He watched her sleeping,on his couch no less.Her head tossed from side to side,the tears still drying on her face.She didn't know he was there,even if she woke up,she wouldn't see him.Slowly,carefully, he walked over to her.

'I never gave her anything but alot of worry,even when I was alive.' He thought.

He brushed his hand across her forehead,in some sort of effort to comfort her,though she wouldn't feel it.Or maybe she would,she seemed to lean into the touch.His eyebrows scrunched together in confusion,but before he could do anything,she opened her eyes.

She seemed to be looking right at him,and yet right through him at the same time.She too looked confused and looked around for a moment.Then she shook her head and closed her eyes.

"I'm really losing it.",she said softly.
He chuckled to himself,though she didn't hear.She opened her eyes again and picked up a picture frame from the table.It was one of the more recent pictures taken of him before everything had happened.She traced a finger over it and closed her eyes against more tears
He turned away,fighting tears of his own,then turned back when she spoke again."What am I gonna do...without you.." Her voice broke with the last word and she hugged the frame close as she let it all out,sobs racking her whole body.She fell asleep sometime later.He continued watching her sleep,not wanting to leave,but knowing he had to.

He brushed his hand over her forehead and down to her cheek.She sighed in her sleep and seemed to react to the touch again.He closed his eyes and kissed her forehead,something he would miss doing.