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Chapter 22

The Epilogue

And so, after spending over three months sharing a body with two other people, Kai, Ray and Tala were finally separated…

….Only to be fused together once again ten seconds later.

After some quick work of their so called team mate, Taiy was split into the three individual bodies once again. None of the trio even spared Tyson a glance from where the Japanese boy was lying, broken on the ground. He deserved every punch he got.

Now, two weeks later, our heroes are just starting to get back to their lives. Tala stayed in Russia with his team, Ray went back to China and Kai travelled home to Japan with the remaining Bladebreakers. The three were happy to finally be able to go back to acting like themselves and just themselves. They all decided silently that they needed a break from each other… a long one.

So they spent a couple of weeks apart…

Only to come running back together again, quite literally.

Not being able to stand living in his old closed off village for long, Ray moved in with Kai around the same time as Tala decided that the Demolition Boys should take a vacation….

So the three found themselves together once again, not that they were complaining. They still had their "pointless conversations" -as Tala put it- just now they could talk face to face, much to Kai's delight. Let's just say that Tala didn't get away with many things now that Kai could physically punish him.

Eventually, the Demolition Boys and the Bladebreakers wanted to know just what had gone through Taiy's mind when the three were fused together. Kai, Ray or Tala never really talked about it unless pacifically asked (it was almost as if they were trying to forget the stressful experience ever happened!). After much pleading, begging, threatening and blackmailing, the two curious teams got their way.

Seeing how Taiy's story was pretty complex, Kai, Ray and Tala decided that they couldn't just tell it verbally; the mixed blader's adventures would have to be put down on paper. Months were spent pulling the events together; the three spent nearly as much time writing as they did going back and starting over again. Finally, after six months of effort, they finished their book, titling it Beyblade F Fusion; the F standing for Forever. When Kenny asked just why they put 'forever' in the title, the three just shrugged; it could mean many things. For example, it could mean: that they thought they would be fused together forever, or something deeper, like how even though they have their own bodies back, Taiy will forever remain in the darkest parts of their minds and in their memories.

After that, the 2006 World Championships were announced to begin in the following season and the two teams were back to work; training and competing once again. Gradually, life returned to as it was before Taiy was even a thought in Boris' sick little head except that now, the Russian and the Japanese teams were both closer than they ever dreamt possible. Not like that's a bad thing or anything. Actually, life was better now than it was before, not only had he made life-long friends, but Tala's got a boyfriend now too. Kai and Ray were relentless when it came to teasing the poor two Russians but Tala just brushed them off, retaliating with a snide remark once and a while that made the Kai, Ray and Bryan blush and look away.

And so our three heroes' lives finally settled down and the sanity of the world returned once again.

"And they lived sexily ever after!"

"Oh, God…"

"Give me a break…"

Oh, who are we kidding? With Tala, Kai and Ray around, life's anything but normal.

-The End-

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You see, when my friends and I see a hot guy in an anime, we "call" them so that we can say that they're "ours". Strange, obsessive, but fun! One day, Michiyasha said to me over MSN,

"You know, you really have too many guys. I mean, you're practically twenty-one timing them all!"

And I replied with:

"Well then, I'll merge some of them together so that there will be less!"

And Taiy was born. A couple of days later, I was telling Burningfate about Taiy and she asked me:

"I wonder what he'd look like."

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