, while the back was a cerulean color.

'Mom! Did you see me? Did you see me win?'

A young, slim woman with Azure hair and piercing crimson eyes from which her son had inherited, giggled at her son's childish excitement, 'Yes Kai, I watched the whole thing, I'm so proud of you!'

the boy beamed at those words and smiled, the women looked over to her husband, who picked up his blade and winked at her and grinned, 'Ahhhh, a world champion beaten by his own son! Looks like some day you'll have my title!'

The young man was well built and had the same distinctive hair as his son, but Hazel color eyes. The young boy's eyes widened 'You really think I can be a world champion like you?' the man laughed 'Well sure, I know you've got it in you, look! Your not even six yet and you've beaten me!' the young boy smiled, and his parents looked at him adoringly.

'Of course he will be a world champion, he's coming with me.' Came a sly voice from an adult man. Kai and his parents turned around to greet an older man, which wore a dark, hooded cloak and a mask, which hid his face. Kai's mother wrapped her arms round the child and his father stood in front of them, 'I've already told you, he's not going, he's staying with us, were he belongs.'

The older man sighed 'and that's your final answer is it?'

'Yes.' Said the boy's parents both in unison. Kai felt uneasy, he sensed something was wrong. 'Fine.' Said the older man in a monotone voice, 'I don't like being rejected, and I'm not going to be…' he reached into his cloak quickly and pulled out a katana and thrust it deep into the younger mans stomach, he yelled in pain, 'This is what you get when you say no to me, you could have lived to see your son become a success, but no, now I have to kill you and take him anyway.' He twisted the katana, which made the man yell out in more pain, blood pouring out of him, his life was starting to slip away. Kai and his mother screamed, and Kai felt something pull him from his mother's grasp, someone was holding him away.

He started to struggle, when he heard a crash, he stopped and looked to see the lifeless body of his father slumped on the cold, stone floor. 'Chichi….' The boy whispered as he felt a tear run down his cheek, he felt numb he couldn't sense anything, all he could see was his father, all he could hear was the high pitched screams of terror from his mother, he wanted to scream and cry, but he couldn't. He was brought back to reality with the sickening sound of the katana being thrust into more flesh and the cries of agony from his mother, Kai screamed in pure horror as he watched his mother being mutilated, liquid, red blood was splashed everywhere as the cloaked man hacked at the now lifeless body with the katana.

'Release him' said the cloaked figure, the man who was restraining Kai dropped him to the floor, the young boy scrambled to the remains of his parents and realization finally hit him. They were dead. He was never going to see them again. He couldn't contain himself anymore and let out tears of grief, shock and anguish. He felt a hard pain in his cheek as a hand smacked it, 'No crying! Tears are for the weak, you my boy are a strong warrior, do I make myself clear! ……..Kai….Kai…..Kai'

'Kai!' a sixteen-year-old boy was woken, and sat bolt-upright in his bed, panting with the same fear in his eyes as the six-year-old in his dream, he felt a hand on his shoulder which made him jump and gasp, 'Whoa! Kai relax, it's only me.' Kai looked over to see a pair of Amber eyes meet his Crimson ones, the amber eyes belonged to the person Kai most adored.

Rei Kon.

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