Chapter 1:

Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, and Sango were all heading for the village. Kagome was running low on supplies and the gang had just gotten another jewel shard.

Kagome had been staring at Inuyasha for most of the trip. He had actually said something kind to her and didn't take it back. it made her wonder.

Inuyasha noticed that Kagome had been staring at him and it was really starting to bug him.

"WHAT?!" Inuyasha screamed. "WHY THE HELL DO YOU KEEP STARING AT ME?!"

Kagome just looked away and said, "Nothing." so quiet that Inuyash and Shippo were the only ones who were able to hear her.

Then Inuyasha could smell the tears. He looked at Kagome, he felt so guilty now.

"K-Kagome, don't cry." Inuyasha said.

Kagome didn't stop.

"Stop crying!" Inuyasha yelled.

"SHUT-UP!!!!" Kagome yelled.

Then Inuyasha heard something in the bushes and turned around, immediately going on his gaurd and ready to protect Kagome.

But then Inuyasha smelt who it was a got even more protective of Kagome.

Inuyasha backed up towards Kagome until he was right in front of her, a low growl starting to come from his throat.

"What is it Inuyasha?" Kagome asked. Then she saw the tornadoe in front of them. Great............ Kagome thought.

Then Koga appeared in front of Inuyasha.

"Hello Dog-Shit." Koga said to Inuyasha with a smirk, then he dashed around Inuyasha quickly using the power of the jewel shards in his legs. He was next to Kagome in seconds. "Hey Kagome."

"Hi Koga." Kagome replied, sounding kinda depressed, sonce Koga was there and she knew that Inuyasha and Koga together was never a good thing.

"What's wrong? Did the mutt hurt you again?!" Koga asked, sounding kind of protective of Kagome.

"No Koga. It's nothing. I'm just tired." Kagome replied.

"Why don't you let me carry you?" Koga suggested, obviously planning to run off with Kagome as soon as he had her.

But then Inuyasha picked Kagome up bridle style and glared at Koga. "Do you think I'm that stupid?! You'll just run off with her!" Inuyasha said just under a yell.

"You're smarter than I thought Dog-Shit." Koga said with a smirk, glad that he was getting on Inuyasha's nerves.

Inuyasha let a low growl sound from his throat before Kagome sent him a look telling him to stop. So he stopped.

Then Inuyasha and Koga heard something heading their way.

Then a someone appeared. She looked like...

"Urasue?!" Inuyasha yelled. "But you died a long time ago!"

"Wrong!" Theperson yelled. She lookedjust like Urasue, the one who resurected Kikyo. She had the long white hair, the wrinkles, the scary ball eyes. "I am sister of Urasue! I am Marasue! And I have come to avenge my sister's death!" Marasue yelled before attacking Inuyasha.

Inuyasha jumped out of the way. He had Kagome in his arms so he could attack Marasue until he put her down.

But once Kagome was safely on the ground, Inuyasha pulled out the Tetsusaiga. But was too late. Koga had already started attacking Marasue.

"Idiot! Move!" Inuyasha yelled.

"No way Mutt-Face!" Koga yelled as he attacked Marasue.

"Oooh. A wolf are you. And a dog are you." Marasue said with a smirk.

Then Koga attacked her and Marasue moved away as she pulled out a powder which she held into her hand.

"Now. Be the animals you really are!" Marasue yelled as she blew the powder from her hand, making it flow to Inuyasha and Koga. The a puff of smoke surraounded both Inuyasha and Koga.

Kagome only gasped. What was happening to them?!

"Inuyasha!!" Kagome yelled.

Then the smoke cleared, and there was no Inuyasha or Koga where either of them were before the puffs of smoke appeared.

But the was a brown wolf where Koga had once been. And then there was a completely white dog that look kinda like a husky where Inuyasha had once been.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled, not realizing one thing. "Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled again.

Then the white dog turned rto her and said. "What are you yelling for Kagome? I'm right here." Then the dog got a better look at Kagome. "Whoa! When the hell did you get so big?!"

"Inuyasha?" Kagome asked, before her eyes rolled up into her head and she fell over.

"Kagome!" Miroku yelled as he ran to Kagome, followed closely by Sango with Shippo on her shoulder.

Then the brown wolf ran to Kagome. "Kagome!" It yelled as it sat next to her.

"Get away wolf!" Sango yelled.

"Why the hell are you sending me away?!" The wolf yelled.

"You too dog!" Sango yelled.

"What the hell are you talking about Sango!?" The dog yelled.

"Inu-Inuyasha?" Sango asked. "Is that you?"

"Yeah! What the hell happened?! Why is everyone so much bigger?!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Umm... Inuyasha? Look at your feet." Sango said, kinda sounding nervous ince she knew what Inuyasha would do once he saw.

"Why the he..." Inuyasha started, but stopped once he saw his feet. "WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!"

"You're a dog! And the other is a wolf!" Marasue yelled. "You are cursed for life!" Marasue yelled before flying off.

"What?!" Miroku yelled.

Then Sango looked at the wolf. "So I guess this is Koga." Sango said.

"OF COARSE IT'S ME!!" The wolf yelled.

"We better get Kagome to Keade. Sango, can you get Kilala to carry her?" Miroku asked.

"Sure." Sango said as the two tail jumped out of her arms and transformed into a huge cat demon.

Miroku gently put Kagome onto Kilala's back, completely forgetting to grope her for some reason, and Sango sat on Kilala to make sure Kagome wouldn't fall off. And they all headed to Keade's hut (Koga too).

AN- Here's a new story, so go easy. I just thought of it a few nights ago. It will be kinda like Little Hanyou, Big Problem (my other story for any of you who have never read my work before), but this one will be funnier and there isn't a certain amout of days this curse will last. Hell, I could make them never change back. But I love Inuyasha and Koga both too much to do that, or do I???? Hmm......... I'll have to think about that idea. Hehehehehehehe. But just think of how Kagome's gonna feel after I'm finished with what she'll have to do with Koga and Inuyasha. Hehehehehe. Evil minded is back! Plz R&R. Thanx! TTFN!!!