Part 11- Back in the Shire

Elrond: After all the chaos we were all invited to Merry's house at the Shire. We all got horses and rode back to Gonder. Aragorn had kingly things to do so he didn't come and neither did Arwen. Evenstar's farewell words stayed with us forever. "Onen i- Estel, u-chebin estel anim. Aallasseren lle coia orn nomenta gurtha. " (Means "I give you hope, I have kept no hope for myself") Faramir soon after came with us, too. Yelling "For Gonder!" everytime he fought something or someone. After that we all went back to the Shire.

Faramir: (In the background) For Gonder!!!

Everyone: Shut up!!! It's annoying!!!

Faramir: For the White City!!!

Everyone: Forget it...

In the Shire.

Jack: Parties, I love parties!!! Drinks all around!!!

Faramir: So this is the Shire. Never been this far from Gonder before.

Pippin: Really you have never been this far before?

Faramir: Yep! That's right. It really is kind of sad isn't?

Everyone: Sadly... yes!!!

Merry: Did my house just shrink?!?

Pippin: Remember, you drank the entire potion that made you grow taller?

Merry: Oh yeah, I remember that now.

Faramir: This is a great party, Merry! Thanks for letting me come.

Merry: No problem Faramir...

Jack: Ow! (Hits head on roof) That hurt! Let's see how can I fix this? (Thinks for a moment) Oh, I know...

(Blows off the roof and a chandler comes falling down and hits Elizabeth)

Will: Elizabeth!! Everyone, look, she is out like a light.

Everyone: Oh well...

Elrond: In the end everyone had a grand time and soon it was all over. Jack, Will, and Elizabeth soon went back into their own time and world. Soon I, too, went home and sailed away into the west with Gandalf and Bilbo. Everyone lived happily ever after. The end...

Will: (wanders in....) Is it the end yet?

Everyone: YES!!!!!!!

Credits: A Diary of a Pirate

Captured on film by: Commodore Norrington

Made by: Barbossa and Captain Jack Sparrow

Talk to all cast members one by one, walk around where ever we are filming this, mess around with people, have ramen for lunch and poke Barbossa in the eye and then hit the monkey hard on the head and it falls of his shoulder (monkey in a coma), and in the end talk about reincarnation, finally Barbossa wants to turn into a green apple and he does, Jack then laughs and cuts Barbossa in half and then eats him, finds a worm (Gumi, sugar worm) eats it.

Commodore: (At the end of diary of a pirate) The end, end, end, end, end, end, end, end...

Everyone else: Get on with it!!!

Commodore: Fine! The end!!

Barbossa: No!!!

Screen goes black with the words THE END