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$$$$$$$$ Flashback!


Chapter 29 – Making things Harder.

Tala and Rei waited in the warm bedroom, waiting for Kai to come inside.

"…What are we gonna say to him?" Rei asked.

"Nothing, let him do the talking." Tala answered quickly as he heard him come in.

Kai smiled softly to them both and sat on the bed next to them.

"You don't have to do this you know, I'm ok." He stated gently.

"We know we don't, but we want to, and you can't tell us you're ok…" Rei said as he put his hand on his shoulder.

"No, really I am, I finally know who did it and I can move on…sure I'm angry as hell and I will get him back but I'm not gonna sit around and mope about it." he explained as he casually lay back on the bed.

Tala and Rei looked at each other, "What do you mean 'get him back'?" Tala asked.

"Oh he'll pay for it, I haven't figured out how yet but I'll find a way…" Kai stated in sheer determination.

Rei sighed, "Well don't think up any farfetched, stupid plans that'll end up with you going to jail or worse ok?"

Kai snorted, "I'm not that stupid Rei…"

The other two couldn't help but think that given the circumstances, he was acting a little weird…they expected him to be in pieces by now, as horrible as they felt for thinking it.

Kai smirked to himself, "Would you both stop worrying? It's all good, and if you wouldn't mind I'd like to get some sleep…"

Tala nodded and did as he was told; he got up and left, leaving the two alone together.

Rei glanced over to him, "…sorry to push Kai, but are you sure you don't want to talk about it?" he asked softly.

Kai sighed, "For the last time no I don't, so will you drop it please? Lets get some sleep…it's late."

"Ok…" Rei replied before finding his pajamas and lying down next to Kai, and finding himself falling asleep in minutes.

Kai on the other hand, had a harder time getting to sleep, he lay awake unable to get his head around everything.

He'd known from a young age that his Grandfather was capable of terrible things, but never for a second did he ever suspect that he would be able to slaughter his only child and son-in-law just so he could get…

"…Me..." Kai whispered to himself as he felt a large wave of sickness plague his stomach.

Among the sickness, he felt immense guilt and shame, he had felt this many times before, he felt he had himself to blame for his parent's death.

"Why didn't you just let them have me…at least I would have had you in the end…was I really worth dying for?"

Once again, his view of the dark room became blurred as the evidence of his emotions and released memories seeped down his face.

"Why can't I get a hold of myself? Why can't I just let it go…I want them back but they've been gone for years…I know who did it now so why can't I just move on and get on with my life…there must be something to make all this fear and hurt disappear…"

As that thought came into his head, another memory opened up.

He sat there alone; the six-year-old was dripping wet, cold, hungry and scared.

Curiously he looked around the building in awe as the atmosphere of the place wrapped its protective arms around the afraid child.

His large red eyes sparkled as light seeped in through amazing painted windows and gazed across the mysterious works of art and sculptures.

He jumped to his feet as he heard a heavy door open, and turned round to see a tall man in robes.

"…I'm sorry…I didn't mean to…it's just it's really raining and cold…and I can't go home…I didn't know where to go!" the little boy cried.

The man walked forward and knelt beside him, revealing a kind face.

"You poor thing! You're soaked! And don't be sorry son…this is God's house, anyone is welcome…now why can't you go home?"

"Because they want to kill me…" Kai cried.

"Who would want to kill a boy like you?" the man asked.

"My grandfather and his friend sir…" he replied in a sad voice.

"And why?"

"Because they say I'm bad and no-good…"

The man smiled sympathetically, "Well, you know…and I know that that just isn't true."

"How do you know?" the young boy asked as he wiped his tears away with back of his hand.

"Oh I know, I can tell what people are like when I see them."

Kai stayed quiet, not wanting to say any more.

"You're scared of them aren't you child?" he asked in a voice of genuine care, he nodded his head.

The man reached behind his head and lifted them over his head as he took hold of his rosary before placing it gently around the crying child's neck.

Kai looked up at him, puzzled.

"Whenever you feel scared or alone or anything bad, this will make you feel better and protect you."

"Thank you…but how does a necklace help me?"

The kind man found the child amusing and laughed gently, "It's not a necklace child, it's a rosary, it's very special! When you feel bad, say your Hail Mary's and it'll make you feel safe, and if it doesn't work then at least remember there is always someone watching you, Angels and people you know that are in heaven."

Kai instantly thought of his parents and felt safer with the idea that they were watching him.

Kai smiled through his watery eyes, "Thank you sir…"

"Please, call me Father Savichevo…or just Father will do."

"Ok Father…"

The priest smiled and placed his hands on his shoulders, "Now I think it's time for you to go home, I'm sure they won't be angry when you get home…seeing a little boy on his own is always a worry."

Unfortunately he was wrong…Boris found him while he was walking back and dragged him home, they were angry and nearly did kill him that night for running away.

But Kai remembered what the man had said went back there a few weeks later once he'd recovered to find him again, Father Savichevo made him feel like there was hope, only to have this shattered when he was informed that he had died suddenly of a heart attack only days before.

Kai still hadn't forgotten him, and took that rosary with him everywhere, he decided to respect Savichevo by at least keeping what was given to him by the man that kept him sane through childhood after a mere few minutes with him.

Kai came out of his memories and looked over at Rei, who was sound asleep.

He smiled slightly and wished he could be more like him, in his eyes the sleeping boy next to him was his salvation, there wasn't anything that Rei couldn't sooth, even if it was only a little.

He carefully crept out of the bed and tiptoed to the small lock up box he kept in their room, quietly unlocked it and pulled out the beads before leaving Rei to sleep alone.

He wandered through the darkness of the halls and sat in the now deserted sofa and gently fondled the beads with his fingers.

"Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee…sure he is…that's why I've had all this crap to deal with since I can remember…that's why my own grandfather stole my mother and father just to have me beyblade for him…yeah I can really sense God's presence…"

"I never had you down as the religious type!" an overly familiar voice said behind him.

"I'm not Tyson…no way in hell…they used to make us go to church…" Kai answered.

"Then what's with the beads?" Tyson asked casually as he slumped into the empty space next to Kai, careful not to spill the glass of water in his hand.

Kai sighed, "Its funny…I don't believe in God at all…but this little rosary gave me so much hope as I grew up…the man who gave it to me was the first person to make me believe there were still some good people in the world…he gave me this the first time I met him…unfortunately it was the last too, he died when I went to visit the second time."

Tyson sighed, "That's harsh…but at least you did meet him."

"Oh I know…I just don't know why these things keep happening to me, you know? What did I do?"

Tyson rubbed his back supportively, which made Kai relax slightly, "Life's unfair…more so to some than others."

"I know but this much! There's only so much more I can take!"

Tyson shrugged, "Just got to carry on being strong and with the hope that it'll get better and make use of the people wanting to help make it easier."

Kai clasped onto the beads tighter, "yeah…its just not so easy and it doesn't change anything does it?"

"It does if you let it…" Tyson advised before rising, "well I only came out to get some water, if you wanna talk just come wake me up ok?"

"Thanks Tyson…but I'll be alright…"

Tyson squeezed his shoulder sympathetically before leaving down the dark hall from where he came, Kai watched him go before getting up and walking slowly towards the bathroom before locking the door and sitting on the floor.

"…I guess the one good thing the Bible's taught me is 'an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth', at least I wouldn't get sent to hell for getting even…"

He sat in that spot for a while and thought about everything and began to feel emotions he didn't want to feel, like the need to hurt himself.

He looked around before getting up and looking in the cupboards and finding what he was looking for, a small yet sharp pair of scissors that called out to him, he responded immediately by taking them in his hands and rolling down his gloves and combining metal with flesh and letting himself loose on his just healed skin, once he was satisfied he simply watched the red liquid fall down his arms before realizing if anyone found out things could get a whole lot worse…but it felt so much better when he did hurt himself, he felt like he was getting rid of a load of mental pain in exchange for physical…and to be honest he preferred physical to mental.

He lay down on the tiles of the bathroom floor and shivered, his bleeding arms now coming up in goose bumps from the cold.

He rested his head on the tiles and closed his eyes, just wanting to sleep and forget everything.

Luckily he was granted this small wish as he started to feel woozy from the blood loss from his arms and fell asleep.

Unfortunately by this time it was already 5am, a mere two hours later there was a bang on the door.

"Hey! Get out the bathroom! Some of us need to pee!" Tyson's voice complained as his fist banging on the door, hard.

Kai's eyes stung as they opened, he cursed at the object that woke him.

"KAI, COME ON!" Tyson yelled.

Kai suddenly remembered why he was in there in the first place and sat bolt upright, "Just a minute!" he shouted before standing up, turning on the taps of the wash basin and splashing water on the floor.

He quickly reached for some toilet tissue and mopped up the dried blood from the floor before flushing the evidence and rolling up his gloves.

"Done!" He said in an over exaggerated voice as he opened the door and walked out.

"THANK GOD!" Tyson cried as he ran in and slammed the door shut behind him.

Kai sighed with relief as he walked off back to his room to find Rei sitting cross-legged on the bed.

"Where have you been all night? I kept waking up and you weren't there!"

"…I just couldn't sleep so I sat in the kitchen." Kai lied.

Rei sighed, "Sweetie why didn't you wake me up? You could have talked to me!"

"Because I don't need to talk about it!" Kai snapped before quickly grabbing a change of clothes and stomping into their en-suite bathroom so he could change.

Rei sighed again, 'After everything and you still won't open up…how much damage do you have to do to yourself before you realize?' he asked himself.

Kai returned after a few minutes with a fresh clothes, black tank top, black jeans and gloves that covered his forearms.

"…You ok honey?" Rei asked, seeming indifferent to Kai snapping at him.

"...Yeah...thanks…lets go eat…" he said softly as he took Rei's hand and lead him to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Tyson was singing in the shower before stepping out onto the fresh white towel he laid down.

"If I can, make it there! I'll make it, anywhere! It's up to you! New York, New York!" he sang as he dried himself off and dressed himself.

He checked himself over in the mirror and once he was happy turned and bent over to pick up the towel and frowned, there was a considerable amount of red on it.

"…Oh for gods sake…" He said to himself as he hunted around the room before finding what he was looking for behind the toilet, a pair of blood stained scissors.

"You idiot…" he muttered to himself as he turned and exited the bathroom, taking the towel and scissors to his own room before joining the others.

"Morning guys!" He said cheerily, and got the usual response from everyone, which was "Hey."

Tyson sat down with a large fake smile on his face, "Sorry for yelling at ya Kai, you just took so long in there! What were you doing? Sleeping?"

Kai stiffened, "washing Tyson, what else do you do in a bathroom?"

Tyson growled to himself, but kept his cheery appearance, "So, they new gloves Kai? Haven't seen those before."

"Uhhh no…had them a while…" Kai answered, feeling uneasy.

"Mind if I try them on?" Tyson asked as he smirked at him.

Kai felt nervous, wondering how he should answer, he couldn't say yes, but he couldn't say no without looking like an asshole or suspicious.

Thankfully there was a knock at the door and Kai shot out of his chair to answer it.

"Morning Kai!" came a male voice, it was Flynn.

"Oh…morning…. please, come in!" he said before inviting him inside.

Flynn smiled as he walked in, "Thanks, so how are you feeling today?"

Kai rolled his eyes as he shut the door, hating the feeling of being patronized. "Fine. Thank you…" he answered bluntly.

Flynn detected his bluntness, and frowned slightly but let it pass, "Ok…well do you want to get started?"

"With what? You're not supposed to be getting your clip-board out 'till tomorrow." Kai said tiredly.

"I know…but I spoke with Dr. Myers and he agrees that it'd be best if I came on a daily basis, just for a month or two."

Kai laughed slightly as the others came in to see what was going on, "Are you kidding? No, I'm sorry but I refuse to plan my life around you! Every day is just absurd!"

"Well…not when it's what you need." Flynn replied, "and I'm sorry but it's all been finalized, as Mr. Dickinson is legally your guardian and you're not 18 yet you have to comply."


"Because if I do I know what'll happen."

"And what will happen? You're a psychiatrist not a damn fortune teller!"

"Kai I've been doing this for years, you cut people in your state some slack, they cut themselves 'till they're dead!"

Tyson felt it he had to speak up, he knew Kai would hate him for it, but it was in his best interest.

"Flynn…I found something in the bathroom today when I went in after Kai."

Kai froze to the spot as Flynn turned.

"Which was?" Flynn asked calmly, Tyson quickly ran to his room and came back before presenting him with the scissors, the blood was easily noticeable.

Rei sighed and shook his head, "Oh Kai…"

Flynn looked the scissors over, "Now wait a minute, lets not jump to conclusions, did you use these on yourself Kai?"

Kai slowly shook his head, "…no…"

Flynn knew he was lying, "Then you won't mind if I take a look at your arms?" he said before taking a step forward.

Kai took a step back, "I don't want you touching me…"

To his total surprise, he felt someone grab him from behind, "Tough shit Kai…" Tyson replied before pushing him to the floor and trying to hold him down as the boy underneath him struggled.

"There ya go Flynn." He said to the young doctor, as he stepped forward and knelt down and gently began to roll down his glove.

Kai gave up, helpless against the two people restraining him.

Flynn ran his finger over the lacerations, "…so these magically appeared Kai?"

"Oh get lost!" he said as he hissed at the sting of Flynn touching the cuts.

Flynn felt terrible for what he was about to say, "You know…I don't think this counseling is having any affect, neither is the medication…I'm going to have to report this to Dr. Myers and the head of the psychiatry department and see if maybe an institution would be best for you…"

Kai's eyes widened, "WHAT? I HARDLY THINK THIS IS INSTITUTION WORTHY!" He screamed as he struggled.

Flynn sat up, "Not like you think…we don't mean straight jackets…it's similar to a rehabilitation place, you go there and are supervised and helped until the doctors agree you're mentally stable to be let out."

Kai couldn't believe what he was hearing, "OH THIS IS JUST EXTREME! I'm NOT that bad!"

Flynn, "Well…yes you are, in my professional opinion one more knock could make you break, to prevent that happening I think it'd be best to get everything else sorted for good."

Kai started to cry, "I am not going to an institution…"

"Kai, you are becoming a danger to yourself…it's beyond your control…you've turned to handling every misfortune like this! You've been in hospital twice in one week for attempted suicide, your arms are raw…you don't know how to deal with things, this could really help you."

Kai managed to push Tyson off, "I SAID I'm NOT going! You can't make me!"

Flynn paused for a moment, "Actually…yes we can…."

Rei felt he needed to intervene now, "Come on Flynn! You can't honestly be considering putting him through that!"

"I'm considering anything that'll make a patient of mine better…" he answered firmly.

Kai growled, "BETTER? You've been planning this the whole time! It's only been a few weeks and you're already planning to put me away!"

Flynn sighed, "I haven't been planning anything, and you should have shown some progress by now…"

"I'm talking to you aren't I? I'm doing what you damn well want! Normally I'd tell ya where to shove it! I'd call that 'progress'!" Kai argued.

Flynn shook his head, "Those pills should have helped…are you taking them like you're meant to?" He asked.

Kai stiffened, "Of course!"

Flynn raised an eyebrow, "Really? Where's the bottle then?"

Kai folded his arms, "Hn, why?"

"Because I have my doubts that you're taking them like you should."

Kai wondered how he could read him so easily, "…Oh fine! I haven't been taking them!"

"For gods sake Kai! Why not? Are you trying to make things worse?" Max intervened.

"I'm not letting these guys drug me up! What are they going to solve huh? Nothing! They might bring the effects down a little, but it won't help the cause!" He said before turning to Flynn again, "You shrinks are all the same! Think pills will make it all go away, and if it doesn't work out then stick them in a stupid institution thinking you're helping!"

Flynn still stood there, perfectly calm, "You know that's not true…but I'm gonna give you one more chance…start taking those pills and we'll review this in a few weeks."

Kai glared at him, "Hn…" was all he said before storming to his room and slamming the door.

Flynn raised his eyebrows, "Lot of anger in that one!"

Rei looked over, "Well no offence but you barging in here saying he has to do as you say or he'll go to an institution didn't really help…"

"I'm just doing my job Rei, and this is how we do things."

"So that's all he is to you? A job!" Rei snapped at him.

"No, I didn't say that, what I'm saying is that we have certain ways of dealing with people like Kai, and that's just how it goes."

Rei frowned, "I understand that, but you can't just go round threatening him!"

"So what do you want Rei? Giving him a slap on the wrist won't help snap him out of this! You have to be firm to get him to get a grip on this!"

Rei looked away, "…You're right…but please just lay off the threats, he's a stubborn guy and he'll only dig his heels in, plus if you want him to trust you then maybe stop making him think you're only gonna throw him in an institution."

Flynn smiled slightly, "I know you're worried Rei, but just let me do my job, ok? I promise I won't send him unless it's totally necessary." He explained before walking in the direction of Kai's room.

"Now if you'll excuse me…we still have a session!" he stated before knocking on the door and walking in anyway.

Kai was lying on the bed with his eyes closed, but when he heard the door open his eyes snapped open and he sat up, he growled when he saw who it was.

"Haven't you said enough for today, doc?" He said with a fake smile.

"Nope! We haven't even started yet…now are you going to make this easier or harder?"

Kai huffed and turned his head, "Fine…sit down…"

Flynn sat on the end of the bed, "So is there anything you want to tell me?"

"Yeah, as a matter of fact there is! I don't want you as my doctor!"

Flynn was taken aback, "Why's that?"

"They say you're one of the best in the hospital? You're a joke! You've done shit all to help me! You came up with the really great idea of visiting my grandfather…" he said sarcastically, "And now that things aren't going your way you're just gonna toss me aside for someone else to deal with!"

"Well I'm sorry you feel that way…" Flynn started, "But right now the doctors agree I'm the best doctor to treat you, so that's what I'll do."

Kai remained silent, and Flynn carried on.

"So, why aren't you taking the medication?"

"Because they're useless and I'm not taking anything I don't have to…"

"Will you start taking them?"

"If you can honestly tell me they'll do something worth taking them for."

"They can…you want to feel better don't you?"

"Of course!" Kai snapped, "But I want it all to go away! Not do just delay it for a little while!"

Flynn moved so he was sitting a little closer to him, "Exactly, so while we're working on that we want to make you feel as good as possible so you can make this all go away."

Kai sighed, "I guess…"

Flynn smiled, "So you'll take them?"

"Yeah…" Kai answered quietly

"Promise? I'm trusting you on this…"

"I said I would didn't I?" Kai said with an annoyed tone.

"Yes...ok…well, I was going to talk to you about yesterday…so what made you go into the bathroom and do that to your arms?" he asked gently.

"…I don't know…" Kai answered.

"What did you feel at the time?"

"…Just felt this need to do it, I don't know why…"

"So you felt a sudden drive to hurt yourself physically." Flynn asked while writing something down.

"…I guess."

They continued to talk for a while before Flynn's watch started beeping.

"Well…time's up, I've got to go...but I'll bandage those cuts before I do, for my own peace of mind!" he said before going to find the bandages.

He came back with them and got to work on his arms.

"…I wish I could really understand what makes people do this."

Kai looked away, "I thought you had all the answers…"

Flynn laughed slightly, "Of course not! We don't know anything about the mind for solid fact! It's impossible to know!"

"So how the hell can you treat me then if you don't know for fact what it is you're meant to do!" Kai asked.

"We do what's proven to work…."

"Hm…reassuring…" Kai stated sarcastically.

Flynn smiled, "Well, until we find away to know for fact, this is the best we have! …Anyway, I've got to run, so speak to you tomorrow, same time!"

"Yeah, see ya!" Kai said quietly before watching him leave.

As he left, Rei came in.

"You alright?"

"Fine Rei, please don't start making a fuss…" he said while rubbing his eyes.

Rei frowned, "I wasn't going to, just wanted to see if you were alright…did Flynn say anything more about this institution?"

"No..." Kai answered bluntly, "I aint going…no way in hell…"

"Ok sweetie, that's great news!" Rei said with a smile before kissing him on the cheek.

"If you don't mind Rei…" Kai said in a flat voice, "I'd like to be alone."

Rei rolled his eyes in an annoyed manner, "Kai! I'm supposed to be your boyfriend, someone you can trust and rely on and you still won't open up to me or lean on me for support! Will you just make a damn effort to treat me like a boyfriend!"

Kai looked up at him, "...Don't talk to me like that! How dare you accuse me of not making an effort!" he exclaimed.

"Well sure, kissing me and sleeping with me is one thing, but a relationship is built up on so much more than that! You say you trust me but you won't open up to me at all!" Rei explained as he took a seat on the edge of Kai's bed.

"How can I trust someone who cheats on me?" Kai blurted out before realizing what he said and feeling his stomach getting queasy.

Rei stared at him in disbelief, "…how can you even bring that up? You said you'd forgiven me Kai! You can't just throw that at me whenever we argue!"

Kai sighed, "…I'm sorry, I didn't mean for that to come out."

Rei looked away from him, "You don't trust me…do you?"

Kai rubbed his arm, "I do…I just…I don't know, I don't feel comfortable telling you every little detail about things."

Rei sighed and rubbed Kai's knee, "I guess I can learn to deal with that…just promise me you'll try a little harder to open up."

"I will." Kai answered before sitting up and cuddling him, "I love you, ya know that right…?"

Rei smiled and hugged him back, "Yeah, I do, I love you too."

Kai pulled away from the hug and kissed him gently, Rei accepted and responded to it before pulling away and looking Kai in the eyes before kissing him back more passionately and pushing him back down onto the bed.

Kai didn't struggle, but simply obeyed Rei's lead and let him take control as he felt his fingers undoing the buttons of his shirt.

He instantly felt his face flush.

"Rei…Tyson and Max are around…and it's only just noon…" he complained/groaned as Rei gently and teasingly kissed his neck to silence him.

"I know…" Rei said with a mischievous voice, "You'll just have to be quiet and control yourself now won't you?"

Kai moaned as Rei lifted up his shirt and teasingly went over his skin with his tongue before he lifted his head back up and pulled Kai's shirt off completely and straddled him.

Rei smirked smugly to himself as he rocked back on forth and felt how turned on Kai was as well as looking at Kai become more flustered.

"You like that?" Rei asked as he rocked a little faster, Kai simply writhed beneath him.

"Stop teasing and get back down here!" Kai demanded.

Rei shook his head, "My my, aren't we needy?" he asked sarcastically before leaning down and kissing him passionately while his fast hands worked on Kai's belt and zipper and quickly and effortlessly pulling them down, along with his boxers.

"Hey…what about you?" Kai said breathily as he felt Rei's hand traveling along his now naked body.

"I'll worry about me…you worry about you…" Rei answered as he gently caressed the silky skin on Kai's thighs before moving his hand to the middle and gently massaging the now very aroused Kai.

Kai let out a long throaty moan while rocking his pelvis against Rei's hand, the insides of his southern region burning with pleasure.

The sweet sounds broke the barriers of Rei's resistance, he stopped rubbing and speedily threw off his clothes before lying on top of his panting boyfriend and pinned the Russian's hands above his head before attacking his neck with sloppy yet sensual kisses.

"Oh Rei…" Kai moaned as he pulled his head back, giving Rei more to caress with his lips.

Rei smirked to himself, loving the fact that he had the ability to drive Kai wild and slowly moved his hands down his sides until he reached the bottom, gently pushing his legs further open before settling himself between his thighs.

Kai opened his wine coloured eyes to find brilliant amber irises, Rei smiled down at him.

"I love you…" He said sweetly before he positioned the tip of his penis at Kai's entrance.

Kai smiled softly back at him before wincing in pain as Rei pushed himself in him unprepared.

"Shhh…" Rei soothed as he kissed his forehead gently, "Tell me when the pain's gone…"

Kai nodded before steadying his breathing and waiting for it to fade and get used the feeling of Rei's impressive size being inside him.

"Ok…pain's gone." He said after a few minutes.

Rei steadied himself by placing his hands either side of Kai's head and moved slowly and gently in and out of Kai.

Kai felt uncomfortable for a few minutes before the deep, powerful yet small waves of intensity began to start it's journey through his body.

Kai moaned and mewed as he felt the feelings grow, Rei too was making sounds expressing just how good it felt, but loved seeing Kai under him and enjoying himself.

Rei decided to keep the slow pace, he wanted a more sensual experience this time, he wanted to prove to Kai that the sex wasn't just out of pure lust, but because he loved him, though he thrust with more force.

As he began to thrust harder, the waves began to get stronger and bigger through Kai's body, making the speed start to get teasingly slow.

"Rei…" Kai panted, "Go faster…" he demanded with lust.

Though Rei stayed adamant and continued to go at the slower pace.

Kai's gentle moans developed into wild cries as the waves grew and grew and the desire for Rei to go faster got the better of him.

Eventually the erotic sounds Kai was making snapped Rei's resistance again and he sped up the pace, satisfying Kai's desires.

Once again the intensity of Kai's cries increased as Rei thrust faster and deeper into him, reaching spots he didn't know he had.

Finally he couldn't hold on anymore, the magnitude of pleasure was too much to contain and with a few sharp and loud cries and the whole of his body shuddering he released hard onto the boy on top of him, causing it all.

Rei too had reached the point of climax, he thrust a few more times into his now recovering boyfriend until he too came inside him and collapsed on top of him, panting hard.

He finally gathered the energy to roll off him and lay beside him, wrapping his arm round him.

Kai automatically snuggled into him, not having much energy himself he simply yawned and said, "I love you…" before the two fell asleep under the sheet together.

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