The Holy One Ring In a Grail Of Really Bad Eggs

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Part 1: The New Ring Bearer

Arwen: I amar prestar aen, han mathon ne nen, han mathon ne chae a han noston ned 'wilith. (The world is changed; I can feel it in the water, I can feel it in the earth, I can smell it in the air.)

Elrond: Ello! I'm Elrond, kings of the elves, and all of Rivendell. Our story starts here, at the home of the elves, where representatives of all races in Middle Earth have come to decide who will carry the one ring of power. Just to let you in on a little secret, a news flash not to long ago... Frodo Baggins' body was found dead on a river bank near Mirkwood, due to his falling off a cliff and being swallowed up by icy waters below, oh, and Gimli with him... Now let's take a closer look, and find out what is being decided at our little meeting, eh?

Aragorn: Frodo is gone... Yet we still remain, WE MUST DETSROY THE RING!

(Pippin is crying, while Merry tries in vain to shut him up.)

Aragorn: That's enough Pippin! Face the facts, Frodo, our ring bearer, is gone... Who will carry the ring?

(Pippin is still crying a river.)

Merry: Pippin, stop it... everyone is staring.

Pippin: I can't help it! I can't believe Frodo slipped and felll, and poor Gimli. (Sob)

Merry: Just shut up, Pippin1

(Everyone looks questioning at one another in search of the new ring bearer. Then, they turn to Legolas.)

Legolas: What ?

(Everyone starts to nod.)

Legolas: No! I'm not doing it!

Aragorn: All in favor of Legolas carrying the ring, say AYE!

Everyone: AYE!

Legolas: But...I think Elrond should do it. Err... no wait, he's cameraman he, he. Or, or, Aragorn...He is a King after all, or at least he's going to be... It should be Aragorn!

Aragorn: What? So what if I'm going to be...I had promised the previous ring bearer that I would protect him. Not carry the ring for him.

Elrond: And a mighty fine job you did protecting him, he's dead!

Aragorn: Well, I can't change the past, but I'm willing to improve the future...May you rest in peace, dear Frodo... A promise is a promise, so you must do this Legolas...

Legolas: Why me?

Arwen: Because we voted. I must admit it, it was very democrative.

Aragorn: It's settled then!

(Everyone cheers)

Aragorn: Let's get the supplies and pack our things. Everyone, tomorrow at dawn, we leave for Mount Doom.

Legolas: (mumbling)Why me?

Everyone: 'Cause we said so! Good night!

(Pippin-still crying)

Merry; Stop it already, stop your whimpering!

Pippin: Merry... I miss the Shire...(sniff)

Merry:I do too Pippin, I do too...

Author's Note: This script was created by a cast of people that represent one or two of the characters. We each took on the role of creating one or two sections of this script. I hope that you all injoy this a lot. Please R&R