Chapter 26:

Inuyasha and Kagome made it home from school to find Koga asleep on the couch. There was nothing for him to do in the house and he had been terribly bored to death. Kagome ran over to him and jumped him, scaring the life out of him, but laughing and having fun with it. Koga let out a growl of annoyance to show he hadn't appreciated the scare at all. Inuyasha followed Kagome over to the living room and sat down and turned the TV on and put his feet up on the table in front of him. Kagome immediately reached out and smacked his feet.

"What?" He asked, looking annoyed. He hated school with a pation and hated all the girls that constantly passed him noted. Not to mention the teachers that lectured and bored him. He had a detention to serve tomorrow because the Lit teacher bored him so muh that he fell asleep while reading Of Mice and Men. Inuyasha then continued to argue with the teacher that it was a pointless story and that they should be teaching students how to survive on their own in the real world, or how people suffered in the Warring States Era and how demons were running all over the world and killing people and that they shoiuldn't waste their brains on pointless books like that. The teacher was so furious that she gave Inuyasha detention plus a 1000 words essay on why it was essential to learn about literature from history, which Kagome was going to have to do beause Inuyasha knew nothing of literature, nor of how to work a computer.

"Take you feet off the table!" Kagome told him and let out a groan as she lay on the couch next to Koga. "I can't believe you got me even more homework to do, on top of all my make-up work..."

"I'm sorry! I've apologized to you since we left school! What more do you want from me?" Inuyasha asked. "It's not my fault that teachers can't pick a good story worth shit..."

"It's required reading! You have to read it to pass school!" Kagome yelled.

"Whatever. I'm hungry." Inuyasha said.

"Me too." Koga added.

"I guess I'll make dinner for everyone... Where's mom?" Kagome asked.

"She went out for the day. Not coming back til eleven." Koga answered.

"Thanks for telling me..." Kagome groaned as she got out of the chair.

"No problem." Koga said as he stretched out on the couch where Kagome had been laying before. But both he and Inuyasha both jumped out of their chairs when they heard the loud music of Click 5 blasting from the speakers in the house. Kagome had remembered that Grandpa had had a new speaker system installed that went through the entire house. So she decided it would be fun to black her music through the house, seeing as it was just her, Inuyasha, and Koga. Catch You Wave pulsed through the house from the speakers and Inuyasha covered his ears while Koga did as best a job as he could with covering his own ears. Inuyasha stood up and went into the kitchen and founs Kagome dancing around the kitchen going through the fridge and taking food out to cook. Inuyasha could only stand and stare at her. She saw him out of the corner of her eye and stopped dance and sheepishly grinned at Inuyasha.

"Sorry?" She said, then reached out and turned the music down. Then she saw Koga run in behind Inuyasha.

"What the hell was that?" Koga asked, not looking to happy.

"My music." Kagome said.

"That's music?" Koga asked.

"Yes, you wanna hear more?" Kagome asked as she turned the music back up.

"NO!" Inuyasha and Koga yelled at once and covered their ears.

"It'll be off when dinner is ready!" Kagome yelled over the music.

"Shit..." Inuyasha and Koga grumbled.

"WHAT?" Kagome screamed as she cut some onions.

"NOTHING!" Inuyasha and koga screamed.

"FINE!" Kagome screamed back at them. Then she went to the knives and picked up the biggest one and started cutting more vegetables. Inuyasha and Koga didn't notice this at first, but Inuyasha suddenly felt thirsty.

"HEY KAGOME!" Inuyasha yelled.

"WHAT?" Kagome screamed, holding the knife up innocently. But Inuyasha took it as a threat.

"Holy Shit!" Inuyasha yelled as he and Koga ran out of the kitchen. They went out to the living room and decided to stay out of the kitchen until Kagome was done with the big knives.

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