Taiy-Chan:Hey everybody! I've decided to write a new fic because I made My Two Front Teeth a one-shot. This is a fic with my character Taiy in it! Actually, it might not be mine, since it is Kai, Ray and Tala fused together. Well, anyways, on with me story! Oh, by the way, can you believe that this is my first story without romance? Kinda sad, isn't it? Oh, in this story Tala is a carefree kinda guy, so if he's acting strange to you, don't kill me! He's just not evil in this fic!

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"Bla, bla, bla" - Kai talking

"Bla, bla ,bla" - Ray talking

"Bla, bla, bla" -Tala talking

Taiy-Chan: So when you see any dialogue like that points up that means that Tala, Kai and Ray are talking in Taiy's mind. Also, when they are combined, like:

"Bla bla bla"

That would mean that more than one person is talking. In this case, Tala and Ray. Sorry if it's so confusing. But it has to be done like this to work. Got it? Good.

Chapter #1


A sixteen year old boy stepped out of the Japan airport and surveyed his surroundings. His black and red hair was blown out of place by the wind. He brushed his two long, skinny bangs out of his face.

"It's good to be back." he said.

His name was Taiy. He was about 5"7 and didn't slouch, like most tall people do. He stood at his full height, warning anybody not to mess with him. But at the same time, he had a friendly attitude, polite and respectful. Sometimes, he even looked like a loud, outgoing guy. People who ever talked to him had a hard time trying to figure out what this boy was really like. It seemed like his personality changed every second. From cold and silent, to shy and quiet, then to loud and humorous. It was confusing, but interesting at the same time.

Taiy wore black baggy jeans with a silver chain hanging from the left pocket. His t-shirt was dark blue and said in red : You lost me at 'Hello'. His hair was mostly black, and spiked. It was down to his shoulders and was streaked with red. He had two thin bangs that went down to his chin that were not thick enough to cover his ice blue eyes. On each of his cheeks were two navy blue triangle tattoos.

Taiy wasn't your average guy. He wasn't an individual. He was actually three people merged together. I know, yeah right. But it was true. Taiy was a fusion of the three top notch bladers: Tala, Kai and Ray. You can't imagine how hard it is to control one body when there are two other minds wanting to do something else. What does this lead to? Basically, Taiy talking to himself... (This might be confusing at first, until you memorize who is who. I like how it is like this...SO DEAL WITH IT!)

"So...Where are we going again?"

"Tyson's house."


"Because we need a team for the upcoming tournament. We can't enter with just ourselves."

"But there's three of us!"

"In one body."

"Shut up!"


"What do you think his reaction will be?"

"He'll probably go...HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH-"

"I don't think so."

"Why do you ask, Ray?"

"Cause we're here."

Taiy stood outside of Tyson's house. looking around for the world champion. He shrugged and walked over to the door. Right when his fist was about to hit the wood to knock on the door, it flew opened to revile Tyson's grandfather.

"Hey there my homie! Have you come here for kendo lessons?" the old man asked, grabbing Taiy's arm to pull him through the door.

"Actually," Taiy started, loosening Mr.Granger's grip on his arm. "I was wondering if Tyson was around."

"You're so polite, Ray."

"Well, I had to take over quickly, I didn't want Kai to spaz at him."

"I don't spaz."

"Whatever you say Kai, whatever you say."

"I. Don't. Spa-"

"Uh, guys, we've been standing looking at Tyson's grandfather for about five minutes now..."


"You okay my homie?" Grandfather said, waving a hand in front of Taiy's face. Taiy blinked and nodded. "Good, now, come with me. Tyson is in the training room with Kenny and Hilary." with that, Tyson's grandfather started to walk down the long hall. Taiy followed.

Tyson's grandfather stepped through another door into the training room.

"Hey Tyson! You have someone here who wants to see you." he said.

"Ok, send him in." Tyson called back.

Tyson's grandfather turned to Taiy and ushered him in before he left.

Taiy stepped into the training room. Kendo sticks were lined up on the wooden wall. Kenny was sitting in the middle of the room typing on Dizzi and Hilary and Tyson were looking over his shoulder at the laptop's screen. They looked up when Taiy entered. Tyson immediately jumped up and greeted Taiy.

"Hey there, my name's Tyson and this is Hilary and Kenny. You new around here?" he asked.

"You could say that." Taiy answered.

"So, what's your name?"


"Taiy has no part of my name in it."

"Yeah it does, the 'y'"

"You don't hear that part."

"The 'a' then."

"That's from Kai's name."

"Oh well."

"Taiy? That's a name you don't hear everyday." Tyson said.

"You got a problem with it?" Taiy snapped, sending a death glare at Tyson.

"Hey! I was only joking! Man, you sure act like Kai." Tyson said, holding up his arms in defense.

"Oh no! We've let Kai take over!"

Taiy's face softened.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to be...mean..." he apologized.

"That's...ok..." Tyson said, confused.

"Ray! Stop butting in!"

"We don't want Tyson to hate us. Plus, we have to find a way to prove to them who we are!"


"Do you blade?" Tyson was asking. Taiy nodded in response and reached into his pants pocket and took out his blade.

The whole blade was a mix of red, blue and grey. The bottom of it was a dark blue base with red streaks. The rest was a light blue and the top looked like a metallic grey (or silver...meh.). Taiy held it out for Tyson to see.

"This is Draizor, my blade, and my bit-beast." he said. Tyson leaned forward to look at the bit-chip.

"Whoa!" he said. Hilary and Kenny came over to look.

"What?" Hilary asked, peeking over Tyson's shoulder. When she saw the bit-beast, she gasped.

The bit-beast was a mix of three animals. A wolf, tiger and phoenix. It had the body of a blue wolf, with dark blue tiger stripes and long claws. It's two navy blue phoenix wings were spread around it, it's three tails curved around its body. It was the most magnificent bit-beast that Tyson had ever seen.

"That looks like one powerful bit-beast." Tyson said at last.

"It is." Taiy stated. The three looked at him.

"It looks like its formed from parts of different animals." Kenny said, adjusting his glasses. Taiy nodded.

"It is. A tiger, wolf and phoenix. Drigger, Wolborg and Dranzer."

Tyson, Hilary and Kenny stared at him.

"But, that's Kai and Ray's bit-beasts." she said.

"And Tala's." Tyson added.

"How..." Before Hilary continued, Taiy interrupted her.

"One's bit-beast represents their master. A tiger is fast and can use its abilities, but knows when to back down. A wolf loves other's company, but there is always one lone wolf, who knows only pain and suffering. A phoenix doesn't't exist on earth, it's separated from others because of this, he can be cold and silent, but a fiery passion burns inside of him, a desire for friendship." Taiy explained. He put his blade back in his pocket.

"Sounds like some people we know." Tyson muttered.

Taiy nodded.

"Yes. Ray, the tiger, Kai, the phoenix and Tala, the wolf. Those three people when merged together, can be an interesting experience."

Tyson looked confused, but Kenny gasped.

"You don't mean..." he stuttered.

"Yes, me, Tala and Ray were fused together about a month ago. It is a long story, so I'll get to the point. Ray, Tala and I have been trying to find a way to separate back into out own bodies for three weeks now, but when we heard about the upcoming championship, we decided that we would attend."

"So," Hilary said. "We're talking to Kai, right?"

Taiy nodded and crossed his arms. After about five seconds, he put his hands on his hips.

"So," he said, flashing a smile. "Do you want us on your team?"

The other three looked taken aback. What just happened there?

"Who are we talking to now?" Tyson asked, knowing that Kai wouldn't act like that.



"Yes, Tala."

"Dude, we're talking to Tala..." Tyson whispered to Kenny. "We better keep an eye on him..."

"Che, give me a break." Taiy said, rolling his eyes.

"Well, the last time we parted, it wasn't on the best standards." Tyson said.

Taiy held his hands out in front of him.

"Look guys," he said. "Tala's not a bad guy."

"Awww, thanks Ray."

Taiy coughed and continued.

"We're stuck with him whether we like it or not,"


"So, will you take us on your team?"

Tyson was quiet for a moment as he considered the offer.

"Of course you can join the Bladebreakers, Taiy. 3/4 of you are our friends." Kenny spoke up.

"Hey! I'm supposed to decide!" Tyson shouted, glaring at Kenny.

"Actually, Tyson." Taiy said. "Even if I'm in this body, I'm still the team leader of the Bladebreakers."

"Aww..." Tyson pouted.

"Anyways, why doesn't Tyson and Taiy have a beybattle?" Kenny suggested. "So I can see how much Tyson has improved and how strong Taiy is."

Taiy and Tyson nodded.

"Let's go outside then." Hilary said.

Once outside, Taiy and Tyson stood at opposite sides of the beydish, poised and ready to launch their blades. Before they started, Taiy asked.

"By the way, where's Max?"

"Oh, he's in America with his mom." Tyson answered.

"Quit the chit-chat! We don't have all day you know!" Hilary called from the porch beside the beydish. Tyson rolled his eyes and Taiy snorted.

"Ok then, 3,2,1 LET IT RIP!" Tyson shouted, pulling his ripcord.

"Go!" Taiy cried, doing the same. "It's time to see, just how powerful we are!"

Dragoon circled around Draizor, who was spinning in the centre of the dish. Dragoon came closer and closer until he was spinning circles just centimeters away from the blue beybalde.

"Here we go! Attack, Dragoon!" Tyson shouted, punching his arm in the air.

Taiy's eyes flashed as Dragoon moved to attack his blade. When Dragoon was just about to collide with Draizor, the blue blade vanished. Tyson was stunned. He looked around the dish, desperately searching for Taiy's blade.

"Where'd it go?" He growled, frustrated.

"Right behind you." Taiy said, smirking. Tyson looked just in time to see Draizor slam into his blade.

"NO! Dragoon! Hang in there buddy!" He shouted desperately.

"Sorry Tyson, but this game is over." Taiy said. "Go Draizor!" Draizor emerged from its beyblade, roaring as it spread its magnificent wings wide. Tyson took a step back, afraid of this giant creature. Dragoon felt it's masters fear and started wobbling. Taiy grinned.

"This is how powerful we are, Tyson," he said. "Draizor! Ice Spiral Claw!"

Draizor roared and lunged at Dragoon. The dragon was slammed back and its blade was sent flying out of the dish.

Taiy held out his hand and his blade obediently flew into it.

"Tyson," he said, smirking. "I think this tournament will be a piece of cake."

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